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Wind vs. Word (Trusting God’s Timing) | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

I’m gonna share one verse and then I’m
gonna let you be seated and the verse is actually in Ecclesiastes 11
I have unintentionally been working my way backwards through this passage of
Scripture and I haven’t started a series lately but i’ve unintentionally just been
using these thoughts from Solomon who has us enrolled in the school of wisdom
and he has the right to do it because some people called him the wisest man
who ever lived he was like Elon Musk of the Old
Testament but the only difference between Solomon and Elon Musk is he
wrote his treatise to help us see that if you succeed but you’re not
fulfilled or if you succeed but you don’t have peace or if you succeed but
you’re succeeding it thinks that don’t have real meaning you will come up empty
in the end and so he helps us with that with a few principles from the Word of
God and this one today I want to share is very very simple from the school of
Solomon Ecclesiastes chapter 11 verse 4 says this whoever watches the wind will
not plant whoever looks at the clouds will not reap so I know I told you I was
gonna preach today but really this is more like an announcement of a fight
okay so really we came to watch a fight today and the title of this message is
called wind vs. word in this corner is the wind and his opponent is the word
and I believe this message is for someone today who is conflicted between
the wind and the Word of God and I believe today God is gonna speak to your
heart do it Lord in Jesus name Amen touch somebody say
ding ding amen you may be seated one thing that
is interesting to me and the verse really suggests the same reality is how
when your spirit makes a decision to do something your mind will find reasons
not to do it now now if you decide to do something like
go on a diet your mind will immediately start calculating why it’s not a good
idea to go on a diet now some of y’all are already doing the math well you know
Christmas is right around the corner it’s like months till Christmas but you
already got the countdown timer because it’s easy to find a reason and really
the way that our human minds work sometimes is in opposition to our spirit
which is divine and that’s why you could find yourself even with the Apostle Paul
who lamented one time what I want to do I don’t do what I don’t want to do I do
because often your mind will contradict your spirit and it’s actually deeper
than that because the way this works in daily life is that your heart reaches a
verdict and then gives evidence to support the verdict whether or not the
verdict was true in a court of law this would be a mistrial but in our lives
this is often just standard operating procedure is that we come to a
conclusion and then once we’ve come to that conclusion our mind is brilliant
like some kind of you know $400 an hour attorney to find evidence to support the
conclusion and in so many areas of our lives we find a reason I mean you can
find a reason and this is what Solomon is saying if you look for a reason not
to sow or if you look for a reason not to reap you will find one every time
it’s very true because right now I promise you you can find a reason your
mind can find a reason to complain even though your spirit knows that God has
been good to me how many of you in your spirit you know
that God has been good to you and better than you deserve and yet you could find
your reason couldn’t you I’ll give you one you want one if you just need a
reason to complain I’ll give you a reason right now to complain for some of
y’all is too cold in the auditorium if you just need a reason to complain if
the if the if the praise songs of the Most High God didn’t didn’t give you
enough reason to praise let’s find something for you to complain about some
of y’all this sermons gonna be too long for you some of you is gonna be too
short for you some of you don’t like a preacher in tight britches and some of
you you know you can find one if you need one and it’s really not that hard
to find a reason to complain in fact if we want to go even deeper than that and
I don’t mean to take a dark turn early in the sermon because it’s really good
atmosphere in here and I don’t want to mess it up but if you wanted to you
could find a reason to go into a whole depression if you wanted to think about
a certain problem in your life right now you could you could distract yourself
with a problem that is not in this room to the point that you don’t hear another
word I say this whole sermon because your mind will collect evidence for a
verdict that you’ve already decided on and that’s why when you wake up some
mornings like I do and say is just gonna be one of those days you will find every
reason why it’s one of those days because your heart reached a verdict and
now you sent your mind an investigative search of the support y’all know I’m
preaching in my introduction I’m rested for this message and see even if you
want to try to be tired you can try to be tired if you want a reason to be
tired you can have a reason to be tired right now I mean if you want to find a
reason if you just need a reason you can find a reason when you need a reason and
that’s why it’s a bad idea watch this sharp turn
to sit around watching the weather my least favorite thing about being a
pastor is when inclement weather and by inclement weather here’s what I mean for
