February 24, 2020
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World UFO Day Broadcast | Spirituality, Light Beings, Angels and UFOs | Todd Medina | TruthSeekah

truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised – a simple decision see faintest and when I don't be won't you come you are now locked into the to think about gaming live at Utica calm to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual and now your own truth seeker ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I'm your host true seeker this is the truth seeker podcast excited delighted to be with you guys again today we've got an awesome show plan for you why today is world UFO day so yeah we get one day a year to really go into this topic and we're we're honored for our UFO encounters and experiences and we're acknowledged by the rest of the world one day this is us this is our day baby we're gonna make it count I want to hear about your UFO encounters in the chat if you've had any if you believe in them do you believe I had a buddy of mine text me yesterday shoutout to david mchenry text me yesterday he watched the bob lazar interview with joe rogan bob lazar just put out a documentary on Netflix about his UFO investigations and experiences and stuff like that and uh he said Derrick I'm still not a believer well I don't know what what is it what's it gonna take usually as someone having their own encounter someone seeing anomalies in the night sky seeing lights that are outside of our atmosphere flying and you're staring at it and you're saying well I think that's a satellite there's a satellite right you see them all the time looks like a little piece of rice going across the night sky but all of a sudden it stops on a dime wow what is that I didn't know they could stop they stop and then they change directions and then another one comes out of it and goes another direction and then your minds blown and then it leads you to documentaries then it leads you to Google UFOs and then you saw googling the work of maybe dr. Steven Greer maybe james gilliland like myself David Wilcock and you start finding this stuff we started going down the rabbit holes and and then you start recording rap music about UFOs and having your own personal encounters and experiences and going out and stargazing and just having your mind blown that's what we're talking about happy world UFO day everyone we're gonna get it in today's guests is Todd Medina we're gonna talk about his experiences here in a little bit and how it relates back to spirituality but first I can't go any further without saying a huge thank you to all the patreon supporters you guys are the enablers who enable me to continue to keep going and do this to the extent that I'm able to do it and greater so if you want to support head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker there's many different levels of giving anywhere from $100 a month to $1 a month and you get perks for every level we have Thursday evening school of the Mystics we have the Sunday morning seer class you get all of my music everything that we talk about on this podcast – UFOs the spirituality Christ consciousness Jesus like all of this stuff it's in the music so if you haven't experienced that make sure you go check out my music I just put out a new album yesterday it's an EP entitled the ESP EP extrasensory perception so going into some of the details about how the mind works and how we here perceive and receive the voices the impressions empathy all of that stuff and how it works together within our spirituality and a lot of people are tapping into these abilities and don't even know it and I did an album on that if you want to get access to that my entire discography there's 200 plus songs all available at my patreon I'm going to give a shout out to some of the latest patrons within the last week or so shout out to Dylan Mason shoutout to you brother thank you for coming on board shout out to a special thank you for the diamond body supporters here Sonny whore ass bless you my brother thank you for believing in my work and Adam brink you guys are amazing thank you so much and so there's a bunch of new stuff that I'm just dumping over there I'm on patreon some courses that I'm getting ready to release almost done with two books that I'm writing I'm just been knocking that stuff out all it's gonna be available so patreon.com backslash true seeker that's out of the way today's guests again you may know him from such places as your local Facebook group Tod Medina welcome to the podcast my brother what's going on man this step right and early in the Hawaii five o'clock in the morning to meet with you it's five o'clock somewhere bro yeah that's right in Hawaii actually yeah I'm good I'm very good I'm honored to be here getting up at 5:00 in the morning you know there's some things I like to wake up early when I can you know 4:30 5:30 to get up and start writing beat the family up beat the Sun up even you say you're looking out the window and it's just black right are you and people like knowing the way I'm waking up that early and so we wake up early on the weekends and go shoot basketball with some some brothers and people I know I'm sleeping in and I just I just remember going back to my job like I used to have to get up at 1:30 a.m. to go into a job that I hated that I loathe that I despised right but I did it I got up at 1:30 2:30 in the morning to get up and go to work and I did it was very tired so now when it comes to doing something that you love getting up at 5:00 5 o'clock in the morning 4:30 whatever it's no thing you get up and you're able to do this for a living and you love it right so you know you've spent time the majority of your life getting up doing things that you hate it why not be able to do it and wake up start the day early to do something you love and to bring something to the table right that's right that's right on man absolutely I don't mind that at all I've been looking forward to this for sure man so again like I said world UFO today I want to talk about UFOs light beings it all ties in right it doesn't have to specifically be about that but it has something to do with the the consciousness of the planet the greater good of humanity what these things are that are going on in our night sky that if you want to you can go out there and have your own encounters there's ce-5 initiatives contactor v con where you actually go out and make contact yourself I tie it into the angelic and all of that stuff it's the same thing for me what does uh before we get into your experiences just kind of give some people just a little bit of background just about who you are what you bring to the table well I'm involved in the co-creator of a group or an energy called a group an organization it's an energy called stolidly GG is something that was created essentially in the non-physical and this side put together you know we put together after experience a lot of things physical non-physical some of the stuff that you're gonna bring up and so on but but basically I would put it to you this way that that my beloved partner my wife and I had an experience probably two months ago where we were consciously every night when we go to bed we put our palms together and we see what happens right and so we we went into what I would call monad of about 22 other people we were pulled in we were pulled in consciously for the first time in 60 years as we were told I'm 57 we were pulled into this monad we were told that we we were conscious 16 years ago when we made the decision to come down here and do the work that we're doing it's been carnate actually incarnate point being is that that led me to understand that this energy called soul-g was created before I was born physically and and basically there's some proof of that there's some validation there's some synchronicity for instance I was given the name Sol G on her birthday in 2012 and I wouldn't meet her till 2015 that that energy Rd the name was given to me by the consciousness or the face of the universe Archangel Michael a face of the universe I don't know how that stuff works either you know but basically solji's an energy that's grown over eight years we've done a lot of different things but our prime very focus is broadcasting about three shows a day pretty much every day we've done about 1200 shows today probably 3500 total productions that have involved video and we talked to people all over the world about their experiences our belief or our understanding as a result of it is that the highest transmission is downloads channelings come from conversations such as this where we speak is tuned conscious divine being open vulnerable raw real and talked about everything including what we're going to talk about today man that's so powerful and I see the numbers behind it right that's always good there's a lot of people who were just starting out and they'll they'll livestream and they got you know one or two people watching and they just kind of feel like nobody's really listening and it's kind of a place that you have to kind of start out of from like consistency making sure that this is not just what you want to do but maybe this is what you're called to do and you're doing this and for a reason sharing the knowledge and information and there's something about it because the information resonates with people like there's always numbers when you go live I see how many people watch your episodes they're gonna you know I'm saying we share the conversations it's touching a lot of people they'll let you know that I don't think you've convinced anybody of anything but you're letting people are they've had their own encounters and essentially what you're doing is just vocalizing their experiences and now they found like this common ground with you and they believe in in the message and and it's kind of just as big Network it seems like man talk a little bit about the power of networking and coming together with other people to do that yeah yeah I you know we we have hard numbers because we're really only represented at this point on YouTube and Facebook nothing against those matrix constricting vehicles because god bless them you know but because of our inability to gather all the metrics with the primary Facebook issue I can only go with these never in 65,000 which I'd say about 60 to 65 percent of the people are engaged every week which is a lot we're talking to 40,000 engagements of the people that are that our document it is following but there's there are some metrics that I've had a chance to get ahold of and then they've been taken away which tells me were probably reached about a million and a half people a week of which about 25% engages so there's a lot of people coming through the door as far as the networking goes I mean if you look at the literal physical physicality of it if you look at the human I need part of it you'd have to stick with the numbers I just gave you if you look at the the etheric or the non-physical to include what I've received information I've received and such the network is huge there's been many many groups that have I don't want to say been born but maybe been been born out of the creativity and energy of so leti has been shows channels that have been spawned by it and as I understand it in my communication with the universe this is point this is the objective it's not about notoriety it's not about you know fame credit fortune and all that it's about getting the word out and I think what you're saying is a very good point we don't have a dog mythology we don't have a doctoring it's all about the truth and everybody's truth is relevant but you know how the truth is what's true today you can wake up tomorrow and there's a hot there's a higher truth it doesn't make you a liar or the universal large this means there's a higher truth so yeah I'm a real big proponent of the spontaneous intuitive creative imaginative and courageous and and that means in the moment in the moment is is really where our most powerful opportunities to fulfill our potential and to create further expand this universe is in the raw and the real especially in this time and this time and in space that we're all in because regardless of what you Oh or what you believe to don't believe we're in a very special time very very special time and the last thing I'll say about that is a I think there's I think we're at a point where the consciousness is reached that we can stop looking at all the sensationalism and all the conspiratorial stuff I'm not saying that doesn't happen or didn't happen yeah but we are the power we are the power and so we need to stop giving it away that may sound like preaching but we have the power we are divine human beings and ain't nothing can stand in our way less me in that power but I don't care if it's physical or non-physical that interdimensional multi-dimensional no dimensional whatever yeah thank you for letting me share that yeah yeah sure man I know we talked a little bit about that when I was on your show a couple a couple weeks ago and we talked a little bit about that it's like I'm not saying that that stuff doesn't exist but you get you have to I mean you only have 24 hours in a day right and you have to pick and choose what you want to give your time and attention to and in this I think there's levels to this as well you know starting out when the truth movement you know all the other fellow truth seekers out there like sometimes it is the government stuff sometimes it is the conspiracy theories that wake people up they find a conspiracy theory that pulls them down the rabbit hole and then they're fun a lot more that tie into it and then it just becomes overwhelming and some people have actually dedicated their life to it and that's cool if that's what's called them but for a lot of us I feel like it's levels especially when it comes to the government or politics or whatever you may get in through that but then like I know people who are like doing protests and marching and all that stuff and like you usually find out that hey this it's not really working what seems to be working instead of shaking my fist at Parliament shaking my fist at the government and that Trump and all of these people doesn't really work and these marches aren't working what is working is when I quit