February 24, 2020
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Untold Truth: Veganism Is Communism, Religious Fear + Morals & Dogmas Dictatorship

please people I want to debunk two of the biggest lies of veganism okay so first of all we have to understand what is veganism we can prove that with knowledge and proven facts first of all it's a religion it's based on morals and dogmas okay go back to Freemasonry read the book of alpha Pike's top morals and dogmas because this is the source of communism okay and potato chip and this is all religion and believe in morals and dogmas is about because they are anti nature okay so veganism is communism it's wanted by parties by our very government it's wanted especially Queen parties and especially by all these climate change conspiracy theorists that believe in this whole climate change bullshit that we are responsible for that which is total bullshit which is totally not true they even claim so this is the first wrong thing that they say meat is responsible for climate change for animals which is total bullshit I can easily prove that wrong by showing you graphics of NASA that shows you that the highest amounts of co2 production you find in the United States Europe and China but where do you find the most animals Africa South America and Australia you have the most cows okay and there is absolutely non co2 problem of polluted to the atmosphere I can easily prove you wrong if your Regan but this bullshit it's total bullshit and only reason for climate change is the military complex is geoengineering or microwave frequencies okay that they use water rhythmic micro water wave frequencies deuce are the cause for the climate change okay so there is no problem at all with people eating need the stupid bullshit is that okay and then you have to see that in South America and Africa and in India and even in India I have a lot of animals and even in Australia maybe you have the the most dirtiest cars there and also there are the NASA graphics there is no pollution at all only America Europe and China okay so just telling you that because you don't know that the second thing is most spiritual awakened vegans they say yeah you kill the and then the animal and it's bad energy so what the fuck what is the problem okay so what what because if you would do your homework you would know about technologies can easily change the energy of food even if it's meat because also mostly con consists consists out of water actually consists out of blood because if your Wiegand you're not natural your fear even the fear of blood in the fear of killing which makes your unnatural being kind of a Satanist being then of course you have no idea how to sink in a intellectual logical way okay so you can easily use laser technology even just crystals crystal technology to change the energy of something it's bad in your eyes instead okay so why I'm so pissed why I'm offended because I'm sick of this lies of this shermanus communist parties and the satanic sick shit okay that I see in the vegan religion and the green part is the Left parties it's all sick wicked satanic shit and it's easy to prove everything wrong even if it's the climate change or if it's veganism so get that veganism is only there to connect you to artificial intelligence because feminism and artificial intelligence goes hand-in-hand is one and the same as you can see in China okay so it's really simple easy to see in the cat that it's very easy to see the connection between communism and vegans okay it's so pretty clear and easy to see now what their main thing is okay they want people to be vegan because they are the Communists they are the lawmakers they are the anti natural people that other people that do harm to the earth and to the nature because they are anti nature and they are anti human okay so there's a lot of more things to that don't give a shit how their animal just eat it if you are hungry and you know if you would have a high frequency you would feel the vibration the energy but you are allowed to eat and what not what an email you have empathy for and which animal you have not empathy for induce or the animals allowed to eat hay they were made to eat that's a simple thing you can see it in this animals eyes or energy they want to be eaten okay and even now New Agers like Christina from Ryan or whoever they say in crisis situation animals will sacrifice themselves to us that we can eat them and actually right now we are in a fucking crisis and we always have been in the fucking crisis the crisis never ended you know so we are on 24/7 crisis so just eat the fucking middle in even New Agers vegans tell you that that this is natural people with a brain actually tell you that and that's the whole thing about veganism and communism and the artificial intelligence again de ok that all works together hand in hand it's more than the same there's no difference between those three things just telling you that again and again that has to be in your mind ok this is so important because they want you not think like that they won't sure that you don't have this connection in your mind it's a trick ok it's a master plan it's politics it's like magic so there it is most important information right now it's nothing more important for now you want to be healthy and intelligent don't want to be a slave I'm just giving you this because this is really the most important information right now I mean I know many people they are not so far to get there or to get this together and to understand this I know what the level of most people is I know even most people complaining about this what I'm saying or denying what I'm saying I know what the energy level is I know what the chakra situation is or which chakra they are at I can see they're low energy they are low vibrational they're just speaking out of the stomach you say in German they just speak out of the red chakra okay so they're not speaking out of the crown chakra or the heart chakra or the throat chakra so there's no connection at all so they it's not you know for me it's easy to see someone who is intelligent who is not for me it's easy to see lie and to see what truth is because I can just see into the energy and the frequency and in a chakra so I know what it's true simply by seeing truth it's like when I see three I know it's a tree so it's true same as I can see energies or chakras or hours or whatever bullshit okay and most people denying and complaining they are low vibrational okay they're just speaking out of the red chakra simple thing and the and then the black chakra okay the black and the red chakra and those are the people that are Wiggins would complain about all of this bullshit they don't even have check parts of colors you know if you if you listen to New Age gurus they don't even have chakras they are not even human anymore they just artificial aliens okay so how can I listen to that know how can I know what the agenda of this fucking artificial aliens who is already living with artificial intelligence maybe it's also slave victim or how can I know so I just want to tell you stay human be human as long as you can okay and yeah pretty soon as you can see now they'll be over because all these vegans they are destroying everything that has to do with being you okay they are destroying it the other one because they are destroying the DNA in the brain and their heart that's totally stupid and then they connect himself to some kind of artificial alien freak see and they are just talking bullshit they are telling you the same bullshit that artificial intelligence is telling you okay but this is the agenda because they know vegans are really easy to connect to the artificial intelligence and to the artificial frequency this is what you have to know this is what you have to tell to vegans because this is the only truth but I also know you cannot tell them because how can they get that but at least maybe you get it and that's good that's already something like one or two people even one gets this it's already a lot you know give a shit about all the vegans I mean they are done okay they are done they are gone they are lost this is their proposed here to make this experience in this life so give a shit okay don't debate don't discuss with them because it doesn't make sense like debating a chicken without a hat okay just stop it mind your own business try to wake people up they want to be awake and the work and as you can see clearly see now and you can see it even more clearly end of 2019 or 2020 that it's all veganism is a trap okay set up by secret societies and parties to fool you to put you into a trap and to connect you to artificial intelligence simple thing I saw with my own fucking eyes people like that talking and promoting artificial intelligence and queen parties just by being a we and they totally shifted into a communist asshole it's not a joke it is like this I saw it with my own eyes more and more and more never okay so this is what I'm telling you this I'm making a point proven okay it was shown to me it is like this so get that piece

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  1. Dennis DerChrist Posted on July 16, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Enough of that gHAAPbage!

  2. Aroy Mak Posted on July 16, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    100% accurate….