church people I’m about to have some group therapy inclement weather means it
could mean that is so beautiful outside that we can’t possibly go to church we
need to take this time to go be outside I’m not talking to y’all I’m talking to
the people who skip church let me look at the camera because y’all are safe
y’all are here right now inclement weather it’s not too cold we don’t have
to go out in the rain it’s not too perfect we’re not missing anything
outside it is perfect Church weather we actually have a little joke on our staff
when it’s just it’s just a little too cold for you to be outside but it’s not
too cold where you have to you know suffer for five seconds before your seat
warmers kick in is perfect Church weather and it’s really hard to be a
pastor especially when they are forecasting you know torrential weather
that may or may not even hit our state and in what’s really difficult about it
and I promise you this is in the text is that sometimes all the milk and all the
bread will be off of the grocery store shelves and there will be no snow on the
ground but it was the it was the threat or I could say it like this it was the
forecast that created fear of something that was never even in our future now
you went to Sam’s and Costco bought out all the batteries and the Sun was out
and it was 77 degrees now one thing that I love about our church is when a real
tragedy happens we’ve already got supplies on the ground in the Bahamas
because of your giving we’ve already got supplies moving toward people
when there’s an emergency and that’s not the part that I struggle with as a
pastor the the hard part is knowing that so many people see my dad used to wake
up every morning and watch the news and he would always I thought this was so
weird growing up he would always cuss out the weatherman and I need to give
you full disclosure because this is very complicated part of my personal
psychology I did not want to be a preacher when I was a little boy I
wanted to be a weatherman I think it was a form of rebellion because I would
stand with my Sesame Street globe and an antenna that I broke off my TV so at the
point at the globe and I would forecast the weather this is like six years old
seven years old and I would forecast the weather in places in the world that I
couldn’t pronounce I liked it I like the ability to predict the future but then
my dad he would cuss out the weatherman and I was conflicted and what made him so mad about the
weatherman was that he understood that even though I respect meteorologists
remember I could have been one if it just gone a little bit different just a
little different path I could have been one but the thing that my dad couldn’t
stand about it was to watch how people would go into a frenzy over something
that was in a forecast and now my dad is no longer living but I just want to say
to him if he’s watching this on a heavenly celestial livestream broadcast
channel that I get it now because it’s frustrating when you’re trying to plan
church and people don’t come not because it’s snowing not because it’s raining
but because it might you know how many things that the devil has kept you from
doing in your life that God called you to do because of what might happen if
you did and a lot of us the enemy doesn’t even have to fight us with real
events or circumstances just even the suggestion of a disaster is enough to
send some of us into a retreat and so just even the thought that what if they
don’t like you is enough to keep you in the house or just even a thought if what
if they break my heart is enough to keep you from extending yourself in
relationship or just even a thought you know many of you are reluctant to get
involved in this church because you had a previous bad church experience and I
understand that because once you have been through a storm I lived through
Hurricane Hugo I was 8 years old when Hurricane Hugo hit trust in Charleston South Carolina it terrified me I didn’t want to spend the night away from home for
two years after that as a little boy because one thing after you have
survived a storm after you have survived bad weather after you have survived
abuse what people don’t tell you about is that even after the storm is over it
still rages on on the inside of you and the saddest thing in the world is to see
a Christian who has been set free by the
love of Christ to know that neither height nor depth nor anything else in
all creation neither death nor life neither Angels nor demons neither the
present nor the future nor any other powers shall be able to separate me from
the love of God that is in Christ Jesus my Lord what I’m trying to say some of
us need to fire the devil as our weatherman we have been consulting the
wrong source to find out what our future looks like and so now we stay indoors
and we stay in fear and we stay in paranoia and we never plant and we never
reap Solomon said because we watched the wind what a weird image you really can’t
see the wind you can only see the effects of it and he says when you watch
the wind you know like is this a good time I’ll give you one this one looks
like to watch the wind cause I was thinking about that phrase watch the wind and I was
like this is not a literal message I’m not using it to talk about physical
storms I’m using it to talk about when the sower goes to sow he wants the wind
to work with him and when the wind is blowing the opposite direction all your
seeds smacks you in your face but you feel like everything you sow just
