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True Scary Stories| Possible Cult Activity/ My Friend and Her Mom’s Demons

I grew up in this very small Midwestern community
out in the middle of the country. It was really an awesome area to grow up in
because of the environment. Woods and creeks surrounded the whole area,
and growing up there I spent a lot of time out in these woods. This area I grew up in was rumored to be haunted
because of the old cemetery that was at the edge of this town, but this is not what this
story is about… It was around 2001, I was about 16 at this
time. It was the right around the beginning of October
and my next door neighbor, who was around 10 or so at the time was having a Halloween
/ birthday party and he had several other kids over from his grade. As part of the festivities, they were planning
on taking a hayride through the woods. I thought it would be fun to try and scare
them while they were on this ride, so as they were about to leave, I slipped away and went
down to the woods. It was about 9:30 PM at this time and it was
very dark outside. I made my way into the woods and decided I
was going to hide under the side of the large bridge that crossed the creek, so I climbed
down the railing and stood on the cement platform below to wait. Now I had been waiting in this spot for around
10 minutes. I was watching for the truck’s headlights
to come down the road so I could get into position. As I am watching down the road, I see a man
walk out of the woods and onto the side of the road. I could not tell exactly what he was doing
as he was probably about 75 feet of so away from me and it was really dark in the woods
that night. I found it odd that the guy did not have a
flashlight or anything, but then again neither did I… After about 20 seconds or so, the guy turned
around and walked back into the woods… I didn’t think he had seen me because I
had been in my location for a good 10 minutes before I ever saw him, I didn’t feel too
threaten either because in order to get to me he would have had to cross the bridge or
the water to sneak up on me. I stayed in my spot for another couple of
minutes and watched the area where the guy went back into the woods. I never did see any light and he soon disappeared
deeper into the woods. After a few minutes, I decided it would probably
be best to get out of there. I quietly climbed out from under the bridge
and made my way out of the woods and back to the party. I didn’t think anyone else had gone out
there to scare the kids besides me. I clearly saw the silhouette of this man,
and his appearance was much different than anyone’s at the party, tall and decently built. When I got back I asked my neighbor’s parents
if anyone else was out in the woods to scare the kids during the hay ride and they said
no. When the kids returned, I asked the guy driving
the truck about it, and they saw no such person… So I just saw a man walk out of a dark woods
only to re-enter it… It was creepy, but I never felt I was in much
danger as I’m pretty sure he never saw me. So a couple days later I am out in the woods
with my buddy from down the street, during the daytime though this time. We were near the area where I saw this guy
and we find this post that has been buried in the ground and on top of it are three animal
skulls. The are pretty large skulls too, appearing
to be that of a dog or possible a deer. The post was in the center of a star with
a circle around it made from animal bones. Clearly someone had spent some time building
this. But it gets even scarier, a short ways away
from this post was a dead goat. It had a rope tied around it’s neck and
its throat had been cut. My friend and I knocked down the post and
left. While it was obviously a very disturbing thing
to find, I guess we didn’t think too much of it, because this area has had its fair
share of oddities because of the rumors about it being haunted and we assumed it was just
some people trying scare people and create a good story. Now jump ahead a few weeks. I was usually out at night a fair amount,
my friend and I like to ride our bikes around the streets at night and talk, and on this
particular night we noticed a group of four people walking around the streets. They were wearing all black. We acknowledged them, but they didn’t say
anything back. It was odd, but whatever. We saw them a couple of other times that week
too, just being creepers. Now here is the scariest part of all, and
I need to be completely honest, I can’t remember if this event happened this same
week or it was a couple of weeks later after we saw these people on the streets, but I
know it was around this time because my friend moved away shortly after this happened and
I know it was closely related to this time period. My friend as the oldest of 6 kids and he had
a sister who was 12 at the time who shared a bedroom with her 3 year old sister. One night around 2 or 3 in the morning she
heard a noise by the doorway of her bedroom. She rolled over to look and standing in the
doorway was a guy wearing all black. She started screaming and the guy immediately
took off. Her parents bedroom would directly across
the hall from hers and they came. When they went into the living room, the front
door was wide open. Someone had definitely been in their house… They looked outside but couldn’t find anyone. I assume they slipped into a nearby house
or the woods which was a short distance away. I don’t know their intent, but I have a
pretty good idea… I know there was occult activity that went
on out there in those woods… Thankfully she heard that noise and looked
over before it was too late… There’s unsolved disappearances all over the
world. Some of them make the big news, like Madeleine
McCann, the Sodder Children or Lars Mittank, so that the whole world knows about them. But some of those unsolved disappearances
are lesser known. My best friend from when I was a child is
such a case. I’m a 19 year old female and this all started
about eight years ago. Like many 11 year old girls, I had a best
friend, who we will call Clara. We spent a lot of time together, had lots
of inside jokes, you know, typical best friends. One day, Clara didn’t come to school. At first, I thought she might simply be sick,
but when she didn’t come back for multiple days, I started to get worried, so I decided
to call her to ask what was wrong. But she didn’t pick up the phone, neither
her cell phone nor her house phone. When I told my mom about it, she seemed concerned
as well. She’s a nurse at the local hospital, where
Clara’s mother worked as a charwoman. She told me that Clara’s mother hadn’t been
to work in a few days either, after she had called in and said she had the flu. My mother thought that maybe, Clara’s mom
had passed the flu on to Clara and now they were both sick. She agreed, however, on going over to check
on them, in case they needed help. Clara’s mom’s car was in the driveway, but
all the blinds were rolled down. When my mom rang the door bell, we couldn’t
hear a single sound from inside. Clara had a dog who was very protective, so
the fact that he wasn’t barking struck both of us as odd. We then started asking around, but no one
had heard from Clara or her mother in almost a week. Not even Clara’s dad, who lived two towns
over. After a few more days, my mom decided to report
them as missing. Another week passed, and Clara came back to
school. But she was not the girl she had been two
weeks ago. She was skinny, had bruises everywhere and
that empty, 1000 yard stare. She never told me what happened. As a matter of fact, she never told me or
anyone else anything again. She barely spoke and completely secluded herself
from the outside world. As the years went on, it became more and more
obvious that Clara was struggling with multiple issues. She was obviously battling an eating disorder
and had started cutting by the time she was 13. She would frequently miss days or even weeks
at school. Our friendship had pretty much died, but I
couldn’t help but care about her. She had no other friends, so I would text
her our homework whenever she missed school. But then, when I was 16, Clara called me one
night. She was completely hysterical and told me
her mother had just been submitted to a mental institution. Upon asking her why, she told me that her
mother had developed an obsession with Christianity and the Bible and had been convinced that
both herself and Clara had demons lurking inside of them. She told me about her mother trying to exorcise
her, sometimes for hours on end. How she would beat her and let strangers “try
to cast the demons out of both of them”. I listened in horror as Clara was telling
me all of this. I asked her if I should come over, but she
just told me that she wasn’t home right now and refused to tell me where she was. The call ended very abruptly and she wouldn’t
pick up her phone after that. She wasn’t at school the next day. This wasn’t unusual, but it still worried
me. I tried to call her, but her phone was turned
off. So I decided to check on her. But when I got to her house, I found that
it was… empty. And I mean empty. I looked through the windows, and all the
furniture had vanished. There was no trace of Clara. I reported her as missing but… nothing ever
came of it. I periodically call the police to ask for
updates, but they haven’t found anything. I don’t know the details of what Clara’s mother
did to her, but I sure as hell am glad that she’s locked up and I hope I never have to
see her again. As for Clara… where ever you might be, I
hope you are alive and well.

Otis Rodgers



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