December 6, 2019
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WellBeing Victory Wheat Non Alcoholic Craft Beer

what is up y'all Oh deed of NABC here once again and today we have a beer from one of my favorite non-alcoholic breweries on the market right now this is well-beings victory wheat and what this is at least according to this little card here is uh is this the world's healthiest beer it says it's a victory wheat all-natural sports brew it's brewed with the hint of orange has all the nutrition facts on the back so they're marketing it as actually a healthy beer which is a good thing healthy is good I believe this is their wheat beer with orange at it and I think some electrolytes can smell the orange already have any important in the glass yet check it out clear yellow colors got a little uh busy Whitehead on it oh yeah can definitely get the orange out of it got the wheat in there kind of almost reminds me of like a orange rattler a little bit and see what it tastes like it's pretty darn good you get the orange up front and then in the very kind of back end I would get what basically I'd say it basically tastes like on the back end like beer so it's like like a wheat beer with the orange in it yeah I'm doing that it's pretty darn good well-being is actually making its way into many stores right now Total Wine carries an BevMo carries them so if you're interested in getting any of the well-being stuff check your local bammo check your local Total Wine all the viewers are amazing shots out to well-being this is the victory wheat I am doing it the sports brute so now Mike all agree that's healthy I'm down from that all right y'all my name is od'd I'm gonna drink the rest of this I'm out peace

Otis Rodgers