you ever feel like stuff just backfires on you and you’re trying to be nice to
somebody that’s the last one of those I’m doing I gotta preach this twice
tomorrow I need my brain cells but you ever just been smacked by your own
seed because that’s what he’s saying when the wind is blowing against you
some some of you have had the wind against you your whole life you didn’t
have the right shoes your parents didn’t make a lot of money you had to learn to
fit in you had to learn how to be tough you had to learn how to be hard and you
learned how to survive a storm but the problem with that the only problem with
that is sometimes the wind isn’t even against you but you still feel like it
is because your mind is collecting evidence
in support of a verdict that is no longer accurate so you watch the wind try
to find out what’s popular it’s it’s not popular
I’m a preach this to our students they’ve got rhythm night coming up next next
Sunday night and I want you to talk about this in some form Tim is that
watching the wind is like trying to determine what’s gonna gain you clout
and then you let clout overrule character and watching the wind is
trying to be like oh do they like me do they like me is this what I need to be
to be like that’s that’s watching the wind can I give you another one that’s
watching the wind it’s needing to be in a good mood to keep your commitments
that’s watching the wind because some of my weather systems are internal and I
found out a long time ago that usually the mood that you’re in
when you make a commitment will not match the mood that you’re in when it’s
time to keep the commitment and so to watch the wind is for those of us who
sometimes need to feel it in order to fulfill it and Solomon says the wisest
man the richest man the the man who said that to do things for Vanity’s sake is
like chasing after the wind he uses this metaphor a lot in his in his book
Ecclesiastes the collected teachings which are like proverbs but it’s written
in such a way as to convince the knowledge of the universe and the
futility of vanity he uses this image of the wind why because it is an invisible
force and he says if you are always checking with and consulting how you
feel you will always find a reason to contradict your responsibility so
there will always be a reason watch this that you don’t feel like forgiving
people but if you want to be free you might have to go against your feelings
in order to live in freedom I’m saying you might have to walk against the wind
you might have to forgive against the wind especially in marriage I love Holly
so much because she decided a long time ago that I was the man for her she
reached the verdict on Furtick before she ever took my name as her own
and because she reached the verdict that she loves me and I’m a good man in our
marriage she works to collect evidence to support that I’m the man for her she
could just as easily do the opposite she could she could find 15 reasons well
he’s only 5 foot 9 he’s bigger on screen you know she could find 15 reasons I’m
usually moody three and a half days out of seven she could find 15 reasons not
to feel that way about me but sometimes commitment means facing
resistance with resolve in your heart you can find a reason to leave this
church in the next three days if you want one matter of fact the law of
averages says that there’s somebody on your row right now who if you get to
know them they will give you a reason to leave this church in the next three days
because they will disappoint you with their lack of Christian character but if
you move one person over on the same row I bet you there’s somebody on that row
that loves Jesus there’s somebody on that row
who is honest there is somebody on that row that is sincere but you’ll never sow
well see i’m gonna get my what i’m a do I’m get my I’m a do the tithing
thing but I’m a do it after I get my thing because the thing after the thing is
gonna do the thing and then this thing happened there was the thing and but the
economy but the presidential election you see how we do it
consulting the forecast instead of consulting our faith he who regards the
wind or observes the wind will never sow and he who looks at the clouds will never
reap because it always looks like it could rain any time and you can’t get
the harvest in when it’s wet and Solomon didn’t have a Weather Channel app and
Solomon didn’t have a Weather Channel he’s dealing with people who would
consult the conditions before keeping their commitments watching the wind how
many people have not started what God told him to start because they’ve been
watching the wind been waiting for more spare time I’m a write a book one day
you even keep a journal right now I’m writing a book one day when you gonna
write it I’m a build a cottage in Maine it’s the thing I’m gonna do one day you
got some family land nope it’s an imaginary scenario that keeps you from
an actual opportunity do you see it watching the wind is wishing that you
had a different wife instead of loving the one that you’ve got like Christ
loves the church this is getting good this message is gonna be better than
your beard by the time I finished with it my brother and that’s saying a lot but you know Peter knew something about
watching the wind though didn’t he Peter the Apostle who was always wanting to do
something impulsive sometimes it worked for him sometimes it worked against him
but one thing that you gotta love about him he did not wait for perfect
circumstances to say he didn’t wait until he had knowledge to give his
