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What If Ash Ketchum Had His Own Pokemon League?

Okay so many people have made a video on what
if they had their own Pokemon league so today I decided to twist that idea a little bit
and have a little more fun with it so today I am going to be showing what would happen
if Ash Ketchum had his own Pokemon league. This is just my idea of how it would look
like so yeah, let’s begin! Okay so the first Elite 4 member in Ash’s
Pokemon League would be Max and all the Elite 4 members here are going to have 6 pokemons
and not just 5, by the way. Anyways, I think that Max is a really annoying character in
the anime and that is exactly why I chose him. Because he is going to be the most annoying
members of the Elite 4. His Team is going to consist of Drifblim which
would have Toxic, Minimize, Baton Pass and Phantom Force. The item it is going to have
is Focus Sash. The second pokemon Max would have is Smeargle with Spore, Shell Smash,
Baton Pass and Recover. It’s item is also going to be Focus Sash. Max’s third pokemon
is going to be Scolipede with Defense Curl, Swords Dance, Hyper Beam and Baton Pass. His
fourth pokemon is going to be Espeon with Confusion, Light Screen, Future Sight and
Baton Pass. His fifth Pokemon is going to be Miltank with
Stomp, Attract, Rollout and Milk Drink. This Miltank is going to get all the boosts that
the previous pokemons have got due to the Baton Passing. So yeah, this Miltank is going
to have the boosts of Shell Smash, Defense Curl, Swords Dance and Minimize. Yeah, I really
want to make Max annoying. Anyways, if you somehow manage to defeat this then Max’s
final Pokemon is going to be a Marshtomp with an Endeavor, Rest, Substitute and Toxic. The
item Marshtomp is going to have is a Chesto Berry. The second member of the Elite 4 of Ash would
be Bonnie. Her first pokemon is going to be Dedenne which she would use only to paralyze
your pokemons. How? She would use Nuzzle and then retract her Dedenne instantly once your
pokemon is paralyzed. So yeah, she is only going to use Dedenne for paralyzing. Her second pokemon is going to be Mr. Mime
with Encore, Brick Brick, Taunt and Dazzling Gleam. Her third pokemon is going to be Azumarill
with Belly Drum, Aqua Jet, Hydro Pump and Superpower. Her fourth pokemon is going to
be Whimsicott with Leech Seed, Moonblast, Hurricane and Giga Drain. Her fifth Pokemon
is going to be a Jolteon which makes sense considering that her brother, Clemont, was
a Gym Leader of an Electric Type pokemon and also because Jolteon is the evolution of Eevee,
a playful pokemon, which suits Bonnie’s personality. Anyways, that Jolteon is going to have Shadow
Ball, Agility and Thunder. Yes, Jolteon will only have three moves since it is the calm
before the storm, the storm being Zygarde-10% forme! Yes, Bonnie is going to have a 10-%
form Zygarde which, in fact, will be able to transform into the 100% form when severely
injured. The third Elite 4 will be a team and it will
test your Team Battle ability. They will use 12 pokemons and you will also have to select
6 extra pokemons to add to your team just for this battle because they want to see if
you care all your Pokemons equally or just care about leveling up only your Team more
and more and more. The Elite 4 Team I am talking about is going to consist of Jessie and James
who have left Team Rocket to join the Elite 4 and I know, technically, this makes it the
Elite 5 but I don’t care. Jessie’s first pokemon is going to be Seviper
with Swords Dance, Double Team, Dark Pulse and Poison Jab. Her second pokemon is going
to be Yanmega with Air Slash, Bug Buzz, Bug Bite and Leech Life. Her third pokemon is
going to be Mimikyu with Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Sneak, Copycat and Destiny Bond. Her fourth
pokemon is going to be Gourgeist with Phantom Force, Light Screen, Pain Split and Explosion.
Her fifth pokemon is going to be Wobbufett with Counter, Encore, Mirror Coat and Destiny
Bond and her final pokemon is going to be Meowth with Fake Out, Nasty Plot, Scratch
and Bite. You may ask why I gave Meowth Nasty Plot even
though it only had Special Attacks. Well, that is to show the lack of Pokemon knowledge
Jessie has. Even though she is a strong member of the Elite 4, the thing that holds her back
is her lack of knowledge. However, James does have that knowledge and that is what makes
