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Warhammer 40k Narrative Game Batrep, Genestealer Cult v Thousand Sons

welcome to rootstem gaming and in this
week’s game we’ve got the thousand sons versus some gene stealer Colts been a
while since Jean Steele occults been on the channel mainly because of the
changes due to narrative play it’s made it quite difficult to play the army but
this is going to be a narrative game we’re going to be playing a crucible of
war day to recovery from page 140 and that’s in the Neela’s vigil is defiant
book one apparently might be more walls I’m not sure but basically somebody’s
going to deploy here somebody’s going to deploy over there
and there’s gonna be random data caches that’s going to be appearing now for our
story we’re not saying they’re data caches psychic Nords since Jean Silla
called a quite psychic linked and so be fouls and Sons and that’s all you need
to know it’s about what power level every thousand songs will be playing to
150 roughly and the Jesus of the cup we’re playing to 120 and of course the
thousand suns will be the attacker in this particular mission right I stated
some armies right arm else yeah pretty awesome t-shirt actually therefore
you’re rocking the thousand songs today sir yes in a narrative game have you
ever played a narrative game before a couple but they’ve just been seem to be
a little bit one-sided towards an attacker or yeah aspect won’t play it
bought they do make for a lot more interesting games what my phone games
I’ve noticed right it quite bully oh yeah now we’ve got a love like
painted thousand suns armor here painted by root stem yeah I’m gonna get some
advertising in this game so tell us what are you rocking today when
I can get past you well I’ve got a battalion
yep thousand suns which consists of Ahriman exalted saw sarah haramen there
and the exhaust also which is him from ford rodent yes i’m from fort world who
was a beast in heresy yeah so they my my HQ was me three troops twenty son go
with horn yeah two squads of rubric marines with an icon of flame for
success yeah that’s my battalion I also have two demon princess with talons then
wings I then have a vanguard yep which one of demon princes will be bear HQ way
so two squads of skull of a cult and one of course unfortunately at the moment
with newly acquired figures newly acquired figures a caste Lux which will
be used as a hell broke for purposes of this game yep gosh Molly looks loads
better than a standard L blue which look pop and then these guys here these guys
are a detachment of Space Marine chaos space marines yeah using alpha Legion
hit so we have a standard predator since there does a they don’t benefit from
thousand suns as well two squads are Havoc’s we rockets and the standard
saucer in Terminator rather he is exactly the same rules four thousand
suns and them where is I can have an exalted saucer in thousand suns but
counting in normal chaos now in normal case so they just makes sense to other
and this is about 150 isn’t it 150 power level which comes to juice to literally
like twelve points all over two and a half thousand point there we go so that
would be about twelve points over two and our thousand you’re not gonna get
saving for from me because I’ve not accounted my not lineup right let’s take
you over to some cult so this is 120 power level of gene Steve occult
we’ve got two battalions and the war movie release which i think is Elise is
a banger banger but one so I’m not going to sort of break it down I’m just gonna
break it down to HQ we’ve got a Magus on an icon Ward the patriarch and a Primus
and another patriarch hell of a pitch he actually got about three of them so far
indi elite sections we’ve got a unit of elements apologize for the non painted
figure they’re armed as is saw what you see is what you get claws hammers picks
picks 2 units of 15 gene stealers they’re hopefully gonna be quite nasty
once they do manage to turn upon the tabletop
if you know of a mission we can only deploy up to a third of our forces we’ve
got a Goliath rock grinder with a seismic cannon and then these have been
well effective laverre we’re gonna be backing up all these troops we’ve got a
unit of 10 of an a unit of 5 hybrid neophytes now we’ve got to just a single
squad of brood brothers and then we’ve got 30 in squads of 10 of acolyte
hybrids so we’re just a basic bulk standard guys we’ve got a unit of blue
brother heavy weapon team so I’ve got a free rocket launchers in there too
sentinels with heavy flamers standard Lehmann Ross with buffer cannon and free
heavy flamers I’ll be quite interesting to see what that can do if it rocks up
and then a Lehmann rush with a Nova cannon last cannon two plasmas and two
armored sentinels we’ve lost cannons that’s pretty much it
the psychic powers will be able to tell you during the game same for sort of
Mills as forces and of course will tell you what as warlord traits are it has
not already popped up at the bottom of our screens right so it’s deployment
time and again a plug everything pretty much painted by me use them so deployments big gun
oh it’s been done and one’s got a predator unit rubric Marines
he’s exalted sauce Rahel broked and another unit of Rubik marines that’s his
third cuz it could set up to about 50 points
he’s not used any special strategies to get towards the center we’re not quite
sure where these nodes are gonna be appearing and for me I got blips now in
the interest of fairness of course it’s these units here that are turning up on
the battlefield to begin with so they’re they’re going to be ones that’s deployed
now in this mission you roll a d6 whoever gets highest we rollin theis
gets the first turn so before it’ll go six so you get the first turn sir this
is it it doesn’t say you come this place doesn’t say you come here so just saw
what you guys know we do use actual D freeze so when we’re rolling need to
move same three and one and two they actually our d3 we are going to be
checking the rules but I do believe it will be mils to go first so first turn my units have been
revealed hell of a lot of armor down that side and Mills has moved forward
now his sorceress state still because it’s a narrative play again
this guy concern additional forces onto the battlefield and normally will just
crack on with the psychic phrase and let you guys see the results but this is the
first time we’ve ever really done this so it’s free
d6 any doubles or triples are mortal wounds they suck as a local wound and it
has a power rating of 10 meaning you can bring in a unit with a power rating of
up to 10 pologize that these are not on bases they he needs to have a pen not
before we conclude so they are deployed within 12-inch obvious saucer and nine
inch wafer enemy units though some psychic powers they’ve increased their
invulnerable safe mother savings or body base the riddle yeah increase time in
one by one and then a couple of smite because they’re better range 24 has
taken two wounds off this lemon loss he’s now opening fire with his eunuchs
he’s got two hits and he’s gonna need sixes to wound up him and what’s with
his bosses I got one there’s a – of – because of his special rounds and it
bounces off the luminous armor repeat range needing fries does the sorcery
roll the one I think that’s a typo I think exalt the source of it should be
the rolls the wound bought in the Codex it says once – hey sport cuz you count
of captains in thousand suns nothing nothing
the bolt rounds drifting flame bounces off this
overcharging Lehmann Russ furnaces opening fire
it’s got range of a lemon rush and regard you and it boo brothers but it’s
a Cummins firing into the brood five shots five shots needing force due
to the movement and then the two blue in under four last cannons slamming into
the leaving us battle tank Casswell the blues one of the Blues is hit four balls
I can’t see it yeah and too pretty to come and see so you’re gonna need
freebies on the blue know who’s on the right so in last cannon and a predator
cannon as hit predator cannon is a minus 1 minus 1 minus 1 plus 1 because it
cover and that’ll be one of the group of us down this is in cover from that angle
so it’s a plus one to miss a but I still need a five bounces off again does it
even without for cover all right let’s take that model off at the end of two
Mills’s term one is move forward a little bit of warning but not a lot I do
to expect a lot of casualties in this first turn if I’m honest but it does
depend on what the response is going to be from these vehicles right so Jean
steel Colt turn one a lot of movement sentinels
these two sentinels ran forward and got every flame as I need to get in there
last kind of sentinels moving up trying to get a bead maybe on he’s gonna be in
cover but maybe on that whatever call him that walk with Klaus there he’ll