trying to change the world but I start with myself let me change myself let that expand out to my family my friend and let that expand out to their families and their friends and essentially goes back to the scriptures and Jesus said like once you get the holy spirit you start at it was it um Jerusalem Samaria and in the world you start at home you branch out a little bit further and then it has a worldwide effect so instead of trying to change everybody else start with yourself spiritually morally consciously and then in in the midst of that you're changing the world right I agree 100% you start with the circle it's closest to you you know and in the circles I run in people talk a lot about divine marriage divine union within yourself where you marry the masculine feminine within yourself I mean there's a lot to be said for that that's been written about for thousands of thousands of years but anything that's been written I have to question and you know everyone's got to make up their own mind but yeah aside from any any infinities people have for this version or that version of this version of that version the bottom line is it's about self-reliance we are they took from the Bible made in the image show me a progeny in the universe a child in the universe that isn't made in the image of their parent you know I mean so why you know either accept our divinity or we don't accept our divinity but absolutely we wanted to say with all respect that yes there's many people many people have been on your show that are out there doing doing what they feel they need to be doing and they did wake up a lot of people they did help a lot of people to discover their own begin to discover their own spirituality their own divinity their own truth because I guess it's all the same thing and so I think they should be commended and as we all should be commended for showing up here in this inhales heaven as I call it because you know a lot of people talk about freewill I think our freewill the most important part of our freewill is the one we exercise when we chose to come down I think we chose to come down here I think we're also selected to come down here and you can call that from an angelic order a galactic order and all the above that's known and not known I really don't know but but yeah I think big props to anyone and everyone who can put as many frequencies together out there and create an ever-expanding vibration what I mean by that is get the camera out turn on the audio rap dance poetry speak commentate whatever it maybe put your truth out there from your heart don't look back because other people will pick up on it they're conscious mind may not get it but their soul will hear it and that's how we're kicking this consciousness up around the world that's what's up I mean that's light language anyway because you're speaking to the soul of the person I choose resonates and from the you know I'm saying Jewish a Kabbalistic standpoint knowledge is is light light language and speaking that out and it speaks to the soul of the person versus to the in intellectual mind it speaks to the soul the first time I seen you I think you were actually doing music you were going live in and freestyling and then singing and playing the bass and all kind of stuff and I remember those days that's where I first seen you at man talk a little bit about the music and stuff of going live doing that well I when my journey started eight years ago my world turned upside down like a lot of people's did a lot of people who come on the show tell the same story then as successive traumas anyway long story short I went I went homeless by my own choice for two years and and I just went into a constant communion I was given the name Sol G and like I said on my wife's birthday but four years before I'd meet her I started communicating with certain phases of the universe six ascended masters three spirit guides for Jesus and Magdalene with the mainland's and I was told to write so I just started writing that little flip phone and I did that for two years and I came off the screen about a year and a half I did means you know I did image graphic graphically altered images with the words written in it about 1,200 of those and then one day I was told I was living in a house at this point and I was living in a townhouse and I was told one day told you one Studios and I'm like what is that and they're like just go make a studio downstairs so I did so I've been writing a lot of prose and poetry and I just made it up as I went you know I I would turn on some music and I would just start to recite and then after about six months I did I did my first what I call soul speak music video and and then about six songs into it I did a little rap and then about 75 80 songs later there's all kinds of variety in there but I like I like to all of them are one-take pretty much there may be four or five of them but it's not my main focus I mean I love it very much I think everybody should find a creative outlet I look at it this way soul-g is a network each person is a spoke in the wheel each group eats show and in soldier one studios it's my contribution my creative artistic contribution to soldier the network that's it I'm just one of one of the eight billion you know yeah man that's awesome like I said you've done you said over 1200 shows now podcast discussions whatever you want to call them long-form discussions right they're not they're not usually 30-minute episodes are usually pretty lengthy that consistency it's a great word right when I started being consistent with my music or being consistent with the podcast right it was sporadic for years I'd do three episodes I'd go steady for two months and didn't stop for three go steady for another monster stop for six do two episode and it was just sporadic over the years until it's like you know what this is what I want to do now I go to my podcast page and I mean I make all the images I got a really cool image of you that I made as well this you know I'll make all that stuff and it takes time and effort but it's consistency I can easily take your picture throw it up there hey this is the guy check it out but I go and do a lot of depth on that stuff and I take take honor and into artwork and stuff now I just go to my podcast page and I scroll down and I'm not at twelve-hundred I'm about 240 or something like that I don't know as I scroll down I'm seeing all of these images and seeing these peoples names and remembering like oh my goodness man I've got a collected catalogue now of beautiful conversations with people from all walks of life all backgrounds the same with my music you know I've got 200 songs you gotta start somewhere you got to stay consistent and keep keep pouring into what you believe in and that's just a message for people man whatever you believe in whatever a message has been given to you find a vehicle for that and just be consistent you know stay with it the you know and I always have to stress that because us ask creatives write us as being people who are very empathic and were able to receive inspiration and things like that I believe we're made in the image of that creator right and who is a creator in and of himself he creates things and so we're just like our father oh we're just like our mother who creates and so now we have this knack to create and we just want to create all this stuff right but it's you have to be focused you have to like say okay this is my mission this is what I'm gonna do and it's so easy to get sidetracked hey let's do this and you get sorry and you forget about the first thing that you were committed to so returning to that and staying focused and staying consistent is the only way that you have a production and in a podcast and interviews where you can look at it now and you've done 1200 shows and I do I usually do two a week now and have some other stuff we do with the community as well but I do two a week and I feel like that's a lot you know you do like three a day and I'm like the amazing thing is is that so my wife came over it's like mid 2017 to check me out basically he followed a hired guy that's we've been seeing to the club but she came a year later which would have been about a year ago about a year ago she came and we ended up getting going through divine conscious union ceremony a marriage by us human standards but she took over the kind of the producing role and she lines lines people up and it sounds very simple but it's not oh yeah there's a symmetry yeah yeah there's a lot of hey you know working thus coordinating but more than that there's a symmetry of the energy that's presented and so the interesting thing is and I just realized it's because I remember when our fourth hundreds show happened and our fourth hundred show happened when she came over last summer and I would have said we probably would have been that closer to three hundred shows when she stepped in the door and I believed in May of 2018 the hands-on become an equal force in what we were doing and so that would mean that we did about 800 to 900 shows in the last 12 months that ought to tell you the kind of volume but all I have to do is show up get in the chair which which is it which is challenging at times you know because of all of the things that are occurring energetically around the world and how that affects this people to talk about plasma I don't know the terms photonic light this and that and you know I don't really give I don't care I'm just did I known self be true in my own space and yeah what you said earlier but yeah so it's a yeah I agree with you I think I think the consistency helps a lot it also helps a lot I'm very blessed to be in a divine partnership you know because when you have when you have one person that's receiving I know you can relate to this mm-hmm I know actually you can relate to both because I know your story because you told me your story but you know when you're one person and you're hearing things you know you're hearing things and you're seeing things there's always that hey man am I crazy did I see that you know but when there's two people yeah you're being addressed together then it becomes a little bit different and then of course you get into venues forms like this or like solji so speaks 5d and you start to actually that two or more becomes an exponential explosion of when you refer to earlier truth you know yeah it helps man it really does because yeah i think a lot of it starts by yourself throws like the inner work right and then with other people get to come in and share in that with you it helps and so it helps for me because like i listen to podcast like joe rogan or some of the people talking about DMT in the third eye DMT being released in the in the brain and you're imagining these things yeah you're imagining them but then when two people are having the same encounter like hold on how will we both imagining the same thing that's happening you know what i'm saying yeah yeah and i and you know on that note and i love i love what we what you do what i do I listen to Joe Rogan sometimes I'll listen to other talk shows but I think is as far as any any certainty absolute and I'm just using this as an example DMT for example I don't think anybody knows what the hell they're looking at the only thing that's important is what they know they're looking at but I think that's a very good point what you make that if if let's say and I've done DMT and let's say that I imagined the whole thing how do you explain to people who go to bed every night class their palms together through the direction and instruction from the higher aspects the higher realms God got a source whatever you want to call it how do you explain them having the same experience at the same time to include their audience clairsentience the visuals at the whole nine yards some she might see more than I do or vice versa and we've still had obviously had experiences on own shoot his both have been documented you know much much mind we'd like to choose a little more secretive yeah so how do you explain that yeah that's that's the beautiful thing cuz it even ties into the UFO encounters and UFO experiences so again I'll listen to Joe Rogan and they're talking about the UFO experiences oh you're just having this secretion of DMT to the pineal gland and it's creating this spiritual experience for you okay that that accounts for you maybe but what about all the other people experiencing the same thing with you even I like to talk about this notice in their Terence Mckenna you know talking about psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelics and things and he says that concerning the UFO community in the 70s right seventies early eighties he said what we in the drug community or the DMT psychedelics community have over the UFO community is we have repeatability we can consume DMT smoked ayahuasca and then go and meet with these Machine Elves if you will beings whenever we want but you and the UFO community are just kind of left up to chance for the experience right this something that Terence Mckenna said back in the day but now we have something because of the work of dr. Steven Greer because of the work of James Gilliland coining the term ce-5 close encounter of the fifth kind we know the fourth kind is when you get abducted taken upon a ship and you fly away or whatever but the fifth con is not when they come to you it's when you contact them and so the ce-5 initiative we've actually done it I've put out we've created events and people all over the world say hey at this time we're gonna go out and we're gonna start a is we're gonna meditate and we're gonna see if we can see anything if anything is out there that wants to say hello and cover ourselves in prayer and kind of go in that way and people are having repeatable encounters that you can you can facilitate these encounters with these beings angels that have been here since the beginning they're watching over us they have our greater good in mind they literally hold space-time continuum together they have helped structure this thing right and to be working on their team to be a part or be in the know with these light workers these beings that are here to assist to know how this energy moves and flows and things like that it's otherworldly so you need other people to talk about it because I