January 21, 2020
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Transcending PTSD: Transcendental Meditation Saves A Veteran From Suicide

Both my grandpas served in the military…one
in the Marine Corps, one in the Navy. I always kinda thought that that might be something
I might do, and uh, I also knew I wanted to get into Law Enforcement. The strategy worked
well…I was able to do Military Police with the Army Reserves, and I was hired on with
the Police Department. I became a deputy…I was a member of the S.W.A.T. team, and the
last two years of my law enforcement career I worked undercover narcotics full-time. It
was an exciting career for me, and I got to accomplish a lot of goals that I had. In 2009
I got deployed to Afghanistan, and that was a whole different situation. There was a lot
of artillery fire going on at night… Sirens going off a lot at that base for rocket attacks.
It was hard for me to ever wind down or get some sleep or get some rest. The first week
I was there, there was three soldiers that got killed there, and I just kinda thought,
I’m not gonna make it home. And uh, it got to the point where that took over. As a Military
Police he investigated the death of a child that was about the age of our oldest daughter
Libby. And I know that was incredibly hard. Just knowing that there was a dead young girl
that was close to my daughters age there…I felt like I was in a pretty bad, helpless
situation, and I slowly just downward spiraled into the point where I thought, “Well, if
I’m not gonna make it home, why continue to be miserable every day?” And I started thinking
about suicide and it seemed to be a resolution. He had told me, “I’m gonna shoot myself” And
he goes, “Abby, I was sitting there with a gun,” and he said, “I was shaking so bad…I
had my finger on the trigger.” Another Ranger pulled up right next to him…he said two
soldiers were in it. They just sat next to him, never looked at him…but he had enough
respect and he would be ashamed to shoot himself in front of another soldier, that he put his
gun down and he drove off. So, that’s what led to him being med-evaced out of Afghanistan.
What I thought when I finally got back in the United States is that every thing is gonna
be okay now. But my problems continued…even long after I was released from active duty
I continued to feel that way. We did individual counseling, we did group counseling, I tried
five or six different kinds of depression medicine…they had me try two or three different
kinds of anxiety medicines… When I continued to try and try and try and things weren’t
helping, hopelessness really was taking over, and it wouldn’t go away. I still continued
to think almost daily that suicide was gonna be the option. It was a typical Friday…he
had slammed a six-pack very, very fast, so he could sleep that night. Um, he was self-medicating…I
didn’t realize until later that he took too many pills, and he couldn’t speak clearly,
he couldn’t stand up straight. And I put a loaded .45, my pistol, to my head, in front
of my wife and young daughter, and said I was gonna kill myself. And I had no idea at
that time, you know, things were that bad emotionally for him… I thought that once
we had gotten him home that suicide wasn’t an issue. The next day I couldn’t believe
that I had behaved that way in front of my children and it just, it crushed me… I knew
that I had crossed the line and I needed help. For the first time in I don’t know how long,
I felt hope…cause I had felt so hopeless. I had tried so many things that hadn’t worked
for me. It’s helped me about tremendously with my depression and blood pressure. I don’t
take anxiety medicine at anymore. This is the true Luke. This is the happy Luke that
I knew when he was young and we could laugh and have fun and life was wonderful. And that’s
where he’s at again. And he’s opening up, he’s telling his story to help others, and
it’s not causing him the anxiety, the fits, the sleepless nights…I mean, things are
better than they were before he went to Afghanistan. Transcendental Meditation’s about giving you
a better quality of life…you’re gonna feel better in every aspect of what you’re doing.
He made a pledge and he goes, “I’m gonna meditate twice a day,” and he goes, “I promise you,
because that was so amazing,” he goes, “I really think this is gonna work, and I’m gonna
stick with this and see if this isn’t one thing that’s gonna help up.” And it ended
up being the thing that changed us. I had consistently thought about suicide before
I learned TM…it was the first thing to kinda get that away, and get that off my mind. I
don’t know that Luke and I would be together…I don’t know that Luke would be here if we didn’t
have TM…I just doubt….life changing, and it did save his life, without a doubt. And
if you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for the people that love you because they
deserve it. My girls didn’t sign up for the army, and neither did my wife. And it’s made
me a better father, a better husband…I finally found what fit for me, and it was TM and it
changed everything.

Otis Rodgers



  1. TheGlassCleaners Posted on March 12, 2014 at 5:11 am

    Thanks to David Lynch Foundation.

  2. dionisio454 Posted on January 3, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    This messgae is just so powerfull I just hope it's not just another comercial for the T.M. cause when we're suffering severe depression and anxiety we mostly go with anything..I just hope is it true !!

  3. Chuck Bedolla Posted on January 27, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    Luke!  I love you brother!