brute that’s it he’s moved up to can’t really see anything
that’s because wherever he goes he’s pretty much blocked especially with that
statue in the middle of this terrain piece my heavy weapon teams can cannot
so see some of a hell brute which is not so bad look in the distance and so
they’re probably gonna be opening fire bear right let’s do some shoe in with
the Lehmann Ross it’s gonna open fire upon its counterpart in the predator its
move 5 so it’s allowed to fire its main gun twice so it’s d6 shot with battle
cannon so it’s to d6 so I’ll be 8 shots with the buffer come
on force because of grinding advance so it’s main gone this turret weapon never
counsel Spahn side ones building but his name’s
on is always kind understanding they also need force no babies play mazaya
and then your toughness is seven isn’t it so I’m gonna need freeze to warn its
strength bait I got three it’s a minus of 2 and D 3 damage apiece three of them
sir no it’s 2d 334 8 5 checking a hit there I think if you go
down to 5 you’re on a different profile aren’t you no other weapons can fire
from rutgers i flamers so moving along pocket is going against the hell brute
Halbert instruction terrain and this 50% obscured from the direction of the fire
that’s how we play it and he gets a cover save right so needing falls didn’t
hit rinse repeat with the free rocket launchers behind him all impacted in the
hell brute we’ve got one hit strength eight-six
it’s not even wounded its goodness 7 it’s still a three six still a free it’s
not wounded so I’m gonna have to rely upon these two sentinels firing last
cannons into verb root itself I’m gonna get cover the another yeah we’ll do a
cannonball sentinels you’re gonna get cover and both of these sentinels have
any fives so I’m gonna find them both together I got one hit I need a three to
one it’s a wound it’s a minus of 3 but it
isn’t cover from that angle and I don’t get it
I don’t think so sir but if we keep you out I just don’t know that I think so it
is a free up fails that fails that so it’s d6 damage from the last cannon and
it’s a free there’s no no five wounds first no nope
is it if I get sick Seacrest on an immediate shooting the time in combat
something within an inch amazing if you did roll a one no said the six oh you
said one no he’s with my shooting face I stripped off a couple of wounds from
that guy and knocked him down to near half that is about it we came to both of
us not really about eventful against each other there right now
he’s gonna be going into turn two we’ve got a roll so I’ll tell you what I’ll do
I’ll rolfe of a shortboard edge and then you good sir Craig we’ll roll for the
long table edge so you’re all d6 or I’ve got a 2 & 3 and they’re free so let’s
find out what about drops – fuck the marker because it’s the attackers table
edge 1 2 – he’s kind of 12-inch in from there I mills want the center so the
first markers drop down there remember boys and girls it’s whoever claims the
most of ease at the end you have to have no enemy units within six of them at the
end of the game so Craig’s now going to be doing his movement and then we’ll
bring you back in for reinforcements rolls will probably skip recycle prayers
and bring in for you in so Mills has kept ‘miss guys still
they’ve stayed still they move forward and so is his hell brute now spending to
command points for a special stratagem on a date with Kubrick that allows him
to add one signals signal via taxi adds one to all the reserved roles because
normally he needs force to bring his reserve on in this game so you need free
sister select a unit roll dice just roll through them also Avex
they’re on it their mother looks yeah Terminator yeah yeah Sanga yeah oh my
god Shaymin no too many yeah it’s two away
two separate squads yeah yeah well the terminators yep I fought with two squads
of Bob upside my brain look I mean fine yeah it’s to spoil Island and demon
Prince Prince yep averman holy man yep demon Prince don’t know so you got a
demon Prince in the shipment that’s not turning up on the tabletop everyone else
is coming in now vacant deep strike you can deep strike everyone else has to
come on your table edge within six inch of it announcer enemy units unless you
spend – come on points now remember this is narrative so you
can do this stratagem multiple times so if you wanted to when you wanted you
have excremental behind my area you could spend for command points and both
squads could turn it behind me so let’s see what he does with his unit units are
down everywhere he’s got some terminators teleporting in he’s got you
and it’s coming up on the back field I feel very outnumbered at this moment
in time we’ve pretty much got to the end of the movement phase kind of this is
because it all this is happening kind of simultaneous is very strange
you sir are you summoning yep are you spending the command points 446 and lots
of her mortal wound no no two three four so no mortal wound no mortal wound
nine ten all right okay that means before is all because we don’t unless
you want a command point one of those dice now flamers appearing yeah now on
the table so we’re gonna do Mills as psychic race and possibly any relics he
wants to do if you wants to use any yeah and we’ll come back show you some
psychic phase wise we’ve got Frisian some this unit plus one we’ve had a
mortal wound calls against the vehicle to mortal wounds calls against the unit
down here they’ve gone down to two models immortal wounded with three
different powers from arimin onto one of the famous sentinels to cause it to die
didn’t explore but it did cause it to die and I’m in a very sticky predicament
I’ve been surrounded by thousand suns as a hell of a lot of candy read on the
table mine units have not yet look so it’s gonna be one of those where it’s
like what’s going to happen we’re not sure right answer shooting what shooting
first we’ll get the little fiddly crap sauce around that way first
this one yes that one into your heavy weapon team and he’s not got – two twos
bolt rifle because he’s not a true thousand tons no so free it’s not he’s a
thousand suns in training not burn those were not even in traded this is a
cultist squad which actually stood still yeah
he’s got prescient so that all over we’re gonna get two shots apiece
regardless of range out about you and it there due to the the new Bolton rules so
it’s going to be 20 shots going into the arm of Central says you need to stay it
that’s all of them and then he’s gonna need five to wound you have toughness of
six it what tools role in wells because I see you’ve hit them off for six gonna
need fives but is the – – that’s the – to your – – it’s going to get one two
three it’s my shit fire it’s not dead even if
I fail all these and I did fail them all sits down with one more left
heavy bulb that foam that is going to go into rearm and central the Armand
Sentinel will be obscured from that position so any is on the cover so we’ll
get a cover save from this heavy bolter I think you’ve got a thank you twin sir
the Train so it’s gonna be six heavy ball two shots needing any more Wars
it’s not bad still needing fives and sixes not ruining on so the center
they’ll survive the Floria heavy bolts around these are freshly painted models
so I am expecting the Sentinels and the luminous battle tanks to die don’t me
know everything’s going into behold down lemon loss to last Kensi bloke and then
he’s got to d3 shots with his main weapon only one of each anymore command
points money to spend no no oh needy in blue freeze because
it’s false cause you were down a profile plus the Whomper well I still check it
absolute erectus Tuesday hits because it’s a it’s still all hit didn’t even
need the need not to world yeah so chopping some dice the Reds needing
five SD blue is needing fries right so against the Blues I need fives cuz i
manhole downing cover and against that I need freeze so I saved one last coming
that one goes through for a straight free damage and then one last cutting
causes to number two so that will be fine five wounds
off the lemon rocks not now now three of them these free at the front can
actually see about Sentinel he said three and him yeah him yeah but he’s
only got pistol aunty know he’s got Bolton box okay they just have bolt
pistols they’ve all gone then well do the rest of them will be opening fire
against the Lehmann Rose tank to try it a right now
so the first one then so the red is foot leaving ruffs radio the blue is for EPS
on the system by the oven sir that’s all right
not to that means race fortunately I would have preferred it to be a read the
list fives and sixes on the row five or six or a multi no six is on the red one on Lee Munro said to write some Sentinel
is pink cover so we rather than being a – toots can be a minus one so for rock