remember going up by myself and having those encounters and not knowing who to talk to I was scared to talk to my best friends and then I told some friends and then they quit talking to me for a long time and I'm like you know I don't think it was because I told them that I think it was some other stuff going on but still the mind messes with you like man I can't I can you talk to nobody ever I thinks I'm crazy until other people start having these encounters as well or until you start going live on Facebook and doing podcasts and other people are coming out the woodwork and saying look I've had many similar encounters as well here's what happened to me this is what I this is what I do and this is what the messages that I've received you know yeah yeah absolutely yeah and I think you know that yeah today's what is it national UFO day or world UFO day yeah so in the spirit of you know honor and respect and what you what you want what the theme is today but keep it to that to that I think that's that's the reason one of the reasons we're here but I will say this it's not just the UFO encounters or the alien encounters det Encounters it's everything it's the and I'm just going to use words here I don't want to get lost in semantics because I do not believe that there is any thing in this universe it's not comprised within my my body and I mean my my spirit body we just can't understand everything here but that's opinion I would stay away from opinion but what I will tell you is through the experience of 1200 shows I see many many people had the same path they woke up early and I believe you're the same way you had some abilities then you end up getting married and and you get a matrix job and you kind of go to sleep and then something wakes you up you know usually it's trauma not always pretty but my point is is these people doubted themselves they were cult they were called crazy some are jailed some are institutionalized as many of them were estranged from their family yeah but crazy ain't crazy anymore you know I question everything I think if you learned anything over the last ten years in this world it's to question everything I don't care who's telling you that there's a famous quote from the Buddha there's one from Osho which is pretty much says the same thing don't listen to what I tell you listen to yourself you know the god goddess is within you you know but yeah I think this point you make about the repeatability is there is something that and obviously it's something because it's not mainstream okay and I don't consider Joe Rogan old news anymore yeah I don't consider that I take anything away from him or anyone else because one's going to make their own decisions I think I told you before my stepfather was in the CIA for 25 years he had a very high-level position you never told me a whole lot but he told me enough to know that in that the mid-70s you know the shift was real to me there was a lot of stuff going on and known by someone who was it who was in a compartmentalized organization that was since Lee was probably for every only most of them put you most of the buttons in the world you know but so my point is is it that's another thing you can look for you can look for what's not being put out there in the alt News for my car all news or the mainstream and it's these encounters that you're talking about and that I that my wife and I have shared you know each type of yeah yeah you know what the subject of disclosure people are waiting for the government to come out about aliens or what's going on in space and all of this guy secret space programs and things like that like I don't think disclosure is gonna come from the government disclosures coming from above people are literally going out there having their own encounters and and talking about it being vocal about it I mean what would happen if we weren't having these conversations I was talking to a friend of mine earlier and I always you know I've had these encounter counters with friends and they won't tell a soul they'll tell me because they know I'll talk about it but they won't go live on Facebook they won't they won't even tell their wives you know understand like did that scared that it's gonna get out there and people are gonna find out and call them crazy they you know and it's so weird and something you got a forfeit you know what I'm saying it's for it so early on when I was called crazy or whatever I want to smoke what you're smoking give me some of that you know all that kind of stuff like now I have a podcast that's thriving I'm able to get up and do this for a living I have a community of people who have my back who believed in me and I believed in them and it's this ecosystem that's driving much like yourself right it wasn't free you know you had to kind of stick your head out there when it wasn't popular to do and that's kind of that you have to pay the price you have to count the cost is it worth it is this what you want to do and I kind of I can't throw it back in those people's Court and I'm like I had to talk about it because y'all won't you guys wouldn't so we have to you know so now we have to be the silly one and now look who's laughing I love it I love it man I get this is what I was destined to do I'm doing what I'm put here to do then it wasn't you know to drive a truck for 16 hours a day it wasn't to push buttons it wasn't you know to do that and so when you find out what that is and I think spirituality UFOs tied in like all of this had something to do with it the greater collective the greater levels of consciousness and where what role do we play in this earth and so all of this stuff comes in to really go into the dream state like a true shaman being able to see who you're you're destined to be and be able to bring that out and manifest it in this reality it's a process but it's part of it too and there's a lot of people wait they don't know what to do they're looking for answers they're looking all around so I think they've come to the right place man because because to feel like we're isolated because that's what you feel like at first I'm the only one having this encounter you know but there's people all over this dis awakening is a global man there's people all over the world they look different they speak different their experiences are kind of detailed to them a little bit their terminology is detailed to them they may call it a different thing but it's the same thing as in awakening that's happening to people understanding the true nature of reality and what are you gonna do with it you're gonna let it freak you out because it will if you let it you know are you're gonna try to hold on and make something out of this you know well I think that yeah I agree with you and I think that the real focus or the real gift for the real message it's not in what you know I might tell someone or you might tell someone or someone you have on your show what they might tell someone it's actually in the story it's in the story about you know who Derek is who truth seeker is what you're doing it's in the story you're the magic human is the hero you've actually followed your guidance and so you follow the universe which is the same thing as the universe and you follow that guidance and you've had the guts to do it and the love to do it and the determination to do it to overcome obstacles obstacles I know you had them so so that's the beauty up that's the spark that's the spark of the soul that's actually you know a lot of people will explain in their own way they'll say that we're all fractals of one God you know one source and and that these fractal are this this source of experience in itself through each one of these fractals soul lifetimes this is what it's all about what you're doing it's not it's not the emphasis is not as strong as it used to be on these disclosure topics on the conspiratorial topics we all know the jig is up you know Toto's ran behind the curtain and discovery oh man that's the Wizard of Oz so this has gone to a higher level just because we know more actually everything parallels with that our ability when you know more our ability to take in more that we couldn't take before for instance if you were born 100 years ago and you were talking UFOs most of the people look what happened in War of the Worlds with Orson Welles he scared half the country to death okay doing a radio show in 1935 right so what happens is we become more aware we can actually take in more information now if we want to pacify everything is light or knowledge experience whatever wavelength photonic like whatever we can take in more it's not going to fry our brain there's a strong there's a strong knowing around the world in the in the the circles I run in and these are channeled transmission download experiences that are being shared that our bodies are being converted from a carbon body to a light based body there's a lot of people such as myself that have these symptoms that all are like you said repeatability with the UFO encounters okay these are people having the same experiences around the world the other thing I would tell you is there is a school of thought and I'm just saying this to put information out there I'm not saying you know what I believe or don't believe I'll try not to but there's a school of thought that there were first wavers wayshowers that came down here that had a certain level of memory from the higher aspects of whatever that is came down here on a mission and that and that is to be part of this this Great Awakening an ascension you might call them blue race I think there is a fact I know because I'm part of it there's a network of these people all around the world having the same experiences it in the same Intel from infinite intelligence and it's becoming more clearer and clearer clearer every day and I see actually becoming very cohesive and moving into like a synergetic pattern where it's taking on a huge power that is very new to this contemporary world but I think we're going to see more and more of it and it involves the angelic the Galactic whatever we want to call all that okay the angelic the Galactic you know the UFOs light beings and just just for the record like I think a lot of the experiences that I've had we're seeing these lights that are flying in and out of star systems and traveling the heavens I don't think that they're literally like nuts and bolts ships with beings on them now there's there's that too but I think the majority of what I've encountered have been these beings made out of light that are travel yeah but they're huge you know and they travel the night sky there it's in all the holy books the Angels of Light you know the Book of Psalms says that the you know the Lord God maketh his ministering spirits his warring angels as a flame of fire and it's repeated in Hebrews and you know I'll go back to the scriptures that's what I'm studied in and even some of the stuff you know when it comes to the word UFOs or what the Bible we we would call chariots the Bible calls them Chariots of Fire you know you look up and you see these fiery beings you know the word seraphim translates to the fiery ones the ones who are made out of fire it's something they're made out of the fire of God and we've been able to encounter them it opens up a whole new realm you know the word the word chariot in the Bible is comprised of three different words and in in the in the spiritual community it's a word that we know all too well or three different syllables the myrrh the car and the BA the Makabe which is a vehicle of light the ancient Egyptians believed that through meditation you can turn your body into a vehicle of light and travel with these beings to be able to go to heaven to have these encounters through meditation where you leave your body and you you are a pillar of light and there are certain Yogi's and different belief systems who practice this and uh it makes me wonder Jesus and and and fill up in them in the scriptures practicing by location it was able to turn their body and then they were like 300 miles away in the next sentence and like says suddenly they were here or immediately that were translated to this place being able to move to turn your body into a vehicle of life and there's just little things like that that's sprinkled throughout all of the holy texts you know all the holy books and if we go back and look at them for for what it is and understand it and it's like man it's promoting this stuff like these ancient philosophers understood something that has been lost to us today and now we're just re awakening to what they already knew and it's beautiful and there's a scripture in the Bible that says to stand at the crossroads and ask for the ancient path and there's so many people who are doing that I mean I think the whole DMT ayahuasca movement is people who were returning to their indigenous roots that are looking up the religion of the Native Americans the spiritual practice what did they do who whatever they did I want to do it it was a they were at one with with their brothers and sisters and they were at one with the earth we've grown so far you know I'm saying removed from that that we even put on shoes to walk outside on on Mother Earth and we don't have a have a connection that way so people are they it's coming from within they are wanting to return like the Bible says to the ancient paths and ask and it says there you'll find a rest for your soul going back to the ancient path yeah and you know the thing is is you bring up the plant medicine I mean you can find you know let's just level off of the name okay you can find God in a plant you can find God in the ocean you can find source God goddess anywhere anytime that you want I think that which you bring about the more table was very important I kind of believed and this is not to convince anybody of anything but but a we all have a Merkabah every single one of us has a Merkabah I think we're probably in a fishbowl of a realm in the multiverses that was some type of special deal I don't know we do all those things we are that you know I am that and and I am that means that does not mean that I am that but I'm not that we're everything for everything words in here there's an interconnectivity to every single thing and I think that the importance of UFO day is less about are there