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What do our undergraduate Theology and Religion students think of the University of Birmingham?

I love Birmingham University. It’s such a nice place to be. You have such
good company. You have the best lecturers, everyone’s supporting you. You have a team full of winners and you’re
in it together. The University of Birmingham was always the
top of my list. It’s just everything about it. i love it. UoB’s a great uni. First of all, it’s attractive because it’s
a Russell Group university. Originally I was thinking it would be kind of elitist, not
really loving and caring, not really comfortable. But it was totally the opposite from some
of the other unis I visited which some had a cold kind of feel but, yeah, UoB was very
welcoming. A lovely campus as well. Great facilities.
Lecturers are great. If you’re thinking about coming to the University of Birmingham, definitely,
definitely come and visit a couple of times, just really think long and hard. Meet the
tutors that will be on the course, talk to them about it, ask them any questions. It’s well worth doing. I’m really glad that
I came here. You get a special treatment in this department.
I love this department. I think the lecturers are very friendly. The lecturers are always
on hand. Everyone will help each other. When you are told that you won’t be spoon-fed,
that is right, you won’t. Lecturers expect so much from you and they are willing to put
that effort in for you to reach your potential. Especially this department. Everyone is working
so hard just to make sur that you get somewhere and the department as a whole is very welcoming
– everyone’s very supportive and you won’t be left alone. The jump from A-levels to degree level is
quite hard so having the capability to approach the lecturers is really good. They’re great
with resources – Canvas, Panopto, recording lectures for us. Those are great. Module choices
are great as well, especially from first year, there’s a wide range that you can choose from
so depending on what your strengths are, what your interests are, you can really have a
go and choose what you’d like to study. All the modules are just, they just feel so
unique and they feel so specialised and they feel like all the lecturers, every single
one of them, are putting as much care into them as you would expect from them to do and

Otis Rodgers