him so powerful. James’ is a nice strategist and his first
pokemon is going to be Toxapex with Toxic Spikes, Baneful Bunker, Pin Missile and Recover.
His second pokemon is going to be Carnivine with sleep powder, stun spore, sunny day and
Solar Beam. His third pokemon is Malamar with Tackle, Reflect, Psycho Cut and Trick Room.
His fourth pokemon is going to be Cofagrigus with Disable, Shadow Ball, Curse and Dark
Pulse. His fifth pokemon is going to be Victreebel with Vine Whip, Mega Drain and Solar Beam
and his final pokemon is kind of obvious. It’s of course going to be Arcanine and
it should be obvious to you if you have watched James’ backstory. It is going to have Double
Team, Thunder Fang, Close Combat and Flare Blitz. This arcanine is also going to have
a Firium Z because of the bond James shares with this pokemon. If you somehow cross all these Elite 4 members,
you will meet the final one of the Elite 4, who will be Serena! She said that after she
had completed her quest to become the best Pokemon Performer in the world, she joined
the Elite 4 since she had gotten bored and wanted to do something more. Her first pokemon is Sylveon with Calm Mind,
Misty Terrain and Moon Blast. Her second pokemon would be Pangoro with Bullet Punch, Toxic
and Roar. Her third pokemon would be Absol with Sucker Punch, Pursuit, Perish Song and
Knock Off. Her fourth pokemon would be her Delphox with Overheat, Dazzling Gleam, Flame
Charge and Hypnosis. Then she would send out a Weedle which is going to catch the protagonist
off guard and would make them think that her strongest Pokemons have been defeated. The Weedle with just a Bug Bite would be defeated
by you who is sure that she had sent out all her strongest pokemons at first and that is
exactly why you are caught off guard once again when she sends in her strongest pokemon-
ALTARIA! The Altaria quickly Mega Evolved which made you even more nervous about this
battle. A Dragon and Fairy combination was very tricky
and Mega Altaria had a lot of immunities so this would be hard. Serena’s final pokemon’s
moves were Fly, Dragon Claw, Roost and Moonblast. And after defeating Serena, you finally face
Ash Ketchum, the Champion of the “Amethyst League” who is surprised to see that you
have surpassed the hardest Elite 4 members in the world. He praises you for doing so
and tells that you must have a great bond with your pokemon if you have managed to accomplish
much and now, he wants to see that bond! He wants to battle you and he is excited for
it and so, the battle begins. His first pokemon is Pikachu with Iron Tail,
Electroweb, Thunder and Electro Ball and also an Electrium Z. His second Pokemon is Infernape
with Dig, Power Up Punch, Blast Burn and Stealth Rock. His third pokemon is his Sceptile which
he instantly Mega Evolved. It had Leaf Blade, Absorb, Iron Tail and Frenzy Plant. His fourth
Pokemon was Charizard which… also Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard Y. That left the protagonist
incredibly confused since he thought he could Mega Evolve only once in a battle. Ash explained that he had such an incredibly
bond with his Pokemons that he had the ability to Mega Evolve however many times he wanted
in a single battle. It was all thanks to their bond that he was able to achieve this and
become the Champion. Anyways, Mega Charizard Y will have Dragon Dance, Fire Punch, Roost
and Dragon Tail. His fifth pokemon is going to be his Naganedal
with Poison Jab, Air Slash, Acid and Venom Drench. His final Pokemon is going to be Greninja
which would easily transform into Ash-Greninja. It will have Double Team, Rain Dance, Water
Pulse and a Golden Water Shuriken which Ash had mastered to use after his battle with
Alain. And yeah, I know Ash left Greninja but in this universe he gained it back so
yeah, he has it back. After you defeat Ash, he congratulates you
and the league ends right there. Okay so yeah guys and that was my idea of
what Ash’s League would look like and I know that sometimes this video can get a little
boring since it only had me just saying what pokemons people would have and their moves
but it was still pretty fun to think about nonetheless. Anyways, don’t forget to like,
comment, share and of course subscribe and so yeah guys, BYEEEE!

Otis Rodgers



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