UFOs and it's more about the experiences that some of which I touched on that you asked me to speak about there about these experiences this repeatability that you that the network that you were involved with in terms of these mass meditations or mast initiations of contact c-5s these are the things we need to talk about when you when you are laying in bed next to your wife or you know hadn't spent more than 10 weeks together and you start to receive tones a lot of people around the world are receiving tones and vibrations in their ear yeah there's nothing at that point visual just a message hey we're coming we're coming or something's coming okay get about three of those tones next thing you know we're told us to get on our knees and face each other we never just said anything to each other the whole time it happened as we're looking at each other both of us disappeared from the chest up and you could see like stars like the cosmos and then each one of us started to morph into do past live incarnations off-planet incarnations of the universe incarnations while we're receiving information first of all unknowing that we knew the other incarnations in some form or fashion in every situation also being shown planets and different landscapes and and such and this goes on for 45 minutes now now how does that happen without drugs without anything the next one that stands out is one in that same room a few days later where the room filled up with translucent beings translucent beings that didn't look like ETS they weren't quite materialized enough to see this specificness of their face but you could certainly see the size of them the shape of them we have an encounter where this room goes up with quite a few people are quite a few beans and some things happen including we were not in a bad way touch you know touched lightly touched a couple of them entered my body from behind and I came to understand later these were two aspects of me one Syrian one Alpha Centauri and both that I've communicated with that first encounter I told you about when it was over where our spaces were morphing into incarnations where we'd known each other this was 45 minutes of each a man stepped out from behind my wife and kind of nodded at me we both saw him he looked like Santa Claus and he kind of made a gesture to me and then he walked through a lot I understood it to be the energy of Merlin why would I you know and there's there's some other things that synchronize with that invalidate that I don't understand all this stuff I think the universe speaks to each one of us in its own unique way and everybody's truth is the truth and what's true for me now may not be true for you but anytime we sit here and throw down absolutes and say well it's got to be this way or it's got to be that where it's got to be this way we need to pull our human head out of our ass and start to understand it to be a divine human is an honor its reverent it's a gift we are an equal ground with any Archangel angel and any essence out there demon whatever we are sovereign three souls we have dominion over ourselves this is the only piece of real estate that I that I can possess in the entire universe ain't nothing can own me and I can't own anything else okay because if I do that's a universal violation but the bottom line is if we're going to really step in to embrace and be that what we came here to be we didn't come here to be small we came here to represent the universe but if we're going to do that we need to start thinking in terms beyond what we think we know and beyond it happened to be explained in a literal sense to be proven to us this isn't a nonverbal language that the universe speaks that is that is is muddied up in and loses its its authenticity when we try to ride it or speak it I don't give a damn how good of a rapper or a writer you can be you're gonna lose some of that so it's a it's a it's a silent language it's a it's that is the universal language comes in geometric shapes colors waves all this and and some assim biology the symbology of your everyday experience everywhere you go you're being told something you're being shown something that's where you get the 11 11 and the 5555 or the the coincidences or you run into somebody and it's just a coincidence oh you know or you think of something and then six hours later it's so you're holding in your hand you know these things are happening in its grille but it but in its in it's fueled by our by our faith in it so fully work than that yeah the more we work the magic the more we work the unseen and say the hell with the world what they think the more we do that the more it's reciprocated the more to reciprocate it for one person then you have the flower of life and it explodes into a big soul gasp because it's contagious that's awesome man you said that you could see God in everything right you see the divine in everything and you can see the fingerprint of it of them all over all over everything but no you can't you can some people who are still asleep they don't believe that any of this exists they believe that this is the work of science fiction that there is no spirituality there is no other realms there are no light beings there are no angels there is no God there is no goddess and so that's how they perceive life and so you're talking about the reality that person's reality believing and in it being true to them it is to them that's that's life like it doesn't get it I mean you know you're born you come here you die it's it there is no other you know I'm saying there is no afterlife there is no heaven there is none of that stuff and so to them that's their truth in in in in their mind it is their truth like literally they live their life based off of that they make decisions based off of that to their detriment at times maybe to their peace it helps them get through life and they're good this is what they've come here to experience and it's good for them and it's good when you believe in something greater than yourself especially with it being good what about the people here who believe in bad things or they're all like you said they're out there speaking in absolutes that God told them this and this is the only way and if you don't do it you're gonna die and you're gonna perish and you're gonna burn there's all of these different things that come to the conversation to that person like that's their truths like and especially if they don't tell you they're gonna burn like if I don't tell you I'm in trouble with with my power you know what I'm saying and I don't necessarily agree with that but they do like they believe in that enough – they're gonna comment on your livestream enough – they're gonna inbox you or email you or pull you aside or tell people to stay away from you because they believe that what you're doing is is uh it goes against their reality you know yeah yeah and that is so true like it because people because like it's a truth this truth there is no changing it you know it's truth for you if you believe it if you don't believe in it it's not true when we go in it go back to the scriptures with this jesus said that whatsoever you believe nothing shall by any means be impossible well I can go outside and have a CEO of meditation and I can contact the angelic order that created everything no you can't wanna bet if I believe it my face will join it I'll go out there and I'll receive it I will manifest it and believe it so whatever you can believe for you somehow it grows in levels what if I can do that I can shake this nine-to-five job and get to love what I do for a living you know I'm saying they just into every area every aspect if this person needs a healing in their body well I believe that I can talk to them and speak that healing and move some energy around and let's just let's just try it now the shot let's try it and believe it and then you do it and something happens and you're like oh blowing your face goes to a higher level I heart you have a higher degree of faith to do greater things and this is all throughout the scriptures man that's why I love it it makes so much sense and whatever you can believe for it about what says nothing shall by any means be impossible to you what is your nothing all nothings are different you know that right like the things that you're believing for the things that God has put within your spirit to manifest to bring to this reality some of it seems impossible some of it's further away than other things right now where you are but it's not impossible but we're believing for different things because of what we've experienced there's people who have never experienced this I think that we're special that it's only special people who get to experience this and they know it's for those who engage it is for those who step out and try it right and that's how you build your faith to start believing for greater things and whether it's this far out spiritual mystical stuff which we love we talking about it it's for practical stuff – it's for being at peace with humanity being at peace with yourself you know what I'm saying being you know walking in forgiveness and not letting anyone judge you and let that stuff cling to you man it permeates every area of your life yeah well you should at the beginning you know I mean look look tell me one person out of eight billion people on the earth that can convince the rest of the world that there's a Hereafter that there's eternal eternity or whatever you want to call it but the way I look at it is look I'm living and breathing right now I'm living breathing doing being hot and doing the things I love this is all the Eternity that I'm ever gonna see you understand I mean all I know is what's going on right now now if anything comes at comes from that then that's a big plus but weird we're life that's it that's all it is I mean you know we can we can read the books the sacred texts we can go back to the debate us which came long before came three to three thousand five thousand years before the Abrahamic religions okay and and you can see evidence of a nuclear war and the et presence on the earth not just two notebooks but edibles there's so much stuff here that I you know all that stuff that's happened everything that's happened is is it's going to be there for us to read about and watch the movies and whatever the case shit's right but what hasn't happened is what we're doing here right now where we are and where we're going so the hell with everything that's happened I think we've all learned to forgive ourselves and forgive others and put the past behind us and not take it with by the same token we learn now I think with this wider awakening or this greater expansion of the awakening to not let the future hang on to us you know not not to let the future become what the past was to I think this looks different oh when I get there this is gonna happen or when I get there – I'll be happy you know and then the third element is this we're all receiving infinite intelligence we're all having some type of encounter some people are probably just less less open to it so don't get caught up in the Angels and the Galactic sand and the divine essences and the messages and who you were in a past life and who you are in a future life because you're taking the emphasis off the only thing that really matters and that's right here right now and I said it before I'll say it again you're only going to be the truth seeker one time you're only going to be Derek one time I'm only going to be Todd one time by God let's make it good and and not allow anything whether it's incarnated or dis incarnated to take away our power I don't give a damn if the whole world tells you you're wrong if you are alignment with your wholeness with your God with your goddess your sort your higher self your multi-dimensional answer can be you want to put it ok with the elementals with their with the earth with the moon the stars are set if you are in alignment follow that because there are people all over the world that are doing that that are creating these fantastic fairytale stories you're one of them okay you're one of them you listen to your heart I know what part of the country you live in it's not like that's the most progressive part in the world I lived and work there so for someone to come out to something that come out come down to have the path you have to actually have this transformation and be doing it with the style you and grace that you do it these are the miracles and they're happening everywhere I interview people every single day and their stories are freaking amazing they're absolutely amazing their their their humanity their divine humanity in motion and what's happening now through shows like yours and Joe's like so sweet why be is these people are having the courage to come out and talk and you want to know why there's been so much hesitation because primarily because of all the suppression of the feminine frequency that's half of our makeup throughout let's just say the last 2000 years okay we can talk about Jesus but why don't we talk about Magdalene anyone who's done any research on Magdalene will understand what an incredible prophetess she was and how important she was to him and she's not the only feminine but the reason that these these folks are hesitant to come up is because it's in our DNA these people were butchered killed raped okay there were 60 million I think 60 million 70 million women slaughtered in the 13th century I mean this is insane so for us to to neglect any part of what is our composition physical you know biological spiritual soul the whole nine yards I mean this is the temple the temple isn't just you know I need to be a vegan and not drink milk you know nothing against vegans but I mean the temple is what you said earlier knowledge is like we are like light bodies how do we turn this stuff on we turn it on by having these conversations I'm giving you code at a conscious or unconscious level you're giving me code at a conscious or unconscious level and the crazy part is the best part is anybody who's part of this vortex in this moment is contributing their own code and it's a tune it's a it's a to and fro you know it's a give-and-take it's a give and receive for everyone this is the power that we're coming into and this collective beehive intelligence is getting bigger