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Trends in Employee Wellbeing - ChapmanCG

We're seeing wellbeing used as a
retention tool and also as part of the overall benefits plan for employees. It's
not just Millennials anymore that are looking for more from work and also from
the employe, progressive thinking employers are harnessing that and seeing
it as a way to keep talent and also make sure that the workforce is motivated.
Organisations are offering many more individual choices in wellbeing
incentives so that they can tailor the options to their individual needs as
well as offering choices to employees. Leaders are also seeing it as critical
to set an example by taking care of their own health and wellness. We're also
seeing organisations tackling social issues pertaining to overall physical
and mental health including domestic violence. This can mean training HR managers on how best to identify this and support
their employees as well as extra leave for victims of domestic violence.
progress forward will be next to impossible if all of the responsibility falls to a
single person or an under-resourced team. Support and sponsorship from the
executive level that's going to enable project groups to tackle the necessary
issues head-on and without hesitation

Otis Rodgers