opinion you ever lived with somebody like that it’s terrible and I noticed
something about God and I wanted to give this to you cause they have these
sayings in church they say well God is an on time God yes he is he’s an on time
God he’s he’s seldom early but he’s never late ask Lazarus if he was ever
late Lazarus he’s about four days late decomposing body worms working their way
into the eye socket by the time Jesus got there and Mary and Martha had set
their watch by it asked Peter if Jesus was ever late ask him ask him if if one
time they did not get sent out into a storm by the instruction that Jesus gave
to go to the other side now this has been really exciting to me as I’ve
studied it this week because the the real thing of faith is do you trust
God’s timing you know that right and that was the test for Mary and Martha
Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life and she said well you know I am the
resurrection and she said well I know my brother’s gonna rise again at the last
day he said no I am the resurrection it wasn’t that she didn’t trust what he was
able to do it was are you able to trust when God is going to do it
you can trust somebody’s intention but not trust their timing and since I
already talked good about Holly in this sermon let me just say I trust her with
my life I trust her to be faithful to our marriage vows I trust her if she
cooks for me or orders from me off of a menu I trust she knows what I want to
eat more than I want to eat she knows me like that I trust this woman with
everything but time when she says it’s gonna be thirty minutes I a lot three
hours because she taught me that her concept of time is different than mine
one is correct one is delusional and I trust her I really do I trust her I put
her in a room full of supermodels men calendar men and trust her in there but
if she said we’re gonna leave in an hour I would set three alarms because I trust
her with everything but time some of us trust that God is gonna get us to heaven
one day some of us trust that he died on the cross for our sin we trust him with
everything but let him not do something at the moment that we want him to do it
let him leave us in the fiery furnace for seconds too long and we’ll be
screaming God get me out of this but God said the real test for a mature
Christian is do you trust me with my timing trusting him in the
meantime is where maturity is developed and Jesus was always doing stuff at a
bad time he was always going to Jerusalem at the time when they all
wanted to kill him that’s a bad time to show up when they’re looking for you to
execute you it’s a bad time 5,000 men women and children show up on the other
side now this is right after John the Baptist I just want you to know how
often God does things in our life at a bad time because some of y’all are like
right now in your life like well this is a bad time for me God and and I used to
have this friend every time he called me on the phone he was so respectful he’d
say good time or a bad time always wanted to know that before he said
anything else and I believe the Holy Spirit is saying to somebody today
good time or a bad time and you’re like this a bad time I’m too old to be doing
this now I’m too young to be doing this now I’m too busy to be doing this now I
used to have a better job I used to have more money it’s a bad time but God likes
to bless people at a bad time he likes to raise people on the 4th day
and when Jesus had heard that John the Baptist had his head cut off by Herod it
was a bad time and he wanted to get away from the crowds so he went over to the
other side with the disciples and when they got there there was a crowd waiting
to get autographs and healing and fish and chips and all this stuff as a matter
of fact when he did the miracle and he feed the feeds the 5,000 the first thing
the disciples said was what it’s late it’s a bad time it’s a bad time and and Jesus
when he took the bread blessed it broke it and gave it to them he did the
miracle at a bad time now I’m now I’m divorced now I’m a
single mom now it’s a bad time for me to be believing God it’s a bad time I
I really wasted a lot of years it’s a bad time for me to be doing this I I
think I made the wrong decision I don’t even think I’m supposed to live in
Roanoke I don’t even think I’m supposed to live in Charlotte I mean it’s a bad
time it’s a bad place that’s what the disciples said they said it’s a remote
place it’s already late so send the crowds
away and Jesus said no I I want to bless them when it’s too little and when it’s
too late because I want to bless you when you think it’s a bad time so I can
teach you how to consult your faith instead of consulting your forecast you
got the wrong weather man you keep watching the weather and so now you live
in fear of everything that could happen and everything that has happened and as
long as you watch the weather as long as you you you keep that wrong weather man
this is what God showed me the weather is meant to be checked not watched when
you see when you sit when you sit around and watch it all day it scares you Oh
everything is good to plan it’s good to make provision but don’t watch the
weather if you watch the weather you’ll get in your feelings and you’ll get out
of your faith and now the wind watch this will work against you to contradict
the word that God spoke to you so this is the point where Jesus after feeding
the 5,000 sends the disciples into a storm and I want to read this to you for
