December 7, 2019
  • 10:14 pm 【故事販賣店】新加坡刑案│Ritual Murders活人獻祭
  • 10:14 pm Laura Eisenhower: Repelling Dark Alien Tech, Saturn Hexagon, Satanic Rituals & Pedophilia[CITD 2018]
  • 10:14 pm About Practical Meditation MOOC
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  • 10:14 pm The Heart Of Worship – Matt Redman (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Albert Gyorfi)
UNI Department of Philosophy & World Religions

Philosophy is the art of clear and critical
thinking about life’s big questions The study of Religion explores the
practices and beliefs of religious people around the world past and present. At UNI the
Department of Philosophy and World Religions will give you the foundation for future
employment by educating you to think critically
about our world, write, speak and think creatively and with
confidence, work well with others, read think and write about challenging subjects,
approach problems from a variety of perspectives and find imaginative solutions,
be flexible in your approach to your own future,
interact meaningfully with people from different countries and cultures After graduation I plan on going to
Harvard Law School and plan on pursuing either a career
in corporate law or in some type of legal philosophy.
It’s really I think it’s a perfect preparation I mean you you do critical critical reasoning
critical writing you do a ton of reading Reading you know kind of complex things
which is what I’m going to be doing in law school so philosophy was a perfect mix of was
something interesting and also something that’s practical for me More than half of all college graduates
wind up working in specialized fields different from their undergraduate
majors. Philosophy is the only major that is focused primarily on
thinking skills so it’s valuable in a quickly changing
job market The study a philosophy also enriches
our perspectives by introducing us to very different ways
of looking at and thinking about the world and how we
live in it By studying philosophy we hope to arrive
at a greater awareness of the complexities of our existence and at best a perfecting of our very
humanity A religion major has really helped me open my eyes to just different perspectives
of the world. I think I had values before that I still retain but I’ve just gained more values and I just have a more open mind to what’s going on in the world cause
religion it shapes your life, it shapes your personality
and it comes right underneath you know it shapes who people are. We all must work and
live side by side with neighbors and colleagues from different religions and
cultures it’s important to study and understand
the world’s religions so that we can be good citizens,
employees and friends in the global village in which we live.
Employers expect this kind of cultural competency The department of philosophy and world
religions offers courses in Buddhism Hinduism and other religions of China
Japan and the rest of Asia as well as Judaism, Islam and
Christianity Studying religion gives you the
opportunity to explore some the deepest in most significant ideas and values that emerged in human history. Exploring
the range of religious worldviews at work in the past and present is crucial for understanding what people
do and why they do it. The academic study of religion gives
you the opportunity to explore the range of answers to profound questions and allows
you to consider your beliefs and values as was the beliefs and values of
others. This department continues a close-knit community committed to the exploration of life’s
most important issues and central mysteries The study philosophy and the world’s
religions prepares one in deep and long lasting ways for all that life may hold. On top of that our students graduate with
well-developed critical thinking problem-solving and communication skills skills which employers in
all fields seek

Otis Rodgers