and bigger every day and our access to it is is becoming more clear every day – in our ability to utilize so bilocation you know teleportation you know there's people I know all over this all over this world that have visited other planet that have that have done these things and this is this is mainstream now I personally believe that every single one of us is a Jesus and a Buddha and a Magdalene and a Quan Yin and that's what makes this age so special is because we're all going to be part of this colossal Universal you know ground crew that transforms the most dense realm this universe has ever seen into the highest form of light in its moment in time you know this is where I believe we're at and this is why I say over and over again the human is the hero yeah the human is the hero let's stop waiting for spaceships the land and stop waiting for a chariot to come out of the sky with them with an icon holding two lightning bolts blowing fire out of his ass let's stop waiting you know we've been waiting on the universe all of our lives but maybe it's the universe that's been waiting on us yeah that's good maybe we need to put our boots on and and and be the mature flowering blossoming courageous a trailblazing valiant souls that we are and and regardless of whether you think we're warm dirt when this thing's over or we go into the 72 levels of heaven or whatever the case is the bottom line is you're only Derek one time I'm Todd one time and if I gotta at this point in the game if we allow the squirrel to slow us down in our personal journey that's a choice that will have to live with I'm not gonna live with it yeah it's part of its but usually part of the story at some point right like people I mean it's it's you talking about the human is the hero and I'm reminded of the hero's journey right and so it's just awakening process of being called and incoming into the understanding and then doubting yourself and then going through a dark night and just kind of like giving up or whatever the case is but yeah we are all on that journey that's the story of Jesus Jesus like the hero's journey it's the story of Anakin Skywalker you know it's the story of Luke Skywalker it's the story of the Buddhists they all play the hero's journey and it's mapped out and you just have to see where you are and we are the heroes of the story whether we you know it's you mentioned Merlyn it was that synchronistic we watched the kid who became king yesterday at least half of its a long movie but it was about Merlyn coming into this reality it was about the spirit of Merlin coming into this reality in a different body to teach young a young kid that who he was called to be the Merlin I mean the king author of dis generation which is insane and the kid who became king it just came out it's pretty good – pretty good but yeah we watched we watched a good bit of that yesterday and so man everything just works together for your good man everything works together whether it is the setbacks the setbacks become a slingshot if you learn from it right not and learn to quit making the same mistakes twice quit learning to give in to temptation quit learning to be intoxicated by the applause of the people you know plain singing to the choir like doing what you're called to be not just stayin where it's safe but doing what it what God has placed within you to manifest and bring out it's not easy Healing is an easy forgiveness forgiving isn't easy if it was then it would be something natural so we tend to hold grudges and get offended and get hurt and carry it with us for years but letting that weight go and doing the inner healing healing ourselves healing the healers so that we can go forth and heal the nation's man that's what it's about UFOs spirituality it all ties in together and it's awesome let me ask you this because you've interviewed a lot of people now have you ever had anyone on your show that maybe you thought were just kind of making it up as they go maybe you thought they were full of it or they were like really egotistical or has everybody just been you know fun to work with or whatever they can have you ever had any of those weird interviews like you're like just kind of second-guessing the person you know I got just one guy Trucy Khan and I feel and I know actually I really enjoy no no that's not I had to say this so so you know my wife has been downloading let's just say for 20 years in solitude in anonymity like many many many women particularly that I've met that have been on the show and that I just met online so there's there's some things some practical soul sense things I've learned from her one of them was probably 350 to 400 she goes in she said I did I had some fun and it wasn't yeah I'd be like man I don't talk to this person I don't resonate with this yes and but I was told from day one with so much it's the word it's a word for Holy Spirit it's a word for one oneness one it everyone's included whether you like it or not that's the whole mentality so it's because Todd the human aspect doesn't like something doesn't mean that it's not coming on we're wide open the group's always been wide open and the show's info is wide open as long as there's nothing and that hasn't happened as long as it's not anything that's tearing anybody down you know it's but anyway so to answer your question she taught me when you sit down and bite their higher self it you know get to that higher that higher aspect of yourself and then ask their higher aspect to come in now it could be explained another way I used to do this before my my methodology or terminology or embodiment became became to a different came to a different level I would say I want all my angels to go see all of Derek's angels let's have a powwow let's make this for the highest good of all involved okay I might something like that so once I started doing this I started to understand that the consciousness that was created by me and the other person and the people in the audience was actually in and of itself in charge and if I could allow myself to reach them who have the trajectory of my highest potential my highest contribution my highest level of service my highest level of love and openness that was all I could do that somehow or another it can it can contribute right and others are doing the same thing so what I found is is that normally there's if there is any any type of doubt or anything like that normally it works itself out I do I do think that for the most part it's been a pretty pretty strong truth quotient I think maybe in the 95th 98th percentile and I'm not saying that out of arrogance or anything else I'm saying that out of the purity of the consciousness that I call solitude and and and here's the other thing many of the people most of the people that have been on the show have had intense consistent dramatic divine intervention and divine episodes as you say with our respect they're all in the same boat ufos galactic angelic so that and so that is I mean the higher your soul goes the higher your ego goes period in the store all right period in the story you would not be the ego is the universe is great equalizer it's our tool in this round it's not to be in control and driving the car but but you know what put in the passenger seat it's a pretty good second hand here what do you call it a second person though that's the second pilot or whatever you call it it's a pretty good one because it's got good eyes and good ears and yeah it's a little bit self-absorbed and survived you know paranoid about its survival but it can sure tell you a lot if you keep it in check it's your shadow you know I wrote something the other day gonna walk to the light walk with the light behind you because that way you can see your shadow every step of the way you know our shadow is part of us our ego is part of us every single thing that that we that is part of us and we've spent a lot of time trying to disengage and disassociate and separate ourselves from parts of us well if we're doing that don't you think we'll be separating ourselves from other parts of the universe of God's creation I mean we are the temple we are made in the image everything that has comprised us that we'd like to not like is part of us and needs in it and it is in our best interest to perfect or near perfect alignment hello every part of it I know you had a lot of a lot of experience with dark energy I did too you know what today I've got no problem with that and and I casually run into something that might be kind of scary that would have scared the hell out of me five years ago but it isn't anymore you know I just looked at and I open my heart and say you know I'm I have complete faith and all parts of darkness all parts of light I mean the universe in its entirety come give me a big hug and then be on your way you know whatever you know I'm just being funny and paraphrasing it but but uh you know if this is such a powerful trip that we're all on but we are the dog chasing its tail and it's time to shift or get off the pot yeah I mean it's that the shadows powerful in many aspects whether we look at it as our dark side right those dark nights of the soul where we had to kind of spend some time with the shadow self I wouldn't give anything to change it like I'm thankful now when I was going through it most like just like many of you when you're going through it you like help me you know and that's part of it but now that I look back on it I'm thankful for all of it like all of the you know the crazy crazy stuff and the darkness and the betrayal and the questions and the doubts and the depression like I'm thankful for now cuz now we get to see it when it comes now we know what it looks like we know what the darkness looks like we know what depression looks like we know how to get out of it we've been here before and then on top of that there's a natural empathy that comes because you've been through it right obviously if we're one with the Creator it doesn't matter if you have been through that you have that power to help people to get through whatever it is if you've experienced it or not you have the power to tap into that infinite source to do that but it helps because you literally have a natural empathy you really care about those people who are going through that that stuff you know yeah you know the thing is – I mean even if even when everybody's everybody's experiences are the same my pain is the same as your pain it proportionate to my life experience and in that and what I mean by that is is that it you were saying it earlier like people might look at you and think oh he's had these spiritual experiences and he's something I'm not and you were making that point we're all the same it we're all the same this competition comparison frequency programming is just that okay this whole thing that's happening is us a really awakening to ourselves but way beyond what we would have thought you could define it as ten years ago if if anyone would just consider this you know we know for instance that the that the government or the powerless powers would be as I like to call them have been and been locked into this thing at least 70 80 years going back to war to going back to Roswell now do you really think that they're the sharpest tool in the shed or do you think if you go back to the nag hammadi that may in 25% of it talks about the archons or and you want to talk about this you talk about that you know we're talking about some stuff that's way above this 1% okay so even that stuff that's coming at us from those different places be they demonic by human terms angelic bill has no dominion over us they're there to assist us they're there to help us find ourselves so I agree with you I think in this realm the shadow is the gold you know and I've learned a lot of this through my wife because she's a she's a energy worker and energy practitioner and and a shadow eater basically what she would define herself as but that's where the gold is you know shad what is this shadow but I fear you know I mean that's really what it is when you get down to it I mean we can cliche this thing all day long but I'm going to tell you something ah the reason I brought it the thing about we're all the same is because I know you've had what many would consider demonic interaction I have – okay I've been laid out on a table and filleted like a fish you know more than once and I wouldn't wish it on anybody but I'll tell you what I run into that now and it's not a problem and that's not arrogance because you know how the universe treats arrogance that's humility its humility when I can look three years ago maybe three years ago four years ago look into a full-length floor-to-ceiling mirror in my house at the time in three o'clock in the morning in a dimensional state you know in in communion four hours and I look at myself and I'm told step up to the mirror step up to the mirror like just my foot right against the wall and I heard these words no I say these words I look at myself I and so that's all I know I had soap and I watched the image of my body turn into an over to an over and and it looks at me and says are you sure and I said the dam right up here I'm so and I watched it shrink like into a little cartoon and just walk away my point is my point is is that those demonic things you know too much light and too much dark are gonna bring you to the same place we talked about ego a minute ago too much light you know like you're doing you're doing all this good you get all this attention you wouldn't be normal if it didn't affect you it's one thing to see it come in and keep it in check but it's another thing to get out steamrolled by it so we're looking for a zero point here we're looking for balance we're looking for acceptance of all the universe if I have if I met my zero point and my zero point says okay I'm at peace with anyone that I don't jive with culturally color of my skin religion this or that but if you're homosexual I'm gonna put you over here in this corner alright that's not Jesus like that's not Buddha like that's not Magdalene like that's not Derek like or Todd like we're all the same we're all the same you know and the part of that is the shadow experience in fact the shadow experience is the greatest common denominator that we have yeah because we're conscious here now if you get past