everybody who’s been watching the wind in your life worrying about uncertain
situations that you cannot control I’m not talking about those of you that are
trying to make a plan to pay off your debt that’s good that’s not a lack of
faith that’s uh that’s a presence of wisdom but watching the wind is trying
to calculate something that you can’t control
you are worried your kid is gonna end up dropping out of school and they are
three months old they don’t like Baby Einstein enough yet and you are worried
that they won’t get into Harvard you’re watching the wind
trying to figure out stuff that’s in the in the future now watch this this is
so this is so weird because it says immediately after Jesus blessed all the
multitudes and the crowds and a bad time he made them go into the boat 22 and go
on ahead of him to the other side while he dismissed the crowd so at some point
during his instructions he told them I will meet you on the other side he gave
them his word he gave them his word I will see you on the other side he gave
them his word touch somebody next to you and say he gave you his word no I need
you to help me preach this not look at me with a little a little little Church
face tell him he gave you his word but the challenge is not believing that you
will see him on the other side is how long is it going to be before I get
there he gave me his word that he would never leave me nor forsake me he gave me
his word in this corner weighing in at unlimited pounds hailing from eternity
made flesh by the will of the Father to redeem humanity is the living breathing
logos Word of God Jesus Christ in the beginning what’s the word and the Word
was with God and the Word was God and all things were made by him and for him
for he was with God in the beginning he gave me his word after
he had dismissed them he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray and when
evening came he was there alone but the boat was already a considerable distance
from land buffeted by the waves because why the wind was against him and his
opponent raging on the storm-tossed sea the wind and we came to church really
today to find out which one’s gonna win the calling that God put on your life or
the circumstances that contradicted your faith or your fear the wind versus the
word the Challenger you ever watch MMA sometimes I like to
preach the word and then watch people beat each other half to death on
Saturday night sis saw a recovery method it’s kind of my own spiritual
cryotherapy but the Challenger and then and then you
got the undefeated undisputed heavyweight champion anyway I’m gonna
get back to the text because it said the wind was against the bow and the boat
did not represent disobedience like it did for Jonah who was going away from
God they were going into their assignment which led them into a storm
which meant that they had to keep moving forward against the wind now if you
watch the wind you’ll never set out if they would have had a Weather Channel
app they would have never gotten in the boat sometimes we know too much
sometimes we overthink things who’s this message for if you are a chronic
over-thinker you are a wind watcher well I might get a flat tire they’ve been
doing a lot of construction I don’t know if I should take this job or not so dear he verse 25 the fourth watch the
Romans divided it up into four quarters alright 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. for
watches three hours each 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
first watch 9:00 p.m. to midnight second watch midnight to 3:00 a.m. third watch
and when does Jesus show up I mean this dude is that disrespectful to call him
that he was fully God and fully man and he shows up not the first watch of the
night second watch third watch what I like about
the text is even the term watch has significance because if you remember
what I just read you it said that he went up on a mountainside to pray now
the sea was situated well below the mountain which means that as they went
through the storm even though he didn’t stop it he saw them in it I want you to
be encouraged today my sister my brother my fellow child of God just because the
storm is raging doesn’t mean God has left the scene and just because he
hasn’t stopped it doesn’t mean he doesn’t see it and just because the
devil started it doesn’t mean he won’t use it and just because I don’t know how
long until we get there doesn’t make me doubt his presence in
the middle of it he was watching the whole time he knew just when he wanted
to step in so they could see him as he had never been seen and I believe God is
speaking over somebody’s situation today that his eye is on you I believe that he
has numbered the hairs on your head I believe that even the bad things that
have happened in your life he kept every tear in a jar and I don’t believe that
one of them is beyond redemption now the Bible says that when it got to the last
watch of the night after they have rolled four to five miles in their own
strength Jesus went out to them walking on the lake when the disciples saw him
walking on the lake they were at peace nope first when you see God you’re first
responses fear you don’t know if this is really him that’s the problem I don’t
know if this is God or I don’t know if this is the devil or I don’t know if I’m
supposed to do this or I don’t know if I’m supposed to do that and the
challenge is trusting God in uncertainty and you got to believe that the
disciples were wondering did we hear him right did he really say get in the boat