for the Sentinel yep and against the Lehman Mustang is not enough that’s
gonna be obscures it will be a minus 2 to 2 linear 5 no serve up reduces that
one down to 3 damn cockney fire rockets are going into
the lemon Ross there’s no – for movement – three hits strength eyesight new force
water that’s gone through your arguments repeating of the other I’m going to see
what happens just ok – gonna need a 5 no so d6 damage that’s one do I come and
point it no no so that’s gonna have 11 ones remaining
are you rinse repeating thinking if I I will come and point it
and I’m gonna rinse repeat without because I know one damaged on them they
only the one damaged yeah but they’re not know I know they’re not but they
have a – – weird as that as me as a – what yes true so I’m gonna sixty points
came from the damage to a six six other Jews down to six wounds left remaining
and then same for rocket yes into the into you to the Lehmann Ross yes again
do you want to come on point any of these hits no no sir free hits need
force and little one again do you want to come on point any of them no I’ll
wait and see what I’ll come on point and I still fail so point mills up new fire
with this team here four of which are going to go into the heavy weapon team
and six are gonna go into the over squad is leaving the wounded luminous alone
for the moment so he’s counting his dice we were doing the usual fast rolling so
it’ll be blue ease with the full heavy weapon team yeah and Reds will be for
the standard team 15 hits on the single scores 10 hits on the heavy weapon team we will up yep sure Pecos needing fries
it’s gonna be bad it’s not looking good so you’ve got nine seven on the on the
on 10 on a normal squat so heavy weapon team cost one for my cover so it turns
it to a four and then minus 2 PR Baltar’s which makes some sixes it’s a
heavy weapon team they’re gone they’re that and then for the
the squad a couple of sixes so that will be two four six eight wounds and I did
lose one guy already so double-check my buddy’s bad shape over there one heavy
weapon team left remaining on one wound and lost seven of his buddies
so there’s morale is gonna be a bit of an issue right then sir
is it these guys yeah they opened fire on the luminous tank yeah trying to be
juicy I am in cover but it’s still that minus one is gonna hurt is minus 2 plus
1 and I saw the three wounds left that was trying to get over dice in his hands
I’m hoping to kill it so I don’t have to charge play about the point sir seven
hits out 40 it’s gonna need fixes to wound it’s a flurry where I want it not
only 40 that’s still 6 yep still 6 wave effectively a minus 1 so that’s 50 54
off to say hmm right I’m going to command point no
point out one oh I’ll come on point that one no I’m not gonna come on point
anymore let’s go do you explode sir
no about leavin Ross has gone so a lot of death I’ve not got a lot of guys like
this is what happens when the majority of an army turns up versus a third not a
lot now these two are now going to be charged by best lot here and I
definitely need a lot to be able to go into both for the mines well of a go
so with two of us can anova watches but do you want to roll the dice just on
camera just to see what you get because you are gonna need at least a nine are
you going to get it first well yep I need an 11 to get into second one you’re
on and sir that’s an 8 so you’re not gonna get in tourney you can use command
points re-roll one or both dice so the – come on boy sir reverb off oh
yeah but I don’t have to spend them straightaway so on yeah that’s a good
point roll before becomes a tool no it’s not gonna happy so to last kind of shots
then let’s do it on camera nothing hit so what was anticlimactic
and you were charges yeah you be like nine ten inches and for lead said we
tend to get it the thing is if I go down there you leave a big gap in the middle
for his herbs to turn off that’s what I mean so that minute you can’t really
deploy it’s gonna be like any yeah yeah which is quite far away so I’m gonna
leave it as it is no problem then sir no problem at all I don’t want to wipe it
off table completely in two oh okay thank you very much there Craig thank
you right let’s go into gene stealers turn to amazing movement he moved up
based on still he stood still and use a command point for devoted crew meaning
he could fire on his full effect and the guy well not supposed to be tended to be
autumn and that happens so he ran away and now I have to role for my reserve
warlord first and brood Lord free up he’s on it over guy he’s not on Magus
he’s on a shoot here hey Ron this unit not this unit hey uh I need
more dice ooh let’s go here yay this unit yep
so ever all been rolled fuck they’re turning up regardless because they went
into Colts green foot they went in to return to the shadows so they
automatically come on mister adamance are actually in the transports are off
of a Goliath rock grinder no and then a role for this volunteer command point
for them to automatically turn off so one of the units is coming on and the
over you in it is also criminal so one command point spent I’ve got quite a few
units coming onto the tabletop from the board UNIX everywhere via play – come on
points to set up within free there are a couple of squads down here against
terminators it’s not going to end well I didn’t manage to play Masek notice on
these guys so they can’t fight over watching their now 2-1 to it
hmm it’s gonna be not much shooting I don’t think well there might be I might
not be and we’ll see you will check what their closer to us it cuz I would I
might not be able to get ball fast cannons are not even print but right
Jean Steel occult shooting fish and we’re from gonna heavy flame at that
squad in front of me yep so five Auto hits now your toughness five new aren’t
you fabrics or Forster wound that’s three he’s forced to say it kills one so
the sergeant’s benefit out because we know that’s what always happens and then
we’ve got four pistol shots bizarre already measured from the acolyte spot
any force to hits when your fives one woman sir normal armor on the havoc same
squad yeah that’s true that’s true now we’ve measured to the Sentinels that one
can fire at him he can’t so that’s what he’s gonna do he’s gonna fire at the
water over me before mist and then this Sentinel trying resumed his previous
shot is moved yes I’m just gonna have a look he can see him but you are gonna get
cover sir false take hits faith wound he wounds – 3 + 100 miles away I can’t see
you – all yep he’s got five sofa cover has come into effect there and managed
to be able to save that blog right it’s gonna have to be the Lehmann Ross and
then some other lads Sonos he’s on full profile because of the command point to
d6 shot got an 11 11 shot mean force not bad not bad
three stormed that’s five serve with a – of two so I’ll take you to your for up
going to in von Raab for upset – all right there’s d3o case – – when you –
obama so it’s a fault mate – gufu – first one causes free the second one
causes one kills one and then I’ve got the two I’ve got the last cannon for
child – now that hits and that one’s that will be a 5 up sir no sort of one
that goes to them down and then the heavy the two plasma sponsons two to
three shots got free shots I am overcharging to need pause hole hit
news or wounded these fives I don’t know mate they’re on try again lose another
to take that and technical and over to down but I’ve just gone on gun ban
oh yeah thank you on them against that and it’s on nothing
so the last unit to shoot his doors guys spending a command point for good for
demo charges basically at the old counts up in frag grenades and it can all for
them so that’s gonna be ten D six attacks Oh 10 D six shots three shots
needing frost think that’s caught never seen that there we go
e5 strong 21 hits so that would be five yeah just eight so eight save sir five
up five dead I’ve gone down for shoot in the rest now is gonna be charging this
is not gonna be funny especially since I’ve increased the gap there right yeah
let’s say I’m just going on some charges off camera will show you with some
carnage combat fears ever managed to charge it there suffered one casualty
sort of casualty down here but very managed to get into the tank and then
very managed to get into those guys over there they suffered a casualty but
didn’t actually managed to get the charge off which is a bit of a shame
right so the first off is going to be this squad here and they’re gonna fight
those guys sort of it up because we were in six of the patriarchy and six of the
icon ward so they I’ve got 44 attacks this 411
guys in there and you and it is 10 or more models none of them in – lots of 22
I’m gonna roll to hit and then roll to wound and then rotate and roll to one
