January 21, 2020
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Who Can Limit You? — A Guided Meditation with Mooji

[♫Om♫] Mooji Open Satsangs Rishikesh, India 13 March 2015 Who Can Limit You? Guided Meditation from the Satsang: ‘This Light is Coming from Your Heart’ [Long silence] [Mooji:] Just as you
are here like this, you’re aware
that your body’s here. Senses are
functioning, naturally. By themself, they don’t need
any manager. Be aware of this. [Silence] Just the sense
of presence now. Just the sense
of presence. You’re here. I’m here,
like this. Nothing more, nothing less. [Long silence] If any thought should arise, it is only
a sensation, only a movement. You need not follow. You’re the space, the vastness
in which all movements
are perceived. You are not moving, not following. Just you are. You’re not resting, not working, not reclining, simply you’re here. [Silence] And notice you’re not waiting for next; next sensation, next experience. This is not – this is not you. [Silence] [Sounds of
city in background] You’re aware
of the sounds that come and go. There’s nothing
personal about them. They are not
arising for you. Just movements in the field of
consciousness, that’s all. You’re neither doing nor undoing; neither going
nor coming. [Silence] You are
the limitless Self; immeasureable. You did not begin
to be this. There wasn’t a
starting point. There’s no end. There’s nothing
to be afraid of. There is no other. [Silence] You’re not
waiting to become. [Silence] You’re beyond shape. Perceiving time, you’re
beyond time. Perceiving forms, you’re
beyond form. Perceiving activities, you’re
beyond activities. Perceiving concepts, you’re
beyond concepts. [Silence] Yet nothing
defines you nor confine you. [Long silence] Do not hold
onto any image; you’re
beyond image. Do not
combine yourself with any form. You’re not a teaching, you’re not a student. Not master. Not high, not low. Beyond male, beyond female. Like the pure space of consciousness. Timeless; beyond the concept
of timelessness. You’re not imaging this; it is only
being confirmed. You’re not believing this; it is only
being confirmed. [Silence] All ideas,
all concepts, such as growing, evolving, becoming; all these are
far, far from you. You’re neither
starting nor finishing. [Long silence] You’re not delicate. You’re not a flower. You’re not any shape, though all these are perceived in you. [Long silence] You have
no boundary, no edge. Look and
see for yourself. You need not
imagine this. There’s nothing
to study here. [Silence] Feel that
sense of completeness, silent and vast. [Silence] All questions, they come from
the realm of the mind; this is not
your concern now. [Sound of birds
and car horns] Listen to
the sounds that come. Where do they land? Who hears them? Like clouds
they float through
this vast space of pure awareness. [Long silence] And again,
you’re not waiting. There’s no need. [Silence] You’re neither
fast nor slow, neither in nor out. Yet you totally are. [Long silence] Observing
the senses, you’re beyond
the senses. Observing thought, you’re beyond thought. Observing mind, you’re beyond mind. Observing
sensations, you’re
beyond sensations. Observing time, you are
beyond time. Observing change, you are
beyond change. [Long silence] You are your Self
effortlessly. There’s nothing
of your Self to maintain. You cannot
be maintained or contained. You’re not
an object. [Silence] The body is
an object. Observing
the body, you’re
beyond body. Observing moods, you’re
beyond mood. Observing
memory, you’re
beyond memory. Observing
intellect, you’re
beyond intellect. [Silence] Observing breath, you’re
beyond breath. Observing
silence, you’re
beyond silence. Observing space, you’re
beyond space. Yet no one
can find you. [Long silence] The functioning
of perception arises spontaneously and is
going on without your deliberate involvement. Notice this. Yet your noticing is not placed
in any direction; neither north,
nor south nor east,
nor west. You’re neither
above nor below. Like everywhere. [Long silence] In the space
of your being, all manifest appearances, they appear,
they arise, and dissolve in the infinite
space of being. This is
witnessed in you. You have
no color, nor shape, nor design. Be aware of this. Yet you’re also
here in this body, experiencing also. [Silence] You appear to be that
which is changeful, and yet you’re
beyond change. Who can limit you? You appear
to be the thinker, and yet the witness
of the thinker. Who are you? You’re beyond
height and width; weightless. [Long silence] Pay attention
to that space where there’s
no waiting, no expectation, no definition. [Silence] To define is to confine; yet, you’re vast
and limitless. [Long silence] In a few moments, you will hear
the sound of the bell, and it just
indicates that for now this session will close. But eyes open,
eyes closed will make no difference
to your inner state. You did not create
anything at all. [Long silence] What you are
can never be over. [Silence] But what you
appear to be will change. [Long silence] [Bell rings] [Long silence] Om Nama Shivaya [♫Om♫] mooji.tv Copyright 2015 Padham Sangha Ltd.
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