surely he wouldn’t have sent us into a storm like this and now enters the
mythology that the Jewish people would have believed at this point that
underneath the sea was controlled by an evil spirit
so when Jesus comes walking to them and they can’t fully trace his silhouette
because it’s still dark and because it’s foggy and the wind is against them their
first instinct is it must be a ghost see you keep thinking when God shows up in
the situation it’s gonna feel better all of a sudden but this will blow your mind
the Bible doesn’t say they were scared at all until Jesus shows up now you see
why you can’t go by your feelings sometimes the moment when he’s closest
it’s the same moment when the wind is blowing the strongest so they were they
were terrified it’s a ghost they said and they cried out in fear now Jesus
instead of rebuking them for their fear responds to their initiative and he said
remember this is a significant term Yahweh I am the name of God it’s a it’s
a name that Jesus embodied in flesh God is that in spirit but Jesus shows us
that in flesh and when he says take courage it is I it’s more than him just
saying it’s me boys he’s identifying his presence and connecting it to the
eternal God and the eternal word when he speaks it is I don’t be afraid
Peter in equal parts doubt and equal parts curiosity cause he just got to
participate in a miracle of feeding 5,000 is like I want to get in on this
one too and I’m tired of being in this boat with John he gets on my nerves he
doesn’t row you know John was laid-back and Peter’s like if it’s you get me out
of this boat tell me to come I preached this for a long time the wrong way and
I’ve corrected it since I used to say that that Peter walked on water but if
you look at verse 29 Jesus said come and then Peter got down out of the boat and
walked on the water but he was really walking on the word i’ma just ask you something this is not
a preachery question have you ever had to just walk through something just on
sheer faith that if God brought me out here he will not leave me now that’s
what it means to walk on the word have you ever had to move towards something
in your life that scared you to death and you don’t have any experience for it
and your nautical knowledge did not prepare you for this incident but all of
a sudden the sea became a hardwood floor underneath your feet with each step
that’s what I mean by walking on the word have you ever had to take a promise
from God’s Word and just hold on to it for dear life a promise for someone that
you love who’s sick a promise for provision when you don’t see where it’s
coming from a promise that that God is going to fulfill his purpose for your
kids and even if you don’t know how it’s gonna have you ever had to hold on so
tight to something in the fourth watch of the night that’s that’s what I mean
by walking on the word and Peter is walking on the word but he’s walking
against the wind and so are we see Jesus didn’t stop the wind he gave the word come he said that’s no more instruction
than you give your golden retriever come and maybe a Golden Retriever is smarter
than some of us cause a golden retriever doesn’t question the master
but yet some of us the first trace of wind the first trace of disappointment
and I always thought Peter fell down walking to Jesus because you know he
gets out their a little ways and most of us do we get out their little ways and
we ingrained a habit for a little while and we go in a new direction by faith
and trust God for a time but at somewhere during the process the Bible
says that after Peter had walked on the water and came toward Jesus verse 30 he
made a critical mistake he saw the wind which one is stronger the word or the
wind I want to say it depends which one you watch
I want to say that the wind did not have the strength to knock Peter off of his
feet the only reason he went down is because he took his eyes off of the word
and started watching the wind see faith is not an imaginary state where I get
myself worked up into a delusion like nothing’s ever gonna go bad again and
then I’m surprised when bad stuff happens faith is a focus faith is the
ability to say I’m putting my eyes on the goodness of God in this moment and
I’m not looking back and I’m not looking forward and I’m not looking around my
mind has already reached the conclusion God is for me God is with me if the
wind be against me if the world be against me if all hell’s power nails him to
a cross in three days he will rise because my faith is focused on the Word
of God that I’m walking toward and I want to prophesy over somebody today and
declare over your life the wind doesn’t have to stop for you to keep walking
toward Jesus and the situation doesn’t have to get better for you to see the
glory of God I’m telling you what I know if everything goes worse if everything
gets crazy if everything rises up against you God is an army God is a
second circle God is an ever-present help in the time of trouble and if your
life is built on the foundation of his word there is no wind that can rage
against you that can shake it off because I’m I’m not walking on water and
I’m not watching the wind I love how the Old Testament prophet Elijah he went up
on this mountain and there had been a drought in the land for like three and a
half years and he heard something he heard the
sound of the abundance of rain he heard a prophetic indication that God was
about to send blessing on the land again so he did something that looked weird is