against overall to hit first living twos and then this is the first lot of
wounding I’m gonna double chat with Michael
Morgan eating foster wound so that’s three sixes and then four normal
submitted to them no or not yeah you can do make it only 1 damage apiece so 6 is
going to be 4 because we’re only 1 damage ready in bombs yep and then the
over the free off because it’s minus 1 then another three from a guy yep so so
far you’ve lost one and a half men and then I need 22 again second lock 22 to
stay wounding one six one six this time but a lot more force so five nine normal
saves on the free or never to four man you’ve still got one more one wound so a
free left out of that squad unless you’re interrupting you are going to
vote yea I’m interrupting okay who are you in so you can only
interrupt that squad yep and that’s where you interrupting with
yeah no problem sir Mills has got seven in and he’s got user
awful we’ve got sorceress a fake guys it’s play another come on point for
there is a long war veterans of the long war so any sixes what’s once the hit on wound and one for
one come on point yeah nice blue unit go on sir you can
pop three inches away Oh complaint says he’s got a union I
come on poppet we’re gonna enjoy his town it’s like a half I’m not winning an
inch the way so still needing day oh no I’m
gonna say you said it’s plus one tit and +12 wrong for veterans along what six just three doing a little bit again five
hits because it’s it’s not plus one dates plus +1 to 1 it’s a free not 5
I’ll put your models back up in the moment and I do still lose free so I
only get to put 2 back so these it to hit I do need freeze this
time because I’m not within six of a pitch yeah that’s not as good before any
sixes over – for now because it’s only one damage he’s gonna get a free up save
against there – one and the four up save against them so it’s going to be for
seven normal this is for the first lot saved in one that killed all them killed
six the first round so the second lot of 22 to beam hits that time so one in one
and five six seven eight nine normal save sir so the nine normals
we’re looking at free ops they’re all dead right they managed to
cleave rubles and free ends consolidation will put me I’m gonna try
it yeah I’m gonna do it don’t worry Craig’s units the help morale how many
lose seven seven nine ten models it’s not snow I mean I get plus
one leadership yeah it’s not coming in I might have to take a test on those jeans
dealers I’ll check in a moment because they’ve lost three by now mister to
overwatch number three and then wanted he’ll Bruce I’ll check doors in a moment
just having a look at the field and you’ve got no over morale jangles they
lost number four all right and then the G says I think the leadership nine but
I’ll check in a minute so they lost five and five which would probably mean
they’re losing over 100 strands do lose another one out about role they wouldn’t
if I’d have lost any of those air wouldn’t test cuz within six inches the
patriarchs are they effectively fearless right and so it’s going to be your turn
but we need to roll and let you roll this time well you’re all short on our
old lock all right yep so shocked is again on your side
simple free it will be here will be the same spot so I will use a command point
which in roll my dice permits same spot – Marcus of our objective is doubly
where if everything oh god damn it alright okay Mills is turn three so Mills has just moved some units about
we’ve got some flames coming down here those lads are gonna try thinking I
think Herman and those boys are gonna try and just wipe those guys out and how
about small you know not much else moving apart from him down there he’s
failed both the reserve role so they will turn up next to me God knows
because he will turn up on turn four but now we’re going to try and summons who’s
doing this one song listen it’s this lot here yep so he’s your double again noble
take a horrible old boy I’ve got eleven so I’m bringing me pinko result so you
can bring the pink Horrors in and nine inch away from that squad and twelve it
within twelve enemy units so this is going to be interesting has gone off
especially to these gene stealers they’ve been hit by all sorts of psychic
shenanigans mainly from element and bit from these lads and then of course
that’s wiped those guys out I’ve don’t know for sure the video of
those guys coming in some lovely on painted pink Horace or the gray horrors
of turned up yeah gray Horace splitting through early Korres mother died and
he’s tried to possess him and turn him into a care of spawn and knocked him
down the two wounds okay I’ll kill you right and so and they
didn’t do anything on a baby what do they do clobber of z us they
failed it didn’t yeah nothing holidays so it’s failed is diabolic strength very
big in his revolt it did get the free reroll for me and they got a plus-one
two very vulnerable saved making them for what rather a final yes right then
so you’re shooting which unit would you like to try and shoot with first d6
flavor it’s so he is in range of V’s here he’s not moved out combats
arresting in combat so you’re just gonna do D it basically heavy flamer just to
200 hits any priests just 1 1 and then plus one minus one I do save these guys
yeah they’re gonna do the salt to against
those against them funny shots when the pink car is not
moving across re-rolling ones alright that’s just for heretical starties no
that was assumes for it it’s old you really you don’t know so ever I believe
it’s thousand suns they’ll don’t think that thousand so
that dealer get the rear all because it they don’t have to have thousands of
keywords confusius of the strength three you need
for storm what shops five up save no so one of them does die – door slams so
this guy’s fired his pistol into doors and kill one Harriman fired his pistol
into these didn’t do anything we’re going on a heavy Bolton now he’s
gonna try and finish off is one Warren Sentinel which hated last particular
turn go on inset but it move cuz I will locked in combo yep that’s still only
hip goes near five it does wound you don’t fool me so – one I need a for op
fifty-fifty difficulty no does he explode no just crumbles away
terminators with their 40 shots are now opening up on these lads eeeh they’re no
longer here right okay so this lot here I’ll see you doing four shots in two you
like us firing into the icon walk because it is – want to hit the wall or
do – swallowed trait always heat the warlord he’s a wall I’ll make ya want it
it does wound no – is because he’s not using the Tunisian balls so far up to
save and he says just them guys yep if we can see
anything I might be able to see some Steve some
gene guys over there maybe he’s quite fuel
sergeant can’t see those guys are in range and conceit they did move so it’s
just five shot no rerolls it’s a free hits and two wounds – to
force one so neat sixes no I lost two more of those guys guys gonna open fire
now his habit unit flame is going into the hybrids and four Rockets are going
into the luminous battle tank which a Michael Buble my it symbol into Roth I
see how many hits one hit from the flamer all we have it free of the
rockets hint so two of the Rockets wounded and what and the flamer wounded
as well the flamer doesn’t have a – SAS is safe and then to the rocket – up –
I’m in cover Sony Falls so saved 100 failed one wrong now you wanted to use
any of those reroll okay and these don’t get a cover I don’t
gonna cover safe against these those down a four run and sir
and number four rock hits again – loons ah unsaved – wolves it’s still
not bad unless unless got a free rear also that’s it yeah yeah he’s gonna he
was just free rear all still – ha he’s down to two wounds on this Lehmann
Ross yeah but his shooting not as many casualties all have fought this time
round but we’ve got some Chad just coming on so let’s go into what a
forester was going to tolerate suffer suffered a little less than what I
thought were gonna suffer there I thought I was going to lose this and
maybe a Sentinel over send all the others yeah I know I thought my loss of
gene stealers I think in my head that was acceptable casualties just to be
able to take all them spikes because it’s not just teching against this army
he’s not just taking the firepower it’s taking the psychic backlash as well so
it’s open I can remove another four units in combat well he’s hoping right
let’s let’s see what happens and girls are in down here it was obvious they
didn’t lose anybody to a charge these flames that most screamers have come in
he’s gone into the icon ward and then the Warlord’s gone no you’re not doing
that and he’s kind of counterpunched so we’ll see what happens I think I’ll lose
the icon ward and then he mills might lose his oh he’s bloke and then of
