February 23, 2020
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Worldwide Collaboration on Health Information Systems

to enjoy good health makes for a better quality of life to create satisfactory health care the authorities need to have a clear view of how the health system works for example they need to know how many children are vaccinated and where the clinics have enough medicine in stock to cover people's needs with this information the authorities can provide the most efficient public health care with the money at their disposal information system can save life in different ways we use a system to capture data to improve upon the quality of the data which will help inform decision-making to improve the welfare of our people recently here in Ghana the country's health information system was upgraded HISP health information system program allows for the collection and analysis of data from the most modest rural clinic right up to national level all within the same system the platform used to build the system is being developed in Norway they are phenomenal did on telezart Appa there is some lava Kusa or letter e residence the bedroom that effective at the University of Oslo yearn and Kristin bra together with colleagues from the Department of Informatics lead and manage program development user support and training focused on little technique so they are on your system mission taken along layer and stood for shell or the disk open and Via Dolorosa forever for ministerial video star of sheet over Aachen on Terrace Negin Health System of a more plebeian abyss with Ning upon the neverending El Sistema HISP has developed the system that Ghana has now adopted the system is publicly available and is used by more than 30 countries in Africa and Asia France registration we decided to implement the system because this an integrated platform one it is free open software this ports worldwide working on it a lot of people are working on it so for us we just fell in love with that does is the way to go where there is no internet or PC access patient attendances are written down and logged by hand in turn this information is sent to the nearest district office where the information is registered into the system in this way one gets a very good overview of the state of the public's help it tells us to see what is happening at the hair facility so that we can take action immediately it's also helped us to plan in terms of resource allocation la gestation even health stuff when I wish equally important as a comprehensive data system are competent local specialists who can run and further develop the system therefore training is totally central to HISP you log in through the program 30 PhD students from the South have defended their theses over the last decade Dennis identity from the Ghana Health Service is one of the students currently doing his PhD we're looking for sustainability and we also realized that we cannot be dependent on universal foster forever that is why the focus is really on the capacity-building across all levels right from the data generation point to point of collection to the provinces to the national in that wise I think the health information system in Ghana has a bright future HISP is a pivotal partner for the United Nations and according to the World Health Organization HISP is one of the best tools to develop a good health information system Norway has supported the program since 1995 you you you

Otis Rodgers



  1. Paapa Larbi-Debrah Posted on July 28, 2019 at 10:42 am

    Yes Good health is on the way, as currently I in particular is falling in love all over again with the DHIS2 Mobile app. Especially now that Ghana is rolling up with 500 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 which the DHIS2 mobile installed on it, facilities in remote area where electricity and internet connectivity is a challenge are those selected. Here they do necessary need to send it the District office for entry. Now entry is than at the data collection point where services were offered. This will also inprove data quality. Throughout the training session, end user's interest has even raisen further to a level, where there are identifying with the mobile app better. (ownership). Kudos HISP