that he he put his head in a prayer posture by his knees and he sent his
servant to go look to check and see if there was anything at the sky now when I
read that passage I thought how at that point if Elijah had had looked at the
weather if he would have looked at the surface of his situation or if he would
have consulted what he felt or what he saw he would have lost his faith and
that’s why he knew you can’t watch the weather you can’t spend all this time in
your life look man the reason that you’re stressed out might be over stuff
that is a hypothetical scenario that the enemy suggested to try to get you off
track because he knows if you walk on this word no wind is strong enough to
knock you off your balance you’re in a situation right now and it’s wind versus
word and the one that is going to win is going to be the one that you focus on
and you can’t afford to be doing like this to see if this okay to serve God
look I can give you I can give you 10 reasons right now why you could question
if God even exists we could all do it we see horrible things happen all the time
I could give you 10 reasons but see I know that he is with me and so I I’m not
I’m not collecting evidence to see if he’s with me I already know he’s with me
because how would I have made it this far if he wasn’t how would I have life
or breath or grace I know he is and I just want us in this moment to be very
sure that if he has spoken it that nothing you can see in your situation or
nothing that you can see look your eyes are tricky
your ears are tricky your senses are tricky when he saw the wind when he
trusted his senses he slipped your faith will always slip when
you start consulting your feelings it always slip we just want to take a
moment and do what the disciples did when they got back in the boat really
interesting little phrase that Matthew puts in the gospel that he says that
after Peter sank and Jesus helped him back up you know Jesus says it’s so
gracious he he doesn’t hold him under water for 15 seconds so he’ll learn the
lesson real good you know that view of God that you grew up with that said that
he was just looking for an opportunity to punish you and nah he was right
there to catch him go go gadget arms or something like that he could do anything
and when he asked him the question why did you doubt verse 31 the answer was
the wind he doubted because he lost focus and focus is about what you choose to
look at it doesn’t make anything go away it just redirects your attention to what
you need to be thinking about what you need to be looking at what you need to
be considering so when they climbed into the boat the wind died down
the wind didn’t die down so that the miracle could happen in fact the wind
was against them to prove that God’s work was greater than the wind so let’s
just take a moment right now and clap our hands that the wind may be against
me come on I’m gonna need you to stand up and worship for a moment to get back
in the boat and worship Him that he is God in this storm by your stripes I am healed with one
touch I am made whole you have spoken thats the word you’ve been in a storm lift your hands by your stripes you have spoke and I know that It is so and in the storm you are peace and you’re love won’t let me go you have spoken and I know that it is so I want to pray in this moment with your
head bowed and your eyes closed for those of you who have been working
against the wind I understand that the nature of life is that all of us will
face challenges in any 24-hour period and so it kind of depends on when we
catch you but what I mean is that you’ve been in a season where like Solomon says
you’ve been watching the wind instead of remembering the Word of God and focusing
on the things that he’s placed in your life to help you you’ve been thinking
about things that that didn’t happen or might happen and it’s just got you
watching the wind I want to pray for you right now father in the name of Jesus I
lift up every wind watcher to you because we’re meant to be word Walker’s
not wind Watchers and we are meant to believe something deeper than what our
eyes can see and so I pray today that as this word that you gave me in my own
personal time with you has gone forth to them that they received it on the level
that they needed it that they received the word that they needed to walk on in
the coming week and they might just have to walk on it one moment at a time one
step at a time one moment at a time because I can’t see and because I can’t
feel but I’m walking on the Word of God and so I will survive because he gave me
his word and I will make it because he gave me his word and I will do it
because God is not a liar and I will see it on the other side because the god I
serve has never failed come on let’s lift our voices in praise
and worship and thanksgiving that he is God that he is lord over
every storm come on let’s give him worship give him worship above the wind
give him worship above the warfare give him worship thank you for watching the
Elevation Church YouTube channel don’t stop here join the Efam our online
extended family and join us live every Sunday subscribe to this channel so you
don’t miss a single video or livestream and share this with a friend you can
also support the ministry by clicking the Give Now button to help us continue
to reach people around the world for Jesus Christ thank you again for
watching God bless you

Otis Rodgers



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