this realm and we have the higher perspective and it's a hundred percent full time with us and not coming and going all right and it might be different but in this room the experience of being a human being okay the irrepressible revolutionary human being species that never gives up no matter who whose suppression and who's killing them who's torturing him never gives up the human hybrid soul history is all about overcoming never giving up real of Lucien okay and and I think it's all paying off now I think that we're actually in a place now where we can take this as far as we want in the universal family it's sitting on the edge of their seat saying that oh my god I didn't think they could go this far this fast and how far will they go you know because there's been a lot of prayers a lot of whatever you want to call it put up as you referenced earlier in the dark night of the soul when you're saying beam me up out of here give me the hell out of here now Jesus take me home you know Lord take me home I'm done stick a fork in my butt I'm done you know a lot of us have done that and even recently but I think that the the reciprocation is occurring now and if you look at the spirit science if you look at the science if you look at the scriptures everything's born into this time and I think that was a forecast of a template or a blueprint where there was a knowing of what would occur in probability the question is now that we have this awareness what are we going to do with it that's to me what this games about here's all the knowledge you might call it Akashic record scriptures whatever here it all is given to you now that you have it and you've absorbed it what are you going to do with it okay that's that's the God like or goddess like quality that we have its creation what are we going to do with it what are we going to do and and and what's happening outside of us most of us would think the global step right oh my god the world's going to hell better than no I see it every day and it's it's the finger pointing oh well they do this and they do that and it's not over there and some different cultural organization or country or community it's right there in front of your face in your own community you know I've said it many times ecology it's not a social circle it's an energy okay you know don't get mad at me if I don't answer your message or tell you and all I don't tell you I love you you know I love everybody we all love everybody let's get past all this junior high stuff and let's get down to the brass tacks and what is that that is living your life you know that's living your life like you're doing yeah or that I'm do and many other people that's the power that's the story you don't have to tell anybody you know why because your souls lighting up the whole grid it's lighting up the whole grid and it's not through anything other than the sheer energy that you're creating by the power of to attend I known self be true to you be true to Derek that's what they're doing and what's dari doing he's having a blast you know I mean I took my wife all the time this is our job dreamed of this day you know man that's interesting though you talk about you know let's grow up we're not high school students or middle school students but working with large amounts of people in a collective and with the community it becomes hard because you find yourself going through the middle school stuff because a lot of people tend to stagnate and stay in this area from when the trauma happened to them so if trauma happened to them when when they were 11 they kind of stay there emotionally right they need attention they need a mother they need that instead of so needy right and so even though they're old in the physical body maybe you know 40 50 60 70 whatever they're still stuck in this needy space spiritually and you have to kind of cater to these people that sometimes the drama comes the gossiping the backbiting or he likes me more than you and all in just weird stuff and people who just haven't really done the inner work and this is something that I'm always guilty of I've been guilty over for a long time but just kind of assumed that people know what I know hey you ever get day like because we're talking about these UFOs and even I you talked about the you know I'm saying the War of the Worlds and you just kind of ran past that you heard it a bunch there's people who have no idea what that was the War of the Worlds broadcast that happened you know but we feel like people know everything that we know so we just kind of brush by it but they don't there's still you know babes in a lot of this stuff and they need to be taught and you know the Apostle Paul said that strong meat is for those who are spiritually mature and those who are kind of new or young in this kind of still need milk and it's hard to sometimes discern where people are to to really gel there and they could be healers like I know healers who are 11 years old spiritually you know and it's really hard but it's about doing that inner work for yourself and and not putting all the bad goods on those around you they do the inner work but because then you're not always taken you bring something to the table yeah you know you you know you know who you are you're confident in that and nobody can tell you otherwise and it's not a cockiness there's none of arrogance that comes with that but it's just an inward knowing of who you are and what you bring to the table and you are valuable each and every one of us but none I bring that that other stuff man and like yeah well it's hard bro it's yeah but it's so it's you know it's so interesting because everything in the universe as I understand it my experience from early on eight years ago is paradoxical you see one thing it looks like it's up its down you see a circle it's a squirt yeah that there's right and a lot right is left so I think what's what's again what's happening in in maybe a less conscious way but becoming more conscious in this expansion or this awakening is that there's really two types of frequencies that let's just call it love right and one of them is codependent and one of them's co-creation or collaboration all right so let's say that I'm concerned about Tom and Dick and Jane over here because Tom and Dick and Jane don't get it or because they're stuck in their wounded child if I cater to them I'm enabling them right yeah so it takes two it's a codependent relationship so the whole yogi guru things kind of gone away now that's why it's not working anymore because because there's been enough people rise in their self awareness self respect honor and reverence and love and maturity that have said no that's why people are giving up on books or saying I don't need that not out of disrespect there's more people writing books there's less people reading books important right the book the importance is to make the broadcast yeah but I think on in terms of and I that's what I was saying earlier about we look at the external and think it's the global but it's right in our face okay so a if I'm focused on these other people guess where my focus is not on me now I don't know about you but I don't see anybody walking on the water do you I haven't seen anybody because I'm sure would hit the CNN news if somebody was walking on the water so my point is until to were walking on water we need to be focusing on ourselves because this is a full-time job now if we do that we're simultaneously going to send a mirrored frequency out of what we're doing that's the importance of write that book I don't give a damn money people buy it do that program I don't family people participate do whatever you need to do make that artistic piece whatever you can channel from creation and create your own and can perpetuate that frequency of unconditional love and highest intention and bliss right it's not going to come from there's a lot of wounded healers that are starting to crack okay which means I need to go heal this person in that person in this person so I don't have to think about healing myself right yeah this is the shadows these are the deep shadows we're getting into now this is where the gold is this is where the higher alchemical powers the magic the healing abilities were all healers we're all shamans we're all magicians we're all alchemists every single one of us is and the only difference between us and what we might call the Angelica the Galactic so on and so on is we had either the foolishness honesty bravery courageousness balls whatever you want to call it to get down here in carnate into a physical body in this dense atmosphere where you can barely breathe and you feel like you're in an elevator half the time and actually do this thing and actually we didn't just come down here to be human we came down here to be divinely human transfer and transform ourselves and transform this realm in this dimension heavens not up there heavens right here and think about the paradoxical reality of it if you were going to divine a designer universe our universe is in your and your God your source where would you put the thickest layer where would you put the thickest layer in in relation to the core into the into the relation of the the heart and the soul of the the the total body of God itself where would you put we do would you put the the heaviest instance around the light-years away from you or would you put it right next to you you know it should get harder to chip through the closer you get there that's why so many people quit things right before they're gonna hit it I've been guilty of that I'm sure you've probably guilty of that we give up this is this is the threats run this is the this is a you know this is the final 40 yards of the of the of the marathon and and you know it's an honor to be here we should we Sh we have all the reason in the world to be honoring ourselves in each other because it took a lot of courage to come down here and many of us didn't come down here just one time too many of us have scars all over our soul of body you know so but you know I guess what I'm saying is thine own self be true doesn't just mean we looking under the hood all the time another way to put that is get your nose out of my business you know because I you know what does it say in the Bible he who throws stones be sure you don't live in a glass house or something like that right I mean it this is this stuff has been there for us all along it's just we've been in the most complicated conditioning programming but you know what they're just people like this through this 1% or 2% or whatever the hell it is they're just like this they put their socks on just like we do you know we are divine we are sovereign and we have dominion over the only piece of real estate that we can in this universe and that's ourselves but by honoring ourselves and by transforming ourselves whatever we do with ourselves is going to happen like you sit at the top of the show gonna happen with that circle closest to you and then the one out a little further and a little further and a little further and that's how we turn this thing upside down it's not from some huge like you said earlier but these people boycotting try marching and oh that's the okay let's all meet at this time around the world no it's from right here and nobody has to know about it but you and you know the other thing about it you can't even lie about it you can't even lie about it if you want to go around and tell everybody you know look what I did that who are you trying to convince them are you suck yeah you know what I mean so this is a one on one personal experience between you and the universe that's it that's it and you can't BS the universe you know how that goes yeah and that's and that's all Arnett that's and I hate to make light of it but that's all we have to do you said it it's it's it's the inner introspection the inner journey and it is you know like Einstein and his contemporaries found last century mid-century looking for the god P right they were looking for the God keep trying to find that component in in the human body and they found that the human body is the more you went inward it's as infinite as when you look in the Stars and you go out yeah so as within without you know above below and all that so I mean do the math it's pretty simple you know the king was within the anatomy of man one plus one equals three Petrelli temple of God in the sky in the mind in the heart God dwells within and the Bible is very clear about that so just it's almost like that mirror you're talking about standing in front of that mirror and so like when we gaze into the heavens we're really gazing into ourselves because heaven is within within and without as above so below on earth as it is in heaven let thy will be done and understanding from every aspect it's a mirror of what's within the beautiful thing about that you're talk about sovereignty is that you have everything that you need you don't need anything outside of yourself that they're selling like there's stuff that helps there's stuff that aids us and all that kind of stuff but you don't need any of it all of its within for you to close your eyes to go within and through prayer and through meditation speaking to the Creator and go in in encounter the universe to contact encounter what is real the angels the demons God goddess elements whatever it is it's all within experience within and if you don't learn how to do that you trying to find some external pleasure or trying to find God in the skin the sky or God in the stars you're gonna be lost but you have to learn in order to get out there you have to go with in here and that's turning your body into the vessel of light so that you can be named among the stars as well it's so beautiful man it reminds me also like in the scriptures there was a an instance where and Jesus's disciples were trying to cast the demon out of a demon-possessed man and they came came up to the guy and they holding him down trying to pray for him and I was kind of cast the demon out and they do looked at him it's a hold on Jesus I know Paul I know but who are you it's like I don't even know you guys this your name is not we have never heard of you you know and then the dude beat all of them up and sent them away naked you know what I'm saying they didn't know so the other realms not only