course the flame is how much the charged in down here now I was up to Craig on
which one he goes with first he’s gonna go against the icon world first you need
freeze – hey Toshi – this guy three hits pluses one parks so you straight to five
which I mean freeze – wound two rooms what’s the – of the axe – can’t save you
but doesn’t mean a force acts doesn’t it cause DP damage of po2 call so out with
2d free damage good call just checking it goes for Seoul oh yeah
yeah it’s all d3 that’s all do you think about what the odds it’s a 2d tree that’s um 95 and he’s gone that so the
icon Ward is no ball dreamers next we’ve moved them in free attacks apiece
hitting on fours this is not very well for me what’s your strength answer
strength 6 so I’m going to stir wound so you’ve got six at minus three straight
to damage this is very painful bad that’s a hell of a lot of always units
have gone down I’ll do demon Prince I think custody decent powers on him so
it’s gonna be this is going next he’s got seven attacks what you allocating
here sir we do four on the one I’m facing yep and three on the one furthest
away from here suicide yeah okay all you need to hit
two tubes we roll it back from that one Oh yep strength from seven drop this is
six freeze what’s the – – – straight – so the for any price I got one that’s
six so he’ll go down and then the three against the other one will also go down
let’s take them both of them out the first one doesn’t die the second one
doesn’t oh why can’t none of mine explode I mean
guys left out was angles they’re attacking those guys and all that day
which is not consolidating because not quite sure which way is gonna be going
on that so flavors and their attacks through each severe get sir just d6
pistol play of a shot that’s when you seen your shoe compares what sure you
have close combat oh yeah sorry it’s weapon skill five ups yep
needing threes to ward I’ve got to a tux apiece yep
and three PI rule Custer no profile for us it’s a basic right but you need fives
to hit that’s interesting I need advice three wounds three wounds though pups
didn’t save so do lose a lot of three of each chaps they’re going down right so
that’s all the charge in done going on to continuous combats so it’s gonna be
them to fight a mustiness still – want to hit needing force knows right so
let’s do my attacks back here we have my circles are wound on to ram no wounds on
the tank and very wiped out balls to terminators the consolidating closer
towards the demon Prince these guys here they well the fault by at the bones on
father I didn’t do anything what the rock saw killed one and then we’re just
going to actually do this one on camera saw six attacks blues it was miss we
walk needs freeze the wound with rerolls right so the six is a – of six and a
straight three damage and the rest of them are – free and a straight and D
free damage just so but you need to know which one is the the six so we’ve got a
red so that fails it’s straight free save them to self suffered a straight
three and then you’ve got to d3 we to wounds so he’s dead so he’s dead
because he’s only got five so he’s gone to morale I’m not sure what the
leadership is on those guys the lost one I think I’ll be alright with that I
think might be I know my guys just gonna go he’s gonna be like nope got all
demons loose ships it hold even is it so much you’ll be okay these lads lost free
so the leadership is seven so they’re okay they don’t lose any more men right
hmm this is gonna be interesting so what a two wound left on that and
I’ve got some guys to come in right let’s go into Jeanne silikal ten three
rolling for reserves the small unit five they are not on the Magus he’s not on
the rock grinder he’s on be over patriarch he’s on as
well yeah so to you and it’s coming in this turn so the Goliath rock grinders
come on the other patriarchs come on they’re locked in combat can’t do
anything about that he hurt a lot way up there because they can still charge
after they advanced these gene stealers a kind of surrounding this lab they’re
probably gonna be able to do a nice good charge in there making sure because I’ve
put the Magus today actually gives people +1 to hit as well as well as the
pitcher but he only affects gene stealing units so I’ll hopefully be able
to check out the flavors and then be able to take out this guy I am gonna
play my last two come on points this is a psychic fairs so instead of casting a
psychic power our patriarch will do telepathic summoning so role like you’re
swimming in overall 3d six and I bring on a UN it Y you do I’m opening fucking
jeans dealer Eva bar or maybe an event so I’ve got a power level of 10
telepathic summons has allowed a unit of 10 gene stealers to come down into this
flanked here so I’m hoping try and text some of these guys out I’m not sure
personally but there we go right so into my shooting phase which is
not going to be long oh no so psychic fairs that’s count or does him using his
psychic power so he can’t do anything over cuz it’s done telepathic summons
he’s going to try mass hypnosis on these on either seven I’ve got an 8 you can
attempt to deny gonna try and deny yeah this with a 12 damn so enough to trip up
grinder into instead and the Magus is still off the field so I can’t someone I
can’t do anymore powers until he’s here right surely Facebook go I have open
fire actually did some wounds but Mills saved them pistols from that squad over
there into the tank and everything else didn’t really do anything and then this
guy here so we go I have tank he stood still because is now I need in sixes to
hit his Nova cannon is firing over there he’s plasmas as firing Nova varies last
comings firing over there a 2d six shot for the eradicate and overcoming is five
shots needing sixes it’s free hits needing freeze to wound that’s free
wounds of a – of – sir stop one two so two of those go down
I wouldn’t abadan get my be free finger on that’s gonna roll here so 5 plasma
shots needing sixes how’d he get a 1 so I’m down to one ward and I did get one 6 to the room it’s wounded – 3 takes
another one out I’m gonna last comment misses it’s rare down a 2 rakats not bad
okay little bit well fiber pistol needle pistol twos the
world it does ruin but you got a normal save no no she’s out of seven I think
I’ll check tree damage with a needle pistol it’s a free so he drops dance are
fine right I ain’t really got much left so we’re going to be doing some charging
this will be interesting we know what I going to charge in there
we know what we’re going to charge here and he’s going to try and charge both
the Screamers and that heavy weapons team because he can’t
overwatch my warlord it does mean that they’re gonna be loose you want to hit
for that fee right what he’s got any command points to interrupt so we’re
just going to go across the board so all of this slot is going into him there’s 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 they still got score 15 no I don’t think
they’ve lost any casualties 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 today’s vote in 1415 yeah that’s for attacks apiece 15 oh dear that’s what I’m gonna do five at a time
I need to say it because I’m within six of the Magus so Magus gives possible one
to hit for all offer all of units their first 5 you know what I’m gonna
double-check hey do you think I need 5 or 6 it’s a 1-0 second goose and you
invulnerable save on this guy so we’ve got free actually is your normal armor
free plus it isn’t it so I might as well put them all together so so far that’s
five walls needing four sir sixteen wounds please note the
three-second on what five that’s what five one two three four five that’s five he’s gone he’s down right severe
consolidation will be but away it’s about twenty four in my hands and eat
fries with this unit and so what I’m going to do is to leave all three fails
so one two three yeah and then any ones and twos are removed
now these fuckness five because they are quite stronger so I’m gonna require
fives and sixes to mirror eyes and they are not pals and stuff doesn’t get a
plus one can see it so two sixes will kill two straight off
as – think they’re minus four minus three
I’ll check it and then another two patriarchy hitting next needing to all
hip toughness about unity force on the three storm debris rolls so it’s a minus
of free there’d be free damage and that’s a straight three five normal and
one strike three so one’s dead is it for up or final for what he said they were
five up with what it would be unlawful for effort all Demon Lord even fooled
even Ethel demon they’re all follows okay
stop his this patriarch he’s got seven attacks due to his really needing food
to ones needing fries with Lee law so there is two with a massive minus six
and a straight free damage yep so Tuesday Tuesday GD 3 from 3 D 3 right so
first one have all my gangster scot-free one and then that one I’ll just kill
Hollis oh never never so he’s taking out for of also terminated we’ve already
done the morale for that one block that’s in there and he’s still alive
even boys still got a chance to fight back it’s a photo of Emma down and then
they’ll be able to come to salah daily sir i forget to pick one yeah go pick
this one and then they fight same again three against the flavors and then them
free again thanks to three cups of ims two hits one ward and then it’s free for
five attacks against the tank because it’s a sergeant and no wounds on the
sergeant just yours to fight back so you’re fighting back here there
yep havoc he hits he was takes one down I’m a superhuman he has only got one
attacks is about it yeah well we’re assuming we’ll have a look in a minute
and then you’ve got these two attack you’ve got them to attack movies going
for these as well reminder someone to hit because I’m over
Alec alright so he’s hit twice wounded twice
on the patriarchy two-in-ones both fail so he does check for wounds leaving him
down to two it’s not being attacked the old color will be for the sorcerer whoop
it strength for five plus five so you’re gonna need oh no II struck mrs.six cuz
of the relic so you’re gonna need finds not but it mattered 3d free damage of
PCs other in front of walls hey one goes through
for free so ease down to free ones left no it’s a tiny name up and don’t think
I’m gonna be out Tyrese it much longer because these are still in combat they
do get to attack two attacks apiece yeah leaving fives two hits
oh wow it’s a lot of hits but you need to warm freeze toughness system for safe
– so I loose and you’re moving in you need to be R in an inch of an into one
of the flavors all not be able to shoot that’s it
we’ll be able to did that there we go bye Tim I did forget I didn’t either right morale then they’ve lost free it’s
a four or five six seven oh okay streamers streamers Oh fine it’s only if
you’ve got an icon you get models like you know them love it yep they have it
these guys lost four five six seven they lost three have it I’d assume the
leadership paid ah check that because they might believe the ship seven
sergeant Madden leadership eight on topics
yeah Havoc’s leadership without sergeants is seven he did lose both this
is not me rolling it and I lost I lost to Jean Steelers so I can’t fail back
one even if I’m all sick because my leadership is nine and I didn’t lose any
Steelers out of this unit here and they have passed under yeah right so we’re
gonna be going now into turn four right I will roll again short table edge hey
up here this time three so Center over there because it’s one two three four
five six basically seeing but opposite Vinnie yep
I’ll measure up in a minute twelve inches up we’ve got another marker but
that one is still worth two right it’s going to turn four bills are broken off
from there these guys have ran these swimmers around cuz I think they’re an
assault weapon he’s 18 inches salt weapon in yes they’ve stood still if
over units coming on from reserve down there now it’s time for summoning end of
the movement face 58 1313 the only models at the moment he has left is
another free scream escort bring ten blue horizontal it could bring ten blue
horizonte’ wanted to but any would have no would you still have models left when
they start dying yeah sorry faulty so it could bring ten
blue horizonte’ wanted to but it might get waste bought these move sixteen
inches they do nice he’s gonna get doors deployed and we’re gonna be getting into
some more psychic shenanigans it’s the psychic shenanigans has done
off movements gone off the wall odd for myself he’s no more he is gone
psychic to death my arimin and he nearly killed my made us my Primus sorry but
frankly one of these brave boys sacrificed themselves to be right in
front of a powerful ball shop and did lose another gene steel to some smite so
we’re going into the shooting phase now even us if I really really look at this
I’ve got a hell of a lot of models left that can shoot yeah but there’s a phone
box of a cat but via camp they can fire our assault weapons it with a -1 to hit
and of course the flamers can fire their pistols I’m guessing that’s what you’re
doing first yes three or under this and then that we’ll be able to
shoot me all right oh that’s not fair 24:20 about it’s the only free guys left
I’ll tell you what I’ve got right just 27 payroll six that’s five that’s five
at the – wall I’m dead flamers six of the framers can see my picture and he is
the closest so they are gonna try to have a positive meeting fives great
strength oh so you need five to one for you is
that Alright so you need six us to wound you’ve just said toughness five it does
it that one stuff for six all right well you’ve got yeah because he’s got that
relic that makes him applause want to his toughness and wound it does take a
woman no oh no I know it’s a for upon what so he doesn’t take a wound
what’s next answer for that what happening I’d have stood still so all of
them uh stay off still alive ease every six now yep ten still life and the cast
Frisian sana eat it on a week custom two-tone we did I thought they fail did
you feel it they all it’s a it be free used to hit that’s fine still gonna die
probably hell of a lot hits fives to wound one wall then that’s one in one
save no needles go down to so he’s taking the hits but it’s a so it’s a way
to fire at the Goliath rock grinder you can see me can’t see him Bobby to his
every ball to into Vegas oh he’s balsa Oh he did move and move again foster it on
e11 joe’s wound normal and right so if I fail is if a favor save American
allocate countess so normal armor with a mind yeah no alarm is a five up because
it’s possible – one for being on cover it doesn’t it fails it on a four plus I
can take a gene steal it off and sort of him yeah so gene stealer dies instead of
him it’s a is now ready to fire into the
rock grinder two shots every time it’s been really good real
last coming in blue yep needing twos all hey toughness is seven
changing some dice yep I want to change it but we’re not superstitious so yeah right so what they’ve gone through we’re
a minus one so I do get saves against them on the fireball so don’t say if so
that’s gonna be six damage and I can’t save against the last kind and that
causes five I’m going to check rookie construction it’s a six there’s a lot of
life Brian who never survives anymore one that’s a shame it doesn’t matter
about the exploring but there is five guys inside oh you died right that is it
they’ve lost I’m just able to look for charges I’m guessing there might be a
charge over here but they’ve lost so I’m just thinking in morale at me at at the
moment demon Prince is going to charge it aver I can’t stop him from doing
anything on that and that’s it yes of this stuff for three because you
sacrificed them wait three Russ off at all to know you had 15 now you’ve got
twelve oh no I sacrificed to a new shot one that’s why I’ve got twelve so I lost
three so even if they’re all six I still can’t fail because leadership nine yeah
right so charging it and these guys insert give me to them yep fail
I’ll see you doing these guys in – oh good good one
roll to see what see if you get in II can go first okay yeah because it causes
d3 damage wheezes pistol don’t if he does make it yes just want to see if he
gets it gets c6 we’ll check that so these guys bursting game retriever let’s
go first well with these swimmers no I’ll go with these guys okay
she needs freeze to hit doesn’t it let’s go about this horror attacks of all
attacks please to it to choose to wound – sorry after male with bayless saving
throw Savannah can allocate for all I don’t
so he needs good flip do you feel the saving through hey I can spritz that’s
not good no it’s not going in without rate and so
it just dies so then you can consolidate three inches and then they can
consolidate four inches and then Rob a move and then consolidate frames
well three inches three inches will get me we in an inch of them what that’s
gonna be we in an inch in – I’m I can’t talk you but it’s gonna get me we in an
inch of them alright and then these get to mover and it’s fine means you can’t
shoot sir we then go into ongoing so it’ll be him attacking and then I get to
consolidate to room and you get to attack you mullet I know that but you’re
killing your life what you did Ron and Seb demon Prince Hicks he wound right so
we go across the ball so he’s consolidating into there we’ve
had a bit of a discussion cuz Mills didn’t realize that if you move closer
and they consolidate it up you could be attacked so he’s gone that way into the
tank so the tank can attack him in a minute