the demons but the angels they know who you are and so for you to name yourself among them and to be someone who that's who I want to be known by many people want to be known and have renown of on the earth and I'm telling you the applause of men is intoxicating people do silly things to have people clap in applaud for them and it's intoxicating I did it for years as well but to have your name to be known before the creator and before the elements and they know who you are and you're one with them that that's another level of notoriety that only comes from seeking God within going within those inner courts the secret chambers of the heart meeting with your Creator and that's where all of this stuff comes out of if there is a platform if there is notoriety it's only gonna need to only come out of that one place other than that pride cometh before a fall you have no foundation your room and everything you're trying to build you have to go within and it's a daily communion it really is there's no days off you know get back up a day you know you got to show up for yourself every day see to me that's the perfect explanation at the value of shadow work because because look in the universe nothing comes free but I was told eight years ago over and over as I walked the streets every day you cannot miss a step on a solo way nobody gets a shortcut this is in like a Monopoly game where you can go past go and collect $200 so on that and the second thing is is in the universe there is not a hierarchy but there is what I would refer to as a as a maturity saw maturity level if you look at emanuel swedenborg for instance emanuel swedenborg in the 1600s during the renaissance very world-renowned Renaissance man and I won't get into all his his credentials and stuff he went at 57 years old just to find the soul as a medical doctor that's one of the many things he did he started laying down on his couch every afternoon for 17 years okay what he was doing was he was going into the heavens we can call it many different things he was shown a hundred and forty-four levels of heaven and hell' 72 hell definitely happen and what he talked about was that there were that obviously the higher you went the lighter it got the more angelic presence and so on and so on and song in order to do that I'm convinced that if I wanted to be if it's a 36 level of this metaphoric explanation of heaven I have got to have visited the 36 36 level of Hell okay just deep you can only go as high above the line as you've gone below it and here's the rule the universe can do whatever you want to if you don't want to go through that door don't go through that door if you want to level off here and your level off here but I got news for you it's something about the soul and I think in this realm it works the same as everywhere else once it starts to stir once somebody runs into truth-seeker and they hear something there's something that goes off in their head a code gets open you can go back to your normal life but your soul is going to start churning inside hey pal and here's the thing if you ignore it which is what many of us did because I'm because I'm very convinced to that a stubborn ego is a sign of a stubborn soul and the stubborn soul is probably the best representation this universe can have because it's not going to stop at anything it'll even die for truth for the truth but but if you ignore it you're gonna get your ass kicked I can promise you that's why so many of these lightworkers or way shows have had all these traumas because they needed a swift kick in the butt to finally say okay I'm not just as body I'm not just as bag of bones I'm connected to something I don't understand it you tell me to pack my stuff get rid of all my belongings and go walk the streets for two you know that's what I'm going to do I don't know why I'm doing it but that's why I'm gonna do but the important thing is they listen they listen they honored themselves and honored the universe God Souls goddess and they listened and now nothing we have done it to create a small powerful minority that is assisting humanity and awakening which has nothing to do in my opinion with Q with Trump with politics the geopolitics with anything I thought you said that stuff gets clicks though man it does yes it gets click yes it gets clicked and in in its it's one thing to go out and do stuff and be and be driven by the clicks but it's the people like you it's the people out there that I interview every day it's the people that don't give a damn how many clicks there are this is the importance of go write the book this is the importance of go do the video go do the show go create this go create that it ain't about the clicks because only tell you something the universe God source goddess whatever you want to call it doesn't miss a thing yeah and I've receives Goodman I received several communications all right both in my own right but also in other people coming to me on the show sometimes that the war that solji's doing which could be applied to you could be applied to anyone is being seen all over the universe they're learning from us they're learning more from us than we're learning from them what they have to offer in a sense as we came into this world they do you mean we in it was a finite a finite block of light let's say we Akash it whatever you want to call it the exponential whatever you want to all it time up to that point but what we do with it from here is going to add to that infinite knowledge and it's going to be passed on to the next way you know what I mean and and on your comment about how you'd like to be remembered or where you would like for your place to be look I don't know who I was with any certainty in past lives parallel lives alternate timelines future whatever you were great come but I'm Tod Medina and I and I believe you cannot underestimate the power of one unique and equal cell and whatever imprint Todd Medina can leave in the spirit of collaboration and co-creation because that's how it works all right that's the only shot I got that I know about so I'm with you on that man you know I was Alexander the Great in the past life who they have character you know I mean who cares who you work the who you who are you you know what are you what are you a part of you know ya know I'm with you on that man for sure for sure dude it's been fun enjoyed it man how many how many other talks you doing today actually today yeah we yeah we're gonna take a break today we just I think I think told me she just loaded up over the last few days she loaded up the whole month so I mean if I get another 70 or 80 to do this month but at today you know I got up early 5 o'clock I was excited about meeting with you I enjoy the chemistry between us admire what you're doing I really do and and I did a watch party on my page I saw about 40 people in there and on a couple other pages I'll be happy to thank you for you and expand the awareness of what you're doing if you need any if there's you feel like there's anything we can do to help you gain awareness of what you're doing we'll be glad to serve you there I just want to say you know you're doing it you know it's not about what you say you're doing it you know you are illuminating this grid by walking the path of truth which is did I know selfie truth being true to yourself and like you said I my agreed on a percent and start with a circle closest to you and you start to go out not only for your illumination which is probably the same thing but also your shadow like Rhonda said if you think you're awakened go spend some time with your family for a few days well this is where our greatest opportunities are you know where we had the deepest wounds but at the same time from that center of the universe that we are we illuminate and I agree with what you said 100% and I and I see you doing it and I see other people doing it so I just want to say big props big props to you man if I ever get over that way we'll have to do a little improv what would they call that explain for sure that's what's up well brother thank you for coming on hanging out with me let everybody know who aren't already tied in with your work where they can check out what you do man well you can find this we've been working on a website for like a long time so it's not ready but so we've got a well you know what I do everything on my on my Facebook personal page Todd Medina four reasons to stay above the algorithms we also we've tried it in we have a solo G group we have a soldier when studios page but we got suppressed we got suppressed too much so you can watch everything we do on my page it's where it originates but you can also catch the replay on YouTube so we've got a YouTube channel some of you in studios and I think we've got about five or six hundred of the social speaks five days on there probably netted 300 videos on there the music and some different stuff but we've been more attentive to that since the first of you thank you Michael and Pat so you can find us there and very soon or whenever whenever there's a perfect alignment with the universe and in the it wink status we'll have our own website we'll be promoting a multiple channel at base or app accessible network of different shows and different channels which is what you do so at some point I'm gonna come knocking on your door and say hey you want to you want to jump in on this it's based on collaboration co-creation and what I call 5d commerce yeah which is which is all about gifting all about the honor system and paying it forward so whatever comes into the to the funnel is distributed proportionate to viewership and you just keep the ball rolling in you know as well as I do that the more traffic you drive to a URL address the more probability of potential you have for sponsors and advertisers and you know what this is this is feeding that non-physical this is actually doing something that's not been done before which is what you're doing what we're doing it's ology this is the new magic of old and this is what the prophets and the prophets were talking about yeah this is this is uh needs to be talked about as well this is kind of where the rubber meets the road because for so long what we were doing was thriving with this alternative media with the Joe Rogan podcast that gets more views than your average CNN television show right these other man there's so many of them in 5d who's out there there's spirit science and metaphysics like that was all of these groups that were getting hundreds of thousands of clicks per month websites Infowars all of this kind of stuff – the alternative media big media was suffering and and for a long time they were dying they're dying something happened we were getting a cut of advertising revenue and all of this stuff something happened where as they look like they were about to die out they flip the switch something had to come together look if we're gonna save what what is what we've built here what's always been we got to do something now they've come together and they've knocked out the fact that okay you mentioned this word in that word you're this there's we cannot serve ads on this episode really you knocked out my chance to make a few dollars off of this to keep doing what I'm doing there's that then there's looking at what happened to Alex Jones I mean everybody D platformed him kicked him off of iTunes YouTube Facebook Twitter everything and it's not just him there's other people there's so many other people and then the smaller people too like we may just be making just a few dollars a month and we're on YouTube or Twitter and and you say something that they don't like or they don't agree with like they did something ma'am as a last effort to to keep their voice and it is the algorithm it's it's all of that stuff if it's not with what they're pushing for the with their agenda with their political ideas and the political party to get the candidate it's really crazy so now we're still trying to figure out this stuff and work through the algorithms to find out ways to gain support to continue to do this and be creative and use our god-given tools to do that so things such as patreon and different crowdfunding services and stuff like that totally come into play some of my best episodes I can't even monetize because we got a little bit too deep on it they were the guest mentioned a couple words that YouTube didn't like and they just they pull the funding and it's not a lot of money that you make but it all adds up so with these other you know patreon and and and selling books and sell them music and all of that stuff it adds up man to support your favorite creator and it really does and so we're really thankful and trying to figure out ways to take the power back right so it's just weird shift who to blood even and what what to you know man it's crazy that's that's you know an under status and we get out of I mean that this whole 5d commerce thing and this thing about a multiple channel network that's app accessible handheld accessible i actually downloaded this stuff going back about five or six years in images and in and just different I never really totally understand it now there's other people involved now I've learned not to rush anything I've learned with the with the guidance of my wife you know being that I was a straight alpha man not to force anything because nothing comes for the energy force it's just still allowed all to come and I really believe that look I don't monetize it soldier wants to use in YouTube I mean I ran 12 hours of tape six minute segments from from shouts 12 hours straight and well four hours three days in a row after the third day and there's nothing on here there might be a couple f-bombs here and there but there was nothing conspiratorial there was nothing you know anarchists there was nothing nothing that nothing they should return and I got we got our first strike for playing 12 hours least the conversation you and I had right that's it and we're not monetized I refused to participate we were refused to participate we appreciate and love the offering and the opportunity but I've been told for eight years if it's been done before don't do it find a new way create your way out and I believe that soul-g is supported I know it is supported by the physical world and the non-physical world to a great degree