these are attacking him we’ve got eight guys that can attack for sex piece I’m
rolling this quite needing freeze took us these five new pictures knowing
from the deferred on this is that 36 is any sixes I’ll double check to make sure
we’re minus four we will have a lock and I do need fives and sixes so we’ve got
another four with a minus of 1 so just technology Gimli and that will reduce
knock you down the three and then I’ll go and check all again I got some more
wounds and mills of spray over here to save so we dead blue explored sir I
don’t think so you do no siree goes down and they’re gonna kind of stay still
because if I consolidate I’ve got to consolidate towards this here right
do fish engaged with the tank I’ll just do a roll the tank doesn’t do anything
right so I still got a patriarch here still got these units of gene stealers
and another small squad of guys that still need to know and I’ve got these
adamance as well yeah sure right you’ve watched all your men what’s a lot of men
it’s trying to get hold of those objectives or it doesn’t matter how many
men I lose as long as we hold these objectives and that’s worth two and then
we have to roll again yeah so it could be that it ends on turn 5 it could be
but it ends she won’t soon er than that right let’s
bring in some boys shooting face a couple of pistols into him and nothing
happens so yeah let’s do some charging it’ll go across the board we’re just
going to start with these guys and then move on to him and yeah add the other
we’ve got some charges off down there as well a lot of gene stealers moving it
these lugs here those are for the power picks
I need fours because of your psychic power so to pick hits one rending claw
hit these are strength five strengths six because I’m twisted helix Sonique
freeze so that’s a – for just one damage and that is a minus 2 D 3 damage so boy
that one first and sir that’s minus 4 so yep because it’s only one damage no no
and then that won’t knock you lead well that well it’s a minus 2 so D free
damage so it will be for the farmer no kill one guy and then I’ve got to power
hammers these do need 5 to hit you to the power so do we get a hit these are
strength 12 I do get a wound it’s a minus of 3 and straight free damage yep
salute kill another one for seven attacks from this pitch up because these
the one with the relic and then he needs five spoons
we’ve all so I’ve got one six which is a massive – two six and straight three
damage three wounds and then another one with a minus three and D free damage my
backside great he is locked in combat over there here
we’ve got this slot against the black diamond I’m missing my characters just right so because of the invulnerable
it’s just going to be free warm cert oral say I’m down two and then three
against the vanguard Charmin what’s his armor what’s his infamy for
wounds the vibes met and he asked for it obviously to save one yeah no no it goes
down against Herman I would a plus one strength plus one attack they also got a
free up invulnerable safe yeah I need freeze these are the first five people I
was 12 freeze shit
I roll that one in it and then freeze to wound the music to free anymore sixes
did you roll up I did mr. freeze already so that’s over ten wounds and a free alright every rolled another five so
effective then I got one guy left so because it’s all free op there’s no
real need to do it separately actual this is six seven eight that’s ten and
then that’s five six seven eight for 18 wounds all you up five nine oh yes sir
five threes and threes – so 20 moons on Erina is got is it free
wounds left five sit down to one wheel owns one wound that he’s gone oh this
ship Jimmy Joe Mills fought back with his guy back managed to kill two of the
gene stealers this unit flying weird Monterey’s a monster destroy about has
gone up it has exploded on that dice all over six so their supper – mortal wounds
so they would lose a man which does effectively make them fearless now
terminates fighting back against these I saw a change standing boy needing fries
so hey I need fries they need threes everybody else needs four so it’s only
war well is it for us axes are four swords the normal Kaiser swords but they
ain’t guys an axe so what I can save five up cuz yes them to a – to us – 384
us off to the minus 2 and a minus 3 account safe so against Assad dregg nor
it yes then because they cause D free damage I ignore that on a fireball
because they cause D free damage bought you can Jewish system yeah do them you
don’t want at a time so roll the first one when you – one because of my what we
call it basically – 1 – the amount of damage coming in to them so all the
first one which is a once that’s just one damage and render a ignore and a 5
no such a wound so it kills one that kills one yep and then the next one is
free so that with 2 damage and it does kill another actually lives in / – he’s
at at back with him managed to actually inflict a wound on the paycheck I didn’t
panic them for a second if it’s not threes relic or what I died fives – its
what are the role presence on it’s a +1 today
is the only issue in the previous one for Xuan it might not be thanks I’ve
lost free you will lost too when you fail a test on them you cannot Kenny
because you lose your place I guess five six seven eight I do losing
irrelevant that’s not good oh yeah because your tanks dead yep she
would have got a friend’s consolidation move I can’t fail a new leadership test
there and I can’t fire you can’t tell them any other they didn’t get hurt
never did anybody else apart form like I said veil off too but they can’t and I
did lose one more of the elements the elements are not doing great I’ve not
got a lot left but I am chewing through stuff it’s all a bit Shirley and I’ll be
honest he can start so many more and more he’s got some more of these oh yeah
well see walks right let’s find out where this objective ones and then we’ll
see what happens in this turn sure short is the middle oh it’s gonna be
over there just having a walk of a battlefield
the objective is landed there needles can get it with flow team in and make
sure that no one’s within six this one might end up being a bit of a smallest
boat if I kill all him and this to where then I’ve managed to claim to that’s one
well when this one’s also up for grabs which they had haven’t stopping a last
he can move this unit and this unit onto that to capture it and I am NOT within
six even if I break off I’m probably not gonna be within six if it’s a draw and
it’s two objectives of peace Mills wins so this is where it’s getting to a
crunch time now I always say this and it’s always a good adage to go by but
play pattern yeah you’ve got a plate to waver turn I’ve got a tip me tank off
and forgotten what it’s exploded gone so you play return and we’ll see what
happens they’re still watching combat Mills has
fallen back with this guy but is this gonna flame him to death well he hopes
schemers have gone across most of London their capture but objective about one
screamer has whittled his way up we need to get these painted because it is
annoying me about them on the floor and I’m just thinking a flopping fish this
is where they got them age of Sigma fishing idea from oh yeah yeah yeah
possibly possibly what are these guys on the floor
those guys have spread out Matt I was gonna be really interesting now the
thing is I still need to be able to actually kill lots of stuff and we’re
gonna be going into mills and psychic fairs he’s still got that guy life that
can the psychic powers this guy at left back into psychic powers and he’s got
the odd power on squads as well right answer where you go right bringing you
guys in we’ve got a couple of spikes on their lost two guys lost free Jean
Steelers from against the demon Prince with a smite with ad science or +1 to
hit that’s where I put in it yeah on those and the blue horrors have got an
increase in runner will save to a four plus he managed to summon those blue
hours cuz he hasn’t got any pink ones left so and the Pink’s not really taking
part much in the game ever really but yeah it does mean that he keeps bringing
you in it’s on it has been a little bit of a swine trying to get his you and
it’s down cuz the two units are holding the objectives it didn’t have appeared a
power level four so right go on and sir what you shoot them listen shoot with
ease rubric Marines are gonna often fire into this gene sealer you listen yep roll to wound and I’m gonna check that
psychic power I passed on and I think it’s just plus one strength what’s gonna
tap and I drew a little chat once you’ve all to warn sir Buster wall
know they got eight you got eight wounds ah saf3 lost five that’s bad it’s coming in
3d six shots that’s bad that’s really really bad of all throw hits Springs