there are many many people at energies involved and I believe we will see very soon a multiple channel app accessible handheld accessible that is a community that is a collaboration a co-creation that honors the honor system 5d commerce pay it forward gifting ok this is what I've received and and I got to do what you're doing I got to follow follow the directions on didn't I thought you can do man but it but I think that would do it because you would have your own private server you wouldn't be at the mercy of anything or anyone you know what I mean so let's go stuff man I I appreciate you the opportunity I've been really enjoyed it I really really do I love your work and I'd love to collaborate with you again in the future definitely we're gonna do it again for sure and and for those of you who haven't just go to I guess YouTube and type in Todd Medina and true seeker and you'll see the episode that I did with Todd on his his podcast as well so you guys go check that out too so Todd thanks for coming on man we'll have to do it again soon my brother mini-lessons Shalom Shalom caret peace Todd Medina ladies and gentlemen good stuff good stuff if you guys have any questions make sure you put them in the chat and I'll try to jump to some of them whether it's about anything that we were talking about or opinions or anything anything like that I'll try to get to that here at the end of the show um your circle you have what's been given to you right Jesus said I pray not for the world but for the ones that the father has given me out of the world if you start with what you have and you're able to expand out a little bit more and a little bit more in each one reach one and then we'll change the world that's really what it comes down to it's not about who's got a bigger following it's not about who has the more deeper truths that was the thing right most people want to follow the deeper truth oh he's got this secret truth and then you get into people who is making stuff up because they're really good at telling stories and now they're fabricating stuff and they're muddying the waters because people are chasing after who has the deeper truth and it's just a bunch of we're so it's not about that the spirituality comes back to being practical man to really impacting the people around you man that quote you know in the scriptures and again Jesus says start in your hometown Jerusalem Judea Samaria and then to the ends of the world the world here's a poem I want to read this is it's beautiful and this is kind of what I was slightly quoted but I'm going to read it it's called I wanted to change the world and this is so true man when I was a young man I wanted to change the world I found it was difficult to change the world so I tried to change my nation when I found I couldn't change the nation I began to focus on my town I couldn't change the town and now as an older man I tried to change my family now as an old man I realized the only thing that I can change is myself and suddenly I realize that if long ago I had changed myself I could have made an impact on my family my family and I could have made an impact on our town their impact could have changed the nation and I indeed could have changed the world start with the self men do the inner work do the inner healing I'm telling people are marching for all types of reasons and and I'm telling you we've I don't think that that's the way change comes I really do believe that it's an inward change a personal revival of the soul a personal it starts like a wildfire you have your spark and you go around other people and you ignite them on fire and then they go out and they start little brush fires and it just is just consumed with the message of love peace and understanding or on the other hand consumed with the message of hatred bitterness intolerance egotism consumerism all of this kind of thing understand what you got understand your words are powerful you have everything you need within yourself there's a scripture and in the Bible where King David was going out and he became very successful at taking out Giants his renown got known he was known as a giant killer and word got back that he was slaughtering all of his enemies and there was a king at the time King Saul and he helped raise David up but he began to get envious he began to get envious of King David because he heard he heard the townspeople singing a song they were shouting Saul has killed thousands they were praising Saul Saul has killed thousands but david has killed tens of thousands and so since the people were rejoicing greater that David had killed tens of thousands and Saul only thousands he got upset he begin to get envious not what what not being thankful and grateful for what he has done with his contributed and he actually raised up David to see the vision in him and send him out because greater things shall you do than me isn't that what Jesus said you shall do greater things to me instead of getting behind David hey we did this together man I was faithful to the call and now you're going out there doing great and mighty things I've sent you out instead of doing that he begin to get envious and they Envy begin to eat eat him up he tried to kill David he tried to kill King David because he was jealous of his position and of its platform be content with what God has given you don't envy what God has given other people understand what he has given you and you're gonna have people around you who are envious of you they feel like they're armed they are more qualified for the position they'll begin to speak every manner of evil against you they'll become jealous of your platform they're more qualified they've been through it all they know more all of this and they have all of their reasonings and then I begin to gossip and tell people things about you and try to tell you down and try to get you to come out of your character try to get you to gossip in your inbox maybe there's a technology there's two button you push on your phone in the screenshots be careful man again I always point back to Rose a man one of the greatest comedians of our day Roseanne and in one tweet she undid her entire career now she's the laughingstock she can't get any work in Hollywood with one tweet you have to be protective of the things that God has given you and you have to understand and know who you are there's levels in there's places that you're going that there's people with you who aren't gonna be able to go with you through those next levels they're not ready they haven't done the inner work you've been doing it they're coming they're here to ride your coattail I'm sorry they want to ride your coattail they can easily do the inner work but they won't you want to bring them with you you love them you know the Scriptures talk about how when when you rejoice with the company it's so much more fun because you have people to rejoice with versus having these personal victories by yourself you rejoice within yourself but when you have a company of people you guys can together and it should be that way it really should but there's people who are with you who can't go to those next levels and they're holding you down you got to let them go got to cut them off it's part of it pulling you back man gossiping slander backbiting people are envious of the call man you gotta let him go speaking negative negative 'ti into your life into your atmosphere doubting you know you're done see you you know so many people so many creators so many people who are making a difference who would tell you I wanted to bring everybody with me like I pioneered some things in the music and in the podcast and I'm trying to make away from my friends and they they they don't want to do the work like I'm not doing although I'm not carrying you I'm sorry I'll open the door but if you don't walk through it and do the work that's on you and that's how you got to be because you'd be so consumed with what they're doing they won't be able to you won't be able to do what you're called to do understand what that is I'm telling you doing the inner work going within for yourself communing with the Father going into the heavens there's nothing like it I don't know how far out there it sounds but it's very practical put on some good music close your eyes concentrate on your breathing and just begin to love on God it's really that simple approach it with the attitude of gratitude but just begin to be thankful I don't have nothing to be thankful for take that breath you're still here put your hand on your chest for that heartbeat you can still claim yourself you're here there's time take that breath in breathes into peace release breathe in peace begin to speak to your body begin to prophesy over your day prophesy over your life prophesy over those friends to don't gossip about them oh I saw they want to do with gossip and then you because you better start doing the same thing that they're doing tearing tearing down destroying with your words you don't know how to build up or encourage anybody you don't have to prophesy over anyone begin to prophesy over them too you have to train yourself because we're in this in this matrix where we've been taught this to gossip the bat bite to point out the bad and Captain Obvious over here do the inner work for yourself only then will you reach those higher levels and that was beautiful how he was talking about the levels that you go through the darkness the levels in hell mirror the images of where you get to go in the heavenly realms that's deep that was good those who have been through a lot those who have done a lot of stuff the Bible says those who are forgiven much love much is that natural empathy look I know what it's like I've been there there's no peace there stop worrying about what other people are saying again we're talking about politics and other teachers or whatever the case is stop being moved and swaying by the opinions of the crowd people want to know what Q has to say q and on what is Q saying they're ready for the new things q Sam Snowden what is Snowden letting us know giving us some truth don't be concerned with what these people are saying be concerned with what God is saying do you know you could do that that you can draw away and get alone with the creator of the universe and he will whisper in your ears and tell you things that you do not know and cannot find out people caught up in conspiracy theories gossip backbiting slander that's the low level stuff you will never elevate to the higher levels and simply do that get alone God what are you saying simple y'all put on music music helps we talked about tones and frequencies put that on it helps but just get alone God what are you saying even about the gossipers even about the trials and it's situations that just seem crazy God what would you say it is release them and as you release them again you'll be elevated to higher levels it's all about forgiveness holding on the stuff that was done to you 20 years ago 10 years ago still holding on to it healing the healers that's what it's about learning what that is in and for you to facilitate people are trying to facilitate healing and they're doing it out of a genuine place because there's a natural empathy right but they haven't found that healing they're still wounded if you mention this one thing there's a wound as a cut if you touch it they're gonna go into a world winning it because it hurts it's an open wound you got to do the healing ma'am I'm in a soul mate is so much man everybody's different you know but at the same time we're also so much alike the way that we act and react to situations or circumstances so that's how you learn through practical experience through going through this stuff you're able to tell people look this is what you got to do man this works and the Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins love walking in love responding in love respond to the gossipers in love I just talked to a good friend of mine this morning he's responding to the gossipers in hatred on online he's going back to earth type and with him I said bro you that's not what you do man there's no shortage of trolls to respond in love and respond out of anger or trying to be right you you know all of that man respond out of love and watch what happens the goodness of God man you've received it if you haven't received it in then you can't give it out so you need to go within and do the work yourself have that encounter have that experience change the world around you again man it's so deep spiritual esoteric but it comes down to being practical your day-to-day what type of person are you again Manley P Hall says if this state of your dog isn't better if dad still kicks the dog on his way up the door then that man's spirituality or philosophy is in vain supposed to make you a better person all that man get it in again I just put out a new album it's called the ESP EP there's eight songs on there dealing with extrasensory perception tapping into some of this stuff make sure y'all check that out my patreon is the best way the support there's different levels of giving anyone like would like to to donate financially all of that stuff is available in the description and I think you guys for every every penny man every dime spent that you believe in the vision that uh God has given me and and you fund that out we really believe that you partake in the blessing with me I couldn't do this without you so it just lets you know that there's a collective of people who are waking waking up and we're about our father's business and so thank you guys for the support patreon.com backslash true seeker man 250 or so 40 episodes and Counting I'm booked out until the end of August right now it'll come and go we're gonna keep doing it till the angels come and gather us till something happens we're gonna keep doing it why consistency is key if you're doing something that's working don't change it up keep doing it because it's gonna keep working it's only gonna get built bigger it's gonna snowball other people are gonna come on board you're gonna inspire many do that with that I'm gonna say peace of Shalom love you guys I will uh also too we have a forum available on my website if you go to truth seeker com click forum at the top there's a message 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