before this is something 265 that’s a lot fives eleven eleven eleven five ups
whereas the expendable squad when you need it yeah look he’s gone and he doesn’t
explore it or anything but that’s another patriarch dead check the pink
horrors are in range and line of sight of Virginia’s Leo’s this is not looking
good at all I’ve got a funny feeling this particular turn I will be table
then you forced hit with the hose because it didn’t advance yeah those are
the four pluses on the blues of all that can’t see him yeah strength is which is
strength free yes it’s fine these five are on a saving grace
Oh to know there’s been a report they’re not great but still lost one this move
the shooting we’re gonna be looking at the charge face Nuttall no failed charge
over there but definitely in with his angles which he’s gonna have to do first
because there’s no way of not doing his own goes first so how many attacks there
piece two attacks apiece Stuart’s up to P so think they’ve 11246 yeah 11 loving
light to hit Forster Vaughn’s quite a lot of the time you wonder they’re able to rear or go to
the to Vassar foster wounds – 7 7 5 up save I don’t fit with seven
guys left six guys and guess what our final six
they go down they’ve all gone so it’s down these three poki chirps huh seven
get some ducks here on the ones say good job you do I fail freeze the wound fine hammer time yeah any fives doesn’t hit
and then them attacking back because it’s minus one for a hammer – one – oh
that’s for did hit wounded and it’s strength of 12
– of three so it does mush one person this unpainted and cyclic epic will go
down and then they get to attack so we’ve got two sores left you have me and
the mace of stacking things weird his staff is armed with the stuff that you
can swap well rinsed it the axe missed anyway so I’ve got swords so basically I
just need one need to to wound to any two wounds took this a force you need
foster wound no one’s on a final he’s still are you so this is where it gets a
little bit interest but I’ll be honest right so I thought
back with them so three six nine three sit and five and six two three sixes
which will be you in one another wound stripped off him now let’s take a look
at this but just been having a look if he falls back here that’s within six it
stops our objective I’ve rolled six for him if he goes under there he’s within
six he stops the objective they fall back there get within six of that one
stop your objective the problem is with the rules is if it’s a draw the attacker
wins a minor victory so even if I run around like an idiot
the only thing that could really win it is if he successfully smites the crap
out of him if you advise the only yep so once twelve so get he supposed to be a
bit further up so I cannot succeed it will get you there
so he’s falling back they’ve fallen back to bare so try your smite and then the
smite which is a six you have got people that can deny I’ve got a six and he
stops me so that’s so far I cannot win the game even if I stop everything from
happening but that’s been a good’n Mills has done nothing but summon in a normal
game I won’t do it no I not justify points for pink Cora’s flavors of yours
they’re done quite well as a unit that might be alright
yeah how many points ever points of those particular units we pink auras yep
pink corners are seven points apiece 20 points for a unit of ten that’s good you
your guards fifty you’ve got a barian you’ve got to keep these points to sign
outside your bottle fit outside you know you can deploy them on tabletop if you
want to you can do and then if they die you can try and some of them but you
cannot no chance that I’m lucky reinforcements cause yeah
so you see goods put a hundred and forty points aside have him on the tabletop
and then when the diet tried swimming bucket but you’ve got them at seven
points you’ve got brimstone Horrors at three points each ah yeah cuz when you
die is you gonna have to pay a split so you’ve got to pay for it all so and then
you’ve got your books you blue horrors with your five points so effectively
you’ve got to come up with a hundred and fifty points pay twelve know cuz
10-month unit pink splits into two blue desert so pink splits into two blue and
then those bluey let’s into one standing on each Donnelly
23 points 23 points show model so 230 points 14 colors
yeah maybe not that’s just not Union let’s go to flamers 28 points per model
well flamers have done really really well I’ll be honest slim has moved 12
inch and fiber d6 this explained is that they’re good they’re good I know it’s
only a strength for flammable and the crapping combat but if you get them in
combat and then to survive a turn or yeah they’ll just cook everything the
Screamers 31 points you laughing they’re worth it
they’re nice forced to hit a -3 with two damage I think about where because cops
16-inch movement you’re gonna get you get term one charge are damn pink auras
are expensive pink colors maybe not bothered with but I think everything
else for if it even earn on in a match play game you probably will consider
them I definitely consider the Screamers and the flavors but at 23 points apiece
pink aura yeah I think what is reinforcement cost yeah but it moves six
inches yeah its strength 3 yeah yeah the only upside it’s got is a fall of be
vulnerable so make the only upside it’s got is the fact that it it dissing
degree it’s in two different units it’s a pain in the backside to kill but
because it we’d have to have a look at NF
because I bet some fa Q’s do mention that you include the cost
maybe of the blue and the icons alright if you roll the warning summons d6
pink Korra’s back which I think’s another reason why they’re pretty
expensive maybe they’ve got the assault to weapons in the apples
fives if you advance yeah got a bit of shoo-in they’ve got a four up
invulnerable save yeah but they’re not worth twenty three points yeah well you
don’t have to do it like that you could just basically not put anything in for
some points aside and just have them at seven points apiece cuz then it’s just
been an annoying shoe and it wouldn’t anyways
very good a victory for Mills I don’t win a lot on my channel I know we had a
bit of a couple of us agreements in the rules at some at one point they were
resolved and we do find out what Aaron means no longer dusty they just have a
free open vulnerable save which can actually be very very powerful just not
when you’ve got it took oh I had a lot me no I don’t think five the twelve
minute five attacks apiece yeah but the first twenty five attacks
oh yeah you did yeah and then it took another Corey loss to
his wounds off so one guy to take on thirty-eight Bulls
did all right he did all right to be honest with you I just remember he’s
already done his bluff when he took out a knight on his own
yeah that’s true in a previous game if you ever watched the large battle report
he did take out a knight oh and then he took up in Holly’s Smashing yeah but yes
that was quite funny I’m gonna do when apocalypse comes out guys we will be
having some games hopefully if Craig likes it
persuade me otherwise just persuade me to like you know I’m not giving you
another kick out horse nickers are what everyone know what I I’m not what about
crunchy all right please then describe it’s a play I will
make you know how well is it going to be a is it going to be as good as war
fourth edition apocalypse was her fourth edition apocalypse was amazing when you
charged in realize six and seven thousand points with the rally in your
sweater I’m gonna do wine concealed wine good line just sit up you can’t see
through it so you don’t sure we know yeah hey Imperial Guard Vox caster on my
position massive blasts all of an appeal the remains of an Imperial Guards yeah
we’re older ground first off when you bring in the journey of a time that one
Guardsman with the Vox Custer was the one that was remaining a lot as
everything else around him died burning like 60 crude know all about were
brilliant that was fantastic some of those games me actually because I think
I can still get hold maybe of some of the fourth edition rules it might be
good to doing the comparison having a quick go of the old school for addition we do and also we need record extra
thousand cooks others cord extant up one it’s cherien’s a thousand suns and it
right thanks very much for watching guys please like share subscribe hit the
notification button if you want to see more please be aware all terrain
miniatures apart from sort of a demons on the board and done by root stem coal
at you care and if you want in Commission paint jobs give you
descriptive sounds a bit rude that does its gonna hover to all stem job Korra
you’ll get know that’s just weird I’m gonna